Yea, people are using their second amendment remedies!

Dateline Dallas Texas, some people were upset at the police force and decided to use their second amendment remedy for the situation.  Thank you Sharon Angle!

A Taste of Things to Come

It has been some time since I shared a sample of my writing, but a touch of joy over the first two paragraphs of a rewrite for an old story felt like reason enough.  The story is titled “Above these, Love” and I hope to add it to the short story collection.

“Above these, Love” by Robert Garbin

The sun broke through straggling cloud cover to shine upon the cold desolate remains of the once beautiful kingdom of Elb.  Its torn and burnt fields now rimed under a thin layer of bitter snow.  Golden sunlight reflected from the ice covered stones of shattered gates and crumpled parapets of the King’s castle, like the thousands of tears wept by the Gods at the loss of this noble land.  Winds blew cutting snow through empty streets littered with its fallen citizens.

As evening approached, clouds from the west smothered the starveling sun until all was again shrouded in grey sorrow.  Throughout the city not a living soul stirred.  No cat meowed or dog barked.  The howl of the piercing wind was the only sound.  With the night snow began to fall, covering the brutality beneath pristine white beauty and transforming wrack into gentle mounds.




Yep, this just happened.  Our lovely Republican party, which is all about taking the war on terrorism to the enemy’s doorstep, has no problem selling guns to those terrorists.  The people who support the NRA blindly but carry concealed weapons because they are afraid of terrorists have no problem selling them the gun they will use against us.  Apparently, guns and brains do not mix well with money and politics.

In Need of Some Help

Hey gang, I am in need of some good spirits.  My soul sucking corporate job is making mince meat out of me and robbing me of my personal life.  Basically, the cheap ass company I work for has decided to roll to teams into one, taking about fourteen hours of store time into eight.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of emails flying around about huge drops in client goals, which does not help when you are already struggling to just finish a store.  In addition, I think I have mentioned that my health is not top-notch.  I have thousands in medical bills piled up, have not had a raise in nine years (work load keeps increasing though), and the short-term disability insurance from work denied half of my claim.  Oh, by the way, they were only covering 66% of my lost wages anyhow.

So, I could just use some good sentiments about what I share here about the America I see, about my artwork, or about the writings I have posted and am working on.  My spirits are low, my frustration high, and my anger broiling.  Encouragement from you concerning the content of this or other sites of mine would be so helpful right now.  Let me know that I am not alone.  I think we all could use a little companionship these days given the condition of our world and my country in particular.



Writing Update

Well, just finished reworking the last anchor story for Mystics and Misfits and the word count is up to 57,087, which leaves me about 23000 to reach my goal.  The page count is 100.  Won’t be long before I need to research eBook formatting and considering if I want to get a professional editor to tighten things up.  I will probably need help there.  Anyway, I am thinking on digging up one of my more humorous stories next.  The Dragon Dreams novella was pretty deep for me.

Another Agenda Laden Meme that Does not Look to the Real Truth

Trump Meme for clarification


Here is yet again an example of a poorly thought out meme created by angry and scared people.  This one comes from the opposite side of the spectrum as those I posted earlier:  Sadness of the blind and Stupid agenda laden memes.   This one was created by liberals to scare people away from the current republican front-runner Donald Trump.  One of the central tenets of this meme is that he has not allocated all the six million dollars that he raised for the benefit of the veterans programs he named as beneficiaries.  Out of curiosity, I decided to research the validity of this claim.

In my search, I came up with information that almost half of the money was paid out within a month of gaining the funds and that allocation was on going.  While, yes, there seem to be some irregularities, very few such programs are good about getting the contributed funds to the people who need them quickly.  Some of the press coverage was, I felt, a little too accusatory without solid proof.  Also, given some comments to this meme I read , President Clinton and Senator Clinton have had similar issues with fundraising for charity.  Basically, I feel people were too quick in pointing fingers.  More time should be allowed for proof of the allocation of funds.

That being said, my opinion is that followers of either Donald Trump of Senator Clinton should be very distrustful of their candidates.  Both have had very checkered pasts when dealing with donated funds and tax evasions.  Donald Trump in particular has not proven to be the financial wizard he claims to be given multiple bankruptcies at the cost of the tax payers.  In addition, he has shown a willingness to lend the strength of his name brand and support to any project that will give him money, whether the project has sound or legal footing.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has been willing to go with the flow in order to maintain her career.   Only denying the choices she made when they were politically damaging to her.  Also, she, along with her husband, has a long track record of questionable business dealings.  Also, her husband and her have had issues telling the truth about certain important issues, along with coasting on President Clinton’s track record, which is not as shiny as I thought it was.

In the end; however, my thoughts on this meme are as follows.  One, do I believe that Trump is insincere about helping veterans?  Yes.  He has shown little concern for them until it became politically helpful to do so and given that he has said disparaging comments about veterans in the past, I am not convinced.  Though, that does not excuse the poor craftsmanship of this meme.  Two, by being overly confrontational, the creator has opened the way for unfavorable comparisons to the candidate they favor.   Third, Trump’s claims of concern for veterans falls flat on my ears since he promises to put soldiers in harm’s way on day one of his presidency when he did everything in his youth to avoid the same fate.

Finally, neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are worthy of the Presidency.  Both candidates have proven that they are far more willing to take the easy road in challenging situations because of convenience.  They are more concerned with their images than what is good for the country.  Just look at Senator Clinton’s track record during the Bush Presidency and Trump’s business dealings.  These will show you what to expect from them as President.  Bones.