I am up to 366 words in my story for the contest I am running hear.  How far have you gotten?  Actually, I have already used all the lipstick/eye-shadow names I had chosen and I am just working to bring the story to a proper close within the word limit.  So watch for it to be posted soon.

Contest Update

No one has posted a story yet, hopefully because all your devious little minds are churning away at the myriad crazy lipstick and eye shadow names and having seizures trying to make a coherent story line.  I have begun writing mine and it is up to 133 words and seven of the names I chose.  In addition, I just added a thread at Sffworld.com to give the inventive minds that churn out such fun stories in the monthly contests a chance to join in.  So put on you best warpaint and get busy writing.

Fun Little Contest

Well, I am stuck waiting on a perscription and bored out of my mind so it is time for a new post. Two weeks ago I worked a fourteen hour day setting a new cosmetics line in one of my Walmarts. Out of the tired silliness between me and my helper I came up with a short story contest for you all. There is nothing more to win then bragging rights, a good laugh, and writing practice

The idea is to write a 500 word story by the end of May and post it as a comment on this blog post. I will work out a post to gather the stories for scrutiny and voting. Use your real name of screen name as you wish. The hook and tie in to my long work day; however, is to go into a cosmetics Dept. in any store and chose 10 names from cosmetic items. For example, there is a lipstick with the name “he thinks he’s matte cho”. Find ten different names in any order you want, all in a row, all in lipstick, or random. Warning, my example is tame compared to those of the NYX brand I was setting.

Make sure to put the name of each name used in quotes so we can find all ten. This is just for creative fun and can be in any genre you want. Let’s have fun.