Soylent You

Hello wonderful followers. Yes, I have been thinking about the old Charleston Heston post apocalyptic movie Soylent Green where the environment is so devastated that the only way for man to survive is to recycle dead people into food. What clicked in my head wasn’t the dead bodies turned into food, but the reality of recycling.

In truth, we already eat, drink, and breath our ancestors. The earth already works as a giant recycling machine. The dead, including humans, are broken down and returned to the soil. Whether you beleive it is the science of nature or the design of God, recycling is the rule of our world. It constantly amazes me how many modern people absolutely refuse to heed nature’s and/or God’s will in this.

To deny the need to recycle everything we make is to deny our own survival as a species. We are not above nature since we absolutely need the food and water it provides. We could not live very long without them unless we push ourselves to the extreme of recycling like in Soylent Green. Just remember, grandma and grandpa may sustain you in the extreme, but they do tend to be a bit grisly. Have fun thinking about the future your inability to reycle brings closer every day.