Suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11

Well, now that the Senate and Congress have shown their collective wisdom in overriding President Obama’s veto of the bill that allows families of those killed on 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia, I wonder how long it will be before other countries sue us?   Will Iraq and Iran join forces to sue our country for supporting Sadaam Husien while he murdered his own people and used chemical weapons against Iran.  Oh, you mean they probably forgot about our financial support of the insane dictator from Iraq during the Reagan Years.  Huh!  Well, how about Iran suing us for putting the Shah of Iran back in power and supporting his regime, which murdered and tortured many Iranians, all for cheap oil.  Forgot that too.  Well shoot!  Do they remember backing the Contras in Nicaragua, the ones Reagan supported by selling arms to Iran?  They were thugs in a lot of cases, committing atrocities with weapons purchased with American money.  Wonder if Nicaragua has a case?  Hey, do you think the American Indians should sue America for taking away their country, ruining their lands, and killing their people?

Just goes to show what happens when you put stupid greedy people into power.  I hope the world sues us for breech of contract since we promised to stay on the gold standard if they would all tie their monetary values to our dollar and the billions of dollars they lost in the Banking Crisis of 2008.  Yes they can sue the individual companies, but now that we opened the door for suing entire countries for the acts of the few, anything is fair game.  I actually support this since I believe the American people have become too self righteous for their own good.  The same kind of people that back this kind of legislation are the ones that would back Donald Trump.

We are innocent, we are the victims, and we have never done anything to deserve the violence done to us on 9/11.  Wake up.  When you look at our history in world affairs, we are nowhere near angelic.  Yes, we have done good things, but so has every other culture.  We have also done some very bad things, like every other culture.  For God’s sake, the entire Bush Presidency could lead to thousands of lawsuits.  For all the feel good, pulpit thumping politics of this legislation, the negatives are legion and could cost this country dearly without solving anything in the world.  The bill will only serve to highlight our ever growing hypocrisy and the fact that if we consider Saudi Arabia accountable, as a country, for Bin Laden’s crimes then we are all accountable for the crimes I have mentioned here.   If we are the Godly country so many like to rant about, then it is long past time we man up and take our lumps.

Work in Progress



Time for something less depressing.  This is an image I am currently working on.  The planet in the foreground is meant to be Venus and is part of a pivotal scene at the end of Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Correy.  The ending was so powerful that I could easily visualize it in my mind and the challenge is to bring it to life in this image.  If you have not read the book yet, I highly recommend it.

Good Luck with That

I honestly hope Trump wins.  Not because he is worthy or good for the future of America.  No, I hope he gets in so that all the stupid people in America who believe he cares about the 99% as much as he does about himself will finally get the president they deserve again.   G.W. Bush wasn’t enough.

I hope he spends billions kicking the Mexican’s out (you know his plans have to be paid by taxes right?) and turning them into the Jews of our time.  I hope all our produce prices skyrocket as they try to replace them with American laborers.

I hope he reduces the minimum wage to help his businesses friends profit more off our backs.  I hope he takes us back to the beginning of the century when people were so in debt that they lived in virtual slavery to the coal companies.

I hope he totally deregulates Wall Street and the Banks and they in turn sell us down the drain.  They are doing it anyway, why make it hard.  I hope the bottom end rich feeders on the system get fleeced like the rest of us have for years.

I hope he cuts all assistance to the poor to lower the deficit yet increases the corporate welfare these same people never complain about.

I hope things get so bad that they have to force us to work in places just to keep the country going.  In other words, I hope they get what they deserve.

The damage the banks did in 2008 has already put us in this state.  I have not had a raise of any kind for nine years yet all my costs have increased.  I have health issues my insurances are not helping me with and I have to battle them for every cent but when AIG Insurance blew out from backing the banks, it was our duty to bail them out.  I have no entertainment packages because I can not afford them and I may soon drop my internet.  In addition, I have to try to sell my car because changes in my job will soon take the allowance I make for using it for work away.  I admit, that was my mistake getting it at the time because I counted on the allowance.  I will deal with it but it hurts.  I eat a lot of noodles for diner and lance crackers for lunch and still it is not enough.  However, by government standards and the people who support Trump, I make too much.  I find that rich when they can still eat steak and I have to eat hot dogs.  I do not live high on the hog yet I am very in debt.  However, unlike Trump, I don’t intend to declare bankruptcy four times so I can stay rich at the expense of others.  I will do without as much as I can and pay off my bills.  After all, I am not a Republican.

