Mystics and Misfits

Hello everyone.  Haven’t posted for a while because of changes at work, remodeling the place, and getting old, you know, the usual.  Anyway, I just watched the documentary about the fans of “Firefly” who banded together and created the ground swell that resulted in the movie “Serenity”.  All I have to say is that I am jealous of Josh Whedon!   Let me say that I am a fan of “Firefly” and “Serenity” even though I came to it late; however, I am still jealous.  I am jealous that he has found people who can appreciate what he is passionate about saying through his stories.

I am a writer and an artist who has no fan base yet.  Of course, I realize that my work may not be as good as others in the field and that I might be deluding myself, but I do think I have stories to tell.  The title for this post is one I hope to someday use for a collection of my short stories and also says a lot about how I have felt all my life.  Troll through my blog and you will see many examples and references to my writing and artwork.  I continually strive to improve both; unfortunately, the struggle for survival usually sucks up the time I would love to spend on each of these endeavors.

In addition, several of my stories would not find homes with publishers because they challenge many popular religious and secular ideals, including the greatness of America.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I was born an American, but I don’t believe that gives me the right to coast on our past and allow government, corporations, and private citizens to condone atrocities and injustice just because it is America, love it or leave it.  Also, if you have read a lot of this blog, you will note that I refer to Catholicism often, usually in a negative light.  It is not that I am either hyper-religious or atheistic but more something in between.  My stories tend to mirror this nature by showing my belief, doubts, and fears about God and my disgust with any religion that blinds itself to the evil they do through dogma and zealotry.  Again, not popular subjects for money hungry publishers who fear alienating customers.

Of course, I understand that publishers need to earn money to survive; however, I have also watched the erosion of American moral values as commerce and profit have become the driving force behind our policies making us not into a nation, but a group of individuals clawing each others eyes and hearts out to support a lifestyle that is not sustainable.  With a focus like that, it is no surprise that stories with any substance have to fight so hard to be heard while dribble gets thrown at us daily.  Basically, dribble makes loads of cash while something more substantial is far more risky.  Our society has become so much about the money, that we are willing to drown ourselves in dross instead of taking a risk on greatness, which I believe is one of the things that has destroyed our education system.

Suffice it to say that I would love someday to move people the way Josh Whedon,  J. Michael Straczynski, and Gene Roddenberry have.  Any encouragement in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.