Reaching a Goal, Priceless

Here is a recent journal entry from my Deviantart page:
I have to say that I was a little shocked when I realized with some of my latest works, I have finally reached the level of quality I strove for since the beginning.  Of course, I will never stop trying to improve my work, but it doesn’t hurt to stop being a critic of my projects and actually give myself a little pat on the back.  My main goal has always been to reach a point in my art where I felt almost on a par with my favorite artist, Michael Whelan.  The quality of my recent pieces has gotten in the ballpark finally.  Now if only some luck would come my way, maybe I could turn this into something.  LOL.

Bone Pilot Ready to Launch

It used to be a tradition of mine, when fall came around and October was knocking on the door with chilly hands, that I would start drawing Halloween images.  You know, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and the like.  Well I decided I wanted to do something this year, so here is the image I am going to work on.  I am calling him Bone Pilot and the idea came to me as I was driving to work.  I saw the way the headlights from one car illuminated the back end of another with some kind of large central emblem.  To me it looked like a skull with huge fins on either side.  At first I thought about not doing it because it was such a weird idea.  Then I said “why the hell not”.  The tentacles were just a cool after thought.  I am hoping this will be a quick little project as I continue on with my Sarah Seadragon work.

Fighting the Sluggish Current


Had a pretty crappy weekend.  I always have high hopes of getting a lot done on the weekends to make up for doing little during the week, but it unfortunately my job takes so much out of me that I spend the whole weekend recuperating so that I can face another week.  I am back into that sucky cycle again and it saps my creativity too.  I did; however, manage to make some more progress on the background defining more rock shapes.  So it was not a complete lose, just mostly.  Sigh.  I could use some support right now.

A Nebula of Color Surrounding A Red Star…..Fish


As you can see, I have decided to use the lichen or whatever it is on the rocks under the starfish as a background for my painting.  I loved the varying colors and subtle layer demarcations.  This gives me a head start for a solo print of this painting unlike the red seahorse and Sarah Seadragon, which I feel need some kind of background for a print.  What is nice is that the layers I use make it easy to peel away the starfish from the background for inclusion in the book illustrations.



Reference image.

Blazing a Path Among the Stars

Here is a progress image for the red starfish painting.  Please enlarge the image so you can see where I am heading with the red parts of the tentacles (lower left tentacle).  Looks like a patchwork or crochet quilt to me.  This one does have the color I have been craving lately, but more importantly, it has lots of interesting texture.

Armageddon and You

Woke up to the news today that Saudi Arabian Oil production was attacked and seriously damaged.  To me, this is all part and parcel to the poor political choices of many countries in recent decades, most notably the United States.  The cold hard truth is that WWIII won’t be started by the working class, it will be started by the ultra rich in their blind, uncaring quest for profit and personal wealth.

The tensions currently plaguing the world are the direct result of the Ultra Rich, a disproportionate number of old white men, abusing their power and the poor/working class to further enrich themselves.  President trump is only the most recent actor.  However, his willful deceptions, obvious greed, and woeful ignorance along with his amoral character may be the straw that breaks Peace’s back.  The fact that G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney never faced a war crimes tribunal for the things they did in office shows the depths to which the moral rightness of the American people has fallen to.

Our American companies have been the cause of suffering across the world for decades through the exploitation of labor through sweatshops, union busting, and governmental bribery and when that comes home to roost, 9/11 was just a taste, it will be riding a nuclear missile.   We will have no one to blame but ourselves because we valued our wealth and comfort above that of anyone else.  We did not care how we got our cheap junk or what it cost someone else to make as long as we got it.  Then when the cost started becoming American jobs, we blamed them for taking the abuse, and the job, we were willing to give them for our crap products.  We locked up Mexicans whose only illegal action was to sneak across our border to escape the life we had created for them through our greed for money and drugs.

All I can say is that when the war starts, I hope you trump supporters are proud of what you have done to the world.  You lying Republicans, you White Supremacists, you Koch brothers, you Corporate Lobbyists, you Evangelical Churches, you Karl Roves, you Fox News and Rupert Murdochs, you Mike Pences and Sarah Huckabees, Sarah Palins, and on and on, will carry the blood shed in this