My only goal right now beyond getting healthy again is to simplify my life.  Get rid of all this crap they make you believe you need.  It isn’t worth it anymore.  In short, I want to get away from the stuff they use to tie me down.  They can have it.

I hope to be there smiling when they all get what they deserve for their greedy, unpatriotic, undemocratic, un-capitalistic, and un-Christian choices.  By the way, if you want to see the path America is taking, just start watching a lot of Germany’s history from WWI on.

Myth of the Individual

My legs and back are giving me misery tonight so I am doing the only sane thing possible and inflicting my sleeplessness on you.  Anyway, I am going to try writing post differently from the ways I have written others.  I am sure many of you have noticed a confrontational quality toward the ideas I passionately place before you.  If not, it is because I try to infuse each post with thought out arguments and sometimes even a nod to my own failings, but be assured most of my posts on politics and society are born from frustration with small minded people.  By small minded, I refer to people who would rather destroy the person debating with them then give them any merit for being right.

For now; however, I would like to try changing the mold I use in making these posts in hope of finding a better balance in life for me.  However, understand, I still believe passionately in the ideas.  I watch what is going on in society and through historical documentaries, books, and my own memories, I derive the opinions I share with you.  I will always do but I would like to change how I deliver them to you.  Instead of creating a post designed to debate an attitude I feel is hurting people, I wish to tell you only my thoughts on a subject and let you decide what to do with it.

Now with that said, I will begin the discussion on my views of individuality.  In my observation of people defending the rights of individuals, I have seen many people twisting the term to suit their needs.  Interestingly enough, CEO’s of big companies like to say government is impinging on the rights of individuals when they try to regulate an industry.  They fail to explain most times that the regulation comes about because of fraudulent activities.  In other instances, companies fight against individuals by saying that individual is standing in the way of progress and is hurting more individuals.  The individuals being hurt is usually vague or misrepresented (look up the history of the Tennessee Water Authority or any case against a company accused of polluting).  Basically, I have seen the use of the words ” an individual’s rights” used more often to justify someone’s abuse of another’s individual rights.

Here is my two cents on the subject.  There are absolutely, positively no individuals living on the earth right now.  To me, if you believe in the Bible, there was only one individual in this world, Adam.  When he was placed on earth, there was no one else around to affect him other than God.  I mean this in the sense that no other human could affect him as humans do.  Of course, he was still vulnerable to the forces nature exerts on us all, which I feel too many of use do not heed enough.  In other words, the only human influences he would have felt were the ones reflected back at him from nature.

When Eve was created, Adam stopped being an individual.  He could no longer do whatever he wanted within the bounds of nature without causing some reaction in Eve, which in turn would create a reaction in Adam.  Even if Eve had been placed on the other side of the world, Adam would still be affected by Eve’s interaction with nature through chaos theory and the fact that the earth is a closed system.  Granted most of the time it would be negligible but the fact still remains that he would be affected.

Given the fact that they were together in Eden, both their individual rights had to become communal rights.  A series of compromises that allowed them to live together relatively peaceful.  Adam might have been fine taking a dump wherever when he was alone, but Eve might have had a word or two about that.  Just look at the dynamics of your own household.  Flash forward to today.  How can anyone claim to be an individual with the influences of over four billion people bouncing off of them every day.  I mean that literally. Choices made by people on the other side of the world will have a direct impact on you.  A decision to work Chinese laborers harder at a cell phone plant, giving more profit to the company and by proxy the people in charge of that company, may mean your job gets outsourced.  Your individual right to make a living, as championed by many who would actually do this to you, becomes subsumed to the right of a set of individuals to make more money then they could ever need for necessities or even desires.  Hell, a Chinese person driving to work affects the cost of the gas you buy.

More will follow, this is unfinished.

Another View into the Mind of a Quirky Person

Driving home today I saw an add or a sign, can’t remember which, for light beer.  So, what does my gray matter spit out, sub-light beer.  Well, I couldn’t just let that one go untouched but how do I make an appropriate science fiction ad most people will get.  Ok,

Corellian Sub-Light beer, for those times when Han can’t get the Falcon to kick over.

You are welcome.