Exterior House: Taxi Pulls into Driveway

I managed to get a little bit of writing done on “Lost Contact” and I am up to 5 pages.  Jack is finally home at his completely automated house since he has not had much luck with the women.  Never mind the house speaking with the voice of an ex-girlfriend.  I am hoping to finish this chapter with our protagonist beginning the reading of the mission statement and reports.  The second chapter will focus on Allison, whom will become a friend to Jack on the voyage out; unfortunately, that fact will not save him.

Where no Model has Gone Before

I managed to put some time into the Voyager model today. Yikes, there were some seriously small parts to fold here and the model building kit I bought for this really came in handy. The hardest part so far was shaping the cylinder under the long boom. The parts that needed bent were very rigid, while everything around it was thin and fragile. Not sure if I will ever make another one of these.🤪

Trying to Walk With My Shoelaces Tied Together

It has been a bad day today.  Between an astounding headache and fatigue, I had no desire to do anything good for myself, which reinforced the misery I was already in.  I decided to finish the “Long Price” series by Daniel Abraham that is amazingly good but the headache diminished the enjoyment.  When I am feeling better, I hope to write a review.

Anyway, so today is not a total lose, I have decided to post what I have so far on the last story to be written for my short story collection.  I have been holding back on doing so because I have done little in the past months other than tweak what was already there.  I had hoped to add at least some more before posting.  Oh well, here it is, the title may change yet:


Lost Contact


Robert Garbin


Air! The wheezing of his constricted throat sounded like some broken bag pipe being attack by a graznak.  His suit should be providing enough oxygen but it just wasn’t.  Emergency alarms buzzed in his ears along with a synthetic voice trying to calm him down, which coupled with his panic, made things worse.  He tried clawing at his helmet release with his hand but the thick suit gloves and his anxiety caused the task to become impossible.

Air … open, free breathing had to happen now!  Gurgling frantically, Jack desperately tried again to collect his thoughts to operate the release on his helmet.  His hands fumbled uselessly.  Blazing anger and sickening fear slammed like waves on the shores of his mind, clouding all rationality.  His heart pounding in unhinged rage, he began to hammer his head on the rocky ground.  The first few hits almost jarred him enough to stop, unfortunately, the terror drove him on.  He started again, harder and harder until a jagged crack formed in his faceplate then with one more powerful blow the glass shattered.  Carson immediately breathed deeply only to chock as a strong dose of sulfur dioxide entered his mouth.  Retching horribly he fell to the ground, finally out of strength, his eyes bulging and throat closing from the abuse.  His motions became nothing more than tremors as he began to lose consciousness.   On the edge of death a voice entered his mind, somehow familiar.



Two Weeks Earlier   

Jack Carson passed Tom Watson’s office heading for the company locker room after a long day of babysitting a rich politician making campaign rounds.  Jack worked for Terra Novae Security Inc., which was a polite way of saying mercenary force – soldiers for hire.  Almost past the door, Tom called him into the office.  Jack’s ever present voice of doubt and fear whispered from the deep pool of his damned up personality; his stomach gave him a jolt of acid.

Tom Watson was a bear of a man.  Six foot four out of fatigue boots with shoulders as wide as a normal man’s leg length and not an ounce of fat on his body.  Of course, the build made him look silly in his business suite.  His hair was a close cut dirty blonde just starting to grey at the temples.  As Jack came in Watson leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head.

“How was the Haverson gig,” asked his boss?

“Boring,” Jack replied quickly.  “The man is so low on the food chain no one cares enough to even remember his name.  Why he feels he needs a body guard is beyond me but as long as he’s paying the bills I got no problem.  At least the food is good.”

“Yeah, Haverson is a real paranoid.  My guess is he has some skeleton in his attic with some muscle still on it.  Well he was pleased with your work anyway.”

“Wow, I never expected him to mention me,” Jack replied, genuinely surprised.

“He did and that is why I am going to offer you a lucrative long term assignment,” Watson said as he motioned Jack to sit.

Jack sat in the hard wooden chair that was the only seat available other than Tom’s comfortable but well-worn desk chair.  Tom’s desk was neat and well maintained but like his chair old and traveled.  Jack had herd from some of the original members that the desk was a relic of Tom’s military career with the Antioch Marine Corps of Galina colony.  Tom had a falling out with a political backer there and chose not to reenlist when his tour was over.  Shortly thereafter he founded Terra Novae Security, Inc. with several of his command staff.

“Okay, what’s the gig?”

“I have a long time client putting together an off-world expedition who has lost a security expert on short notice and asked me if I could fill the void by tomorrow.  They are paying top dollar and a completion bonus of ten percent” Tom said.

Jack hesitated for a minute as the whispers in the pool turned into wails.   In his two years with the company he had never been asked to do off-world work, which was to his liking since he was more of a homebody.  However, the money sounded good with his debt being heavy from finally buying a house that was maybe a little more than he ought to have purchased.

“What’s the pay?”

