Reality Check

I want to reiterate my thoughts on the woefully unbalanced attitude Americans have toward guns in the wake of the truth everyone closes their eyes to daily.


Out of all our concealed weapon toting NRA enthusiasts, how many have managed to stop one of these public shootings such as those at movie theaters and malls?  Now, more to the point, how many concealed weapons carriers were actually the perpetrators?  Now, how many of the killers were men and, more specifically, Caucasian?  I wonder if they were staunch supporters of the NRA too.  I don’t recall many women going on shooting rampages.

Now, as for where these killers got their guns, where do you think they got them?  Most likely at a gun dealership or gun show; however, they ultimately got them from the same place as you, the gun manufacturer.  The gun manufacturers know how many guns they produce and how many the dealership gets.  Do you think that they are unaware that large numbers do not show up in the records of many shops?  Do you think they care or use it as a scare tactic to get you to buy a gun too?

Have any of the NRA backed, watered down versions of gun laws done anything to reduce the danger on the streets?  No, in fact, they are putting more and more weapons into potential killers hands.  Let’s face it man is a fragile being who is under more and more pressure everyday.  Even someone you think would never lose it can hit their breaking point.  Anger and Hate are powerful emotions, just look at the news to confirm that.  You are playing with a live wire near a puddle of water in  your bare feet.

A much misunderstood axiom is used by gun enthusiasts (nuts to me) is that the gun does not kill, the person does.  This is, of course, completely wrong.  While yes, the gun does not possess the motive or will to kill, it is how the killing is carried out.  An angry man cocking his fingers at you and going bang will not harm you, but one with a gun will.  Which would you rather deal with, a man twenty feet away from you with a machine gun or twenty feet away brandishing a knife.  The simple fact of the matter is that guns were made to kill.

Finally, if you are a Godly person, you can’t be for guns.  Plain and simple, the Bible says “thou shall not kill”.  There are no exceptions to the rule.  I understand that this is an imperfect world, but you can not support guns and call yourself a good Christian.  You have to ask forgiveness for the incorrectness of your position.