The Men Who Would be Kings

Reality check for the masses, we have not overthrown the kings and emperors of the old world as western and eastern ideologies would suggest.  We just replaced them with something else.  For the East it was the Party Chairmen of the communist countries and for the West it was the Merchant Princes of capitalism.  Make no mistake if you are an American, the 1% rich capitalists are wielding their financial power like any other despot only from behind a thin veneer of respectability as “Job Creators” (an over inflated truth that they have turned into a myth to support their unending greed).  Look at how they achieve their goals and you will see a lot of similarity to the Kings and Emperors of old.  Kings used the myth of chosen by God to rationalize their enslavement of citizens while the 1% use the myths of “Job Creation” and Hard Work to justify their stacking the laws to transfer wealth (wealth redistribution) from the many to the few (look at the bankruptcy laws for individuals and corporations; and the results of the bailouts of 2008).

Yes, I uttered the dirty phrase “wealth redistribution”.  In fact it has been going on for some time now, but not in the ways touted by Republican lap dogs.  The economic system of modern capitalism decidedly feeds money in disproportionate amounts (based on actual labor) to the rich.  The banking collapse of 2008 shows how the system is designed to protect the wealthy at the cost of the 99%.  How else does 50 percent of American’s wealth end up in the hands of 1% of the population?  Wake up.  The myth is a lie.  No CEO, no matter how good they are, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars just like sports athletes don’t deserve 10 million dollar a year contracts.

Addendum to My Star-ship Terra Post

You are here (courtesy of Casini Space Craft)

A while back I wrote a post about the idea of the earth being an organic generational star ship taking us on a millennial journey through space.  One of the side thoughts I did not mention is about the way we treat our star ship.  Imagine if the brave astronauts on their journey to the moon just dumped their waste where ever they wanted, destroyed their carbon filters to make space to put stuff, and created items with no thought of how to deal with the waste from the process, do you think they would of made it?  Hell no, just read the accounts of the Apollo program written by Andrew Chaikin in “A Man on the Moon”.  After reading how they had to deal with relieving their bowels, the romance of space travel was gone for me.  The fortitude needed to live in your own filth for two weeks is amazing.

Now look at the way we treat our own space ship.  We create all kinds of waste, from the biologic needs of our bodies to the deadly chemicals created by industry and a good part of the time we just dump it somewhere.  We don’t even bother to place it somewhere remote anymore because we are running out of such places.  Here is a good way to understand this, take out a bottle of bleach or ammonia and open it in a confined space (be careful to make sure you don’t lock yourself in) and see how long it is before the fumes become unbearable.  Just because the earth is big enough now to dissipate the waste we produce does not mean it can do so for ever.  The earth is a finite globe, which is why medical needles and plastic bottles wash up on our shores.  Next, think about the carbon dioxide filters of our star ship.  The biggest filters are trees and since the beginning of the industrial age what have we done, we have cut the global forest in half if not more.  In the same period of time, we drastically increased the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere.  That is equivalent to the astronauts lighting up cigars and then tossing away half of the filters required for the trip.  The ship would make its destination but there would be no one alive to celebrate.

I could continue on but I think you get the point.  All of humanity needs to stop looking at the earth as an infinite garbage dump and understand that it is actually a confined star ship that has no way to replenish the materials we are contaminating and wasting.  There isn’t another ship nearby to rescue us.

My XBox 1Game Wish List

I do not have an XBox 1 yet but I know two classic games I would like to see revived for this next generation console.  the first is Powerdrome, which was simply the best futuristic racing game for the original XBox.  Even though it did not include the offensive and defensive weapons found in Wipeout for the Playstation, the racing physics were tight and the courses challenging.  You had to fight for every victory.  The track, background, and vehicle designs were beautiful given the capabilities of the older system.  I would put the game on a par with any of the Wipeouts.


The second game wish is for a Mechwarrior or a Mechassault type of game.  I have yet to find a good Mechwarrior port to a console but Mechassault gave me the most mech combat strategy of any giant robot game for the XBox.  I would love to see a true Mechwarrior combat simulator for the XBox 1 but even an updated Mechassault would be fun.  Nothing beats the thrill of pounding away at 400 tons of weapon laden steel until it blows up.  If they can make such good race simulators, such as Forza, they can create a great Mech game with all the customization of MechWarrior 2 Mercanaries.







For what it is worth, these are the games I am waiting for.  Oh, yes, I do know about Titanfall, which I hope to have someday, but I am still a fan of the classic Mechwarrior franchise.


P.S.  Why the hell have we not seen a good Mechwarrior movie yet.  A good writer could come up with something from all the Battletech materials and the special effects are more than ready to bring it to life.  The initial scene if the original Transformer movie made me think a good Mechwarrior movie was already possible.  Oh please, oh please, oh please.