“3500 credits a day plus food and board for the duration of the expedition plus the 10% per day bonus upon completion of the project.  Let me tell Jack, this is a sweet deal.  Have you ever been on an expedition before?”

“No, I have been content with planetary security,” Jack replied, sweat trickling down his neck under his shirt.

“Then you have been missing out.  The egg heads that you will be riding herd over are spoiled teachers and scientists with all the pretentiousness of movie stars.  They get catered meals to keep them happy and productive for the corporations funding the research and the company behind this mission spares no expense on their people.”

“So what happened with their other expert?”

“I think they said some kind of personal business came up, lucky for you though.  Think about it; spend a week or two on some exotic planet getting catered meals three times a day just to watch the backs of some brainy scientists.  Oh, hey, did I mention that the planet has no known predators, just plants as far as the eye can see.”

Jack was leery of this deal but he was desperate for a big paycheck.  Also, considering he passed up off world work for so long, he was afraid to turn down a gig the boss was recommending him for; his future employment might be at stake.

“Can I think it over,” Jack stalled for time.

“Unfortunately, this space needs filled today because the expedition leaves in a week.  Are you in or out Jack?  If not, I got to see who else wants this sweet deal.”

Butterflies started dancing the rumba in his stomach as his cheeks became flushed.  Tom’s words made it sound like no sweat off his back if Jack said no, but his tone said he had better step up or find himself with much less work in the future.  Damn! He was comfortable doing what he did.  The money wasn’t great but the responsibility level was just what he could handle.   Jack wondered how he could have let himself get so in debt.  His long silence weighed heavy.  The creak of Tom’s chair as he leaned forward ate away at Jack’s nerves like a chainsaw on a tree.  His boss’s smile was fading as he began to reach for his intercom.

“Sure, I’ll take it,” Jack blurted out.

Instantly he regretted it but Tom’s hand was already coming to rest on his desk and the smile returned to his face.  Jack squirmed in the hard chair until Tom got up and extended his hand.  Rising quickly, he reached out and shook his boss’s beefy hand, understanding that the visit was over.

“Stop by the dispatcher’s window to get all the specifics of the job.  I’ll see you in a couple of weeks with a big grin on your face from the paycheck you’ll be celebrating.”

The intercom buzzed.  Tom turned toward the receiver already forgetting that Jack was even there.  Jack walked out, heading once again to the locker room only slower than before.  What had he gotten himself into?  As he thought about the job, his stomach soured more.  He continued down the long ship-gray corridor until he reached the double doorway to the locker room where he could hear the hum of chatter and the clank of weights before he entered.

The room was huge and circular with individual stalls against the wall for each merc.   The floor was covered in low pile blue carpeting that never seemed to dry out from the steam and sweat in the room.  The stale, moldy smell was the first impression you got, a churn of after shaves, body odors, talc, and old gym.  Rooms lead off the cardinal points.  One was the showers.  To the right, another room contained all the fitness equipment a merc could need to stay in peak fighting condition.  The last room was for on-site treatment of chronic injuries garnered in the line of duty; Tom took care of his people.

Being one of the newest members, Jack’s stall was closest to the showers, which meant that anything he left there was sure to gain a permanent locker room odor.  He had learned long ago to bring plastic bags for his worn clothes.  Jack notice several of the veterans watching him as he crossed the room, but nothing was said, so he stripped and headed for the shower

At just under six feet, Jack was not as muscular as his boss but he wasn’t small either.  He had a wiry athletic build that made many a man underestimate him, giving him the element of surprise in tough situations.  He was sure he could handle himself when it came to hand-to-hand fighting even with the more seasoned vets, but dealing with non-human risks like alien wildlife and diseases were outside his experience.  If he couldn’t wrap his hands around it, he had no idea what to do.  The hot water; however, helped take his mind off the problem for now.  When he came out of the shower, he found Levon standing by his stall.

“You take that expedition gig Tom was pushing,” he asked in his deep, gravelly voice?

“Yeah, why?”

“Just a word of advice, get yourself a top rated hazardous environment suit.  Don’t listen to what the specs. call for .”

With that Levon walked across the room and exited.  Nobody else said anything as Jack dressed, struggling to dry off from the sweat now pouring off his skin.  On his way out, he picked up the data cube with the mission information from dispatch then headed toward the street where he hailed an autocab to take him home.

Terra Novae’s compound was on the north eastern side of the city among the urban sprawl.   Jack’s cab took him past bustling shopping plazas, apartment complexes, and hotels as it drove into the denser city where skyscrapers began to compete for sunlight like the trees they had replaced.  Nature became relegated to trees in pots near entrances.  The beautiful golden sky was lost in the gloom at the bottom of the well, but Jack never noticed.

He spent the entire ride through the city into the sprawl south of the center focused on the crystal he fiddled between his fingers.



Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave …

Here, together at last, are all of my “hook me in twenty five words or less” posts form Sffworld.com.  I had to do some minor error correction on a few, especially the earlier ones.  Hope you enjoy them.


