Monday, rainy Monday

Hello wonderful followers. Yes, it has been a while mainly due to work and health but also to transitioning from my old computer to a new one. As a treat to myself for working through the past four years, especially 2020, and an investment in myself, I bought a new computer.

I have used the old one for years and it was becoming too hard to work my paintings on. Some days Gimp would be lagging so bad that I couldn’t paint at all. Also, after looking at the new screen, I could see how much of an affect the old screen had on what I could see.

I am making progress getting what I need shifted over but I am not a computer wiz so it is slow progress.

On a happier note, I would like to thank those digging through my archived posts. Because of all the overtime I have been doing, I thought my viewership would continue to slip. However, the views in my archive have almost brought me up to my third highest year of views. Thank you.

Finally, I wanted to remind those looking for Christmas gifts for the kindle owners in their family or just looking for a good read over the holidays, my book, “Mystics and Misfits” is available on Please consider picking up a copy. Happy Holidays.

Little White Lies

Hello wonderful followers. Tonight I am going to give you insight into my story telling style, which comes out in my stories and artwork.

Tonight I watched the HBO miniseries “Chernobyl” and was forcibly reminded of my view on people in power. I had seen documentaries on how the accident occured and some of the aftermath. But this miniseries, whether very accurate or mostly accurate, underscored the costs of lying to stay in power.

By stifling the flow of information between scientists and engineers, the Soviet Union signed its own death warrant along with thousands of humans and millions of animals and plants. Lies that had become so insitutionalized that they became invisible and deadly. It is the halmark of incompetent power hungry people to bully people into parroting their lies to cover up their lack of understanding.

Ohhhh, wait, that sounds familiar. I think there is another nation that repeatedly tells itself a lie about their economic system even though time and time again it has actually failed. It has failed quite spectacularly several times. Yes, yes. It is on the tip of my tongue. Starts with an A and involves a lot of flag waving and in some cases molestation by elected officials.

America, that’s the place. They keep telling themselves capitalism is the best system in the world even though it has twice nearly ruined the world economy, as well as, its own. Yet they keep throwing wads of money at it hoping it will be great again. It has become one of those institutionalized lies that is just waiting to blow up inyour face. No, don’t look under the hood, I promise this baby is sound and a real steal at only a three trillion dollar stimulus plan. Then you get it home only to find you need another three trillion to keep it running.

You go back to the dealership only to find it has changed hands and they are sorry but the purchase contract was not with them although the same salesman is there. Well don’t mind me, I am just a cranky old man who happens to write stories about such things. So, this is one place my ideas come from. Watch some of the movies I have championed in this blog and you will see a lot of where my stories come from.

Nothing Like a Cozy Warm Godling on a Cold November Night.

Hello wonderful followers, here is an update on the Banished God Fall project I am working on. I have been having fun working on the horns, trying to get that cracked log/burning embers look. Also, I always enjoy making misty plumes or fog so there is that, too. I really don’t know how I will tie in a background for this one yet but no hurry. There is plenty to be done on his face and ears. See you soon with another update.

Fall from Grace

Banished God Fall

Hello wonderful followers, here is something a bit more fun to check out. This is where I stand so far with the Ram image. You will note that it is titled Banish God Fall, which means that I have had a crazy idea that means a lot of work and also a lot of fun.

I had the idea to render this image in different schemes, fall, winter, spring, and summer. I am really looking forward to seeing what I can do with winter and a ghostly white image on a dark background. I am hoping to add fall leaves and steam to enhance this one. I like the charred log with glowing cracks effect I have gotten so far on the horns. Let me know what you think of the entire plan. Cheers.

The Road Less Traveled

For a good reason. This is for all the republicans out there and maybe even some of the misguided democrats, too

The path the republicans and their chosen mantel piece of a President are walking leads to the end of America. They have used the tactics of the most hated political groups in the world, the Nazies. They have chosen to enflame racial hate and violence as a means of gaining power.

Like the Nazies of the past, they have filled the halls of power with corrupt idealogs who support the agenda because of the power they gain. These are people willing to forgo any moral doubts to acheive their wealth and power.

The biggest issue they have focused on has been illegal immigration. They have denigrated any foreigner as part of a campaign equivalent to that of the holocaust. Like the Germans of 1938, the Republican party and its fervent base has chosen to blame all their problems on others, ignoring the things they did to place themselves in the condition they are in.

Beleive it or not, this post is not really about ranting at the ridiculous hypocrisy and cruelity of the Republicans, but as a warning. I may not have mentioned it before, but I am a big follower of Nostradamus. I was only mildly interested after seeing a show on his predictions when I was younger. However, after watching piece after piece fall into place over the decades, I feel there is a very good chance his predictions will come true.

In this particular instance I refer to a perdiction that people will be marked by the powers of evil. Marking in such a way that without the mark you are denied everything. My thoughts return to the tattoos of the Jews in the concentration camps.

So what does this have to do with Republicans and the hateful path they are on, Well, I can easily see a future under the Republicans where the American public is told that a chip should be or must be implanted in them to separate them from those who are not Americans. By this method, the government could instantly tell if a person belongs in America.

I can easily see the zealots jumping all over themselves to support this idea. I can see this being made mandatory. Sounds like a solid answer to the immigration problem. We already have the technology, hell, we do similar with our pets already.

I see the Republican base voting for this and early on it will work as they think it will. It will work well in order to make it just another part of American society. Until some morally bankrupt person, like donald trump, figures out how the technology can be used to control Americans, how to turn us all into the slaves corporations really want us to be.

Imagine, all the government would have to do is flag your device in their system and all your money, benefits, and communication are taken away from you. Don’t believe me, look at what is happening with identity theft and phone hacking. Also, think about how they can garnish your wages for child support or taxes. Just imagine a life where you can never hide or buy food. It could be done now if enough people voted for it like they are for trump. What are you going to do, cut yourself in order to remove the device. Oh, and remember, without the device you get kicked out.

So, just remember, I warned you about a very likely outcome to this path of hatred and bigotry. You may see an end to illegal immigration in your time only to doom your children to slavery under a despotic government. They won’t thank you considering how much money you have already stolen from them to keep your present unpainful.