War and Peace and a Lot of Other Rubbish

The title of this post is in homage to some men I never knew before but am glad to have learned about now.  Wipers Times is a movie about soldiers in WWI coping with the reality of modern trench warfare through the printing of a satirical newspaper.  Captain Fred Roberts and his men find a workable printing press among the ruins of Ypres and decide to create a newspaper to lift the morale of the men in the trenches.  Their dark humor expresses vividly the confusion felt by troops seeing no reason for the mind numbing loss of life caused by the war.  Along side Beneath Hill 60, I find it to be a worthwhile movie for anyone who wants to know more about what war means.  I also recommend Our World War, which is a collection of dramatizations based upon WWI war diaries.  For WWII, I recommend The War a documentary directed by Ken Burns and The Pacific a HBO miniseries.  For modern warfare, I suggest Blackhawk Down.

I personally think these movies should be made mandatory for every American citizen to watch before they are allowed to vote, so that they can understand the true costs of the wars they may consider advocating.  Please consider watching one, or all of these movies to remind yourself of what war costs since the only other way is to be stuck on the front lines yourself, which we have asks so many of our young people to do so that we can keep wasting gas and buying cheap junk.

The Sadness of the Blind


This was a meme I recently received on my Facebook feed.  It is filled with the usual angst at the lower class who push to make a livable wage for the millions of people who will never ever be able to get the limited number of jobs that actually make living bearable.  How can people flipping burgers ask for more money than a person in charge of saving their lives?  They must be the scum of the earth right?

Well as many Americas who believe in the Republican rhetoric of the day say, yes they are scum.  They are giving a middle finger to all those hard workers, like the Koch brothers, who toil endlessly to support this great American Democracy.  Oh ya, those middle class citizens whom haven’t had a raise in years because of the money stolen by the Wall Street Banks, too.  As I have said in other posts, I don’t agree with raising the minimum wage, not because it is not needed, but because the people who should fund it won’t.  The rich will pass that task onto an already beleaguered middle class.  However, I have also stated before that in some ways I agree with employees asking for more money from McDonald’s.  I feel that if sports players can claim to deserve a greater share in the teams profits because of their role, why can’t the rest of us.  This two standard system is for the birds.  If you are lucky enough to play a sport for a living, you can ask for the sun, moon, and stars; but, if you work in shit all day, you have to be thankful you have a job.

Finally, here is a more important thought to dwell upon.  Why is an EMT worker, who has countless years of training and may be called upon to hold your life in their hands, making only $15 or less an hour?  Now lets contrast that with a small town lawyer who is representing you in an insurance claim making $150 an hour (probably  low-end of the spectrum).  They are not saving your life or being put into a dangerous situation.  Lets go further and look at the average salaries of a D.C. Lobbyist who speaks for people like the Koch brothers.  They make an average of $113,556 (or $45.50 per hour for 48 hour week)a year to promote inequality.  Let us also not forget the Wall Street Bankers whose wonderful ideas have brought us such things as the Great Depression and the Financial Meltdown of 2008, which we have not seen the last of.  They make an average of $172,860 a year as of 2014.  If we break that down by a 48 hour work week, you will come out with an hourly wage of $69.25 for destroying your 401k.  Let us not forget that we had to pay them bonuses while we were losing our jobs.  Are they really worth that much?  If my life was on the line, who would I want by my side, Donald Trump or an EMT?

Wake up America, you are being had by the wealthy and their myth of the job creator.  Yes, there are poor people milking the system and the money we pay in taxes, but there are a ton of rich people doing the same.  They are not heroes or demigods, they are just smooth talkers like Bernie Madoff who manage to part you from your life’s saving while blaming it on the poor.  Quit helping them by only looking at one side of the equation.

Star-ship Terra

Here is another odd thought that rattles around in my cranium.   Consider a super advanced race wanting to create a generational spaceship to take life on a long space journey.  Not a new or original idea, there are many science fiction stories out there with huge ships that are filled with levels, including sections filled with lush forests and farm lands to feed the crew and colonists.  However, most stories take the familiar view of life being sustained on the inside of the craft, which is how we most associate space travel from a historical viewpoint.  All our practical knowledge of space travel comes from human missions in small metal vehicles.  Science Fiction stories have replaced the metal with the stone of an asteroid in some cases, but the idea is essentially the same.

Now, consider a race so advanced that they could make planets and suns.  What if they created an entire solar system to maintain one specific planet to serve as the space ship on a journey so long that even a metal star-ship would not do?  What if they made a spaceship on such a grand scale that it was a living, breathing, and evolving solar system?  That is essentially what we are on.  Many people get the concept that we fly through space on earth as we circle the sun, but I wonder how many people think about the fact that the entire solar system is on a longer journey through the galaxy and the universe as a whole?  We are on a multi-generational voyage to some unknown part of the universe.  Will our progeny live to see the end of our trip?  Think about it.

Acoustically Challenged

Here is something from my quirky side.  I drove past a VFW the other day and they had a sign for a band that would be playing there, Acoustically Covered.  Well, being in a sarcastic mood, I came up with a new name for a band, Acoustically Challenged.  Now, my mind being what it is, I could not let the idea alone.  I began to think of the possibility for a rock and roll band that did not use string instruments of any kind.  What would they be like?  Could they do so and be any good?  I don’t know but I thought the name Acoustically Challenged would be great for such a band.  So, I freely give this name to anyone who can pull off a rock band without any guitars or string instruments of any kind.