  1. “The armies had fought for days unending, but the real desecration was just about to begin and for nothing more than arrogance.”
  2. What do you mean “you’re not human?”
  3. “The winds of change came. I wish they wouldn’t have waited until I got fully dressed!”
  4. “The little creature watched the star bloom in the sky not knowing it meant the death of its’ world.”
  5. “The alien looked down on the world and thought who will clean up the mess the humans had made?”
  6. “Who are you, Death?” I screamed.
    “No, far worse. I am his brother agony and she is his sister torment” rasped the pustulating creature.
  7. So this was Armageddon. Somehow I thought there would be more hoopla.
  8. This is how the world should have ended; unfortunately I don’t know what I did wrong.
  9. The company telepath was the first to go down then all hell broke loose.
  10. The fires were stoked, the idiots were hungry, and the cannibals were waiting for nightfall. Oh, how trusting are those that dream of riches.
  11. “Listen Mac, I don’t care what you call it, angel dust, pixie pooh, or cherubim chuff,” growled Chicken Little. “The sky is falling.”
  12. “Sunlight reflected from the ice covered stones of shattered gates and crumpled parapets, like the thousand tears wept by the Gods at the loss of this noble land.”
  13. The water was cold, the water was deep, but that still did not extinguish the fire rippling up my legs. Damn, mother was right.
  14. The autumn leaves crunched wonderfully beneath his boots as the air filled with the sickly sweet anise smell of his soul’s rotting blackness.
  15. “Is that your brain on the ground?”
    “What…oh, no. Mine is dark green and much bigger.”
  16. He couldn’t breathe! The suit should be providing enough oxygen but it just wasn’t making a difference. Emergency alarms were buzzing in his ears.
  17. “Be wary one and all of the Sapling God in his hall.” I remembered the rhyme as the saplings before me began to move.
  18. The fires of heaven cleansed the earth below, while the Gods wept bitter tears for millennia. One God; however, sat and played among the ashes.
  19. The clouds blasted outward from the bright yellow center where the massive being plummeted straight down to the earth. October 8, 2019 4 pm humanity awakened.
  20. The baboon placed her hands gently on the wizard’s face, eyes locking with his.
    “Well … you ain’t what I expected in a soulmate,” he sighed.
  21. “Holy crap,” I said?
    “Yes,” the priest replied. “Can you please pull your foot out of it?”

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Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the starship Voyager. Ha, ha, anyway I managed to put some time into this model of the space probe. Does not look like I made a lot of progress but with these tiny folds and delicate structures, I can only do a little at a time. The boom I am working on in the bottom picture is ridiculously hard. The two end pieces have to be shaped into a cylinder without damaging the super thin supports. I had to stop there since I may have already broken one bit.

Story Starter, Just Add Imagination and Simmer

Just like buying a package of soup starter and a few ingredients on a cold day, the “Hook me in twenty five words or less” thread over at Sffworld.com is a great way to pass a cold winter evening.  The reason I mention this is because, while I have been focused upon my art this past year, I have not forgotten the collection of short stories I hope to eventually publish.  Remember, I previously revealed the cover I created for this collection titled “Mystics and Misfits” (type in the title to see a wealth of posts on the subject).

Well, a recent thought I had was to find all my contributions to the “Hook me” thread and create a section at the end of the book explaining their origins and listing them.  At this point I am not sure how I would title this part of the book.  Any ideas my readers might think of would be greatly appreciated.

Firecracker, Firecracker, Sis, Boom, Ba, Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Ra, Ra, Ra

I need cheerleaders.  Yes, that is what I said, I need cheerleaders.  In my continuing endeavors to make a go of getting support for my artistic creations, I need not only patrons but also cheerleaders.  I may have talked about this before, but I really have no one in my life that has ever encouraged my art.  My mother always said it should be a hobby and never liked my choice of subjects.  My father could hardly be moved to grunt an approval, even when I created a color pencil drawing of a cover from his favorite series “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever”.  Worse, he would heap more praise on a Bob Ross painting than anything I had done.  I have nothing against the Mr. Ross’s work; however, it did not hold a candle to the paintings of other well know artists that I used as my watermark.

I don’t expect much from my one sister in this regard and the other one doesn’t call to give me motivation even though I am working on illustrating her children’s story.  The only time I get anything from her is when I give her an update.  Friends have never really been there for me in life, let alone, my artwork.  So I am turning to you.

I need help to face those days when work leaves me hurting and unmotivated to put time into my craft.  I need patrons hungering for my next post.  I need hundreds of likes from you passing my posts on and on to anyone you can share them with.  I am thankful to everyone of you that takes the time to like one of my posts; unfortunately, getting at most ten or eleven is disheartening after so many years of doing this alone.  I have persevered in my quest to improve my art and story telling even though I am self taught in both areas.  I went from completely bewildered on how to paint digitally to working almost exclusively there, making vast improvements from my early attempts.

Please, please, please, share this blog with your friends.  Show them my deviantart page and tell them about my Patreon page.  The more people I reach and the more encouragement I get, the better the output you will see.  Also, I am always willing to share tips on how I create my artwork and the thought processes behind it to anyone who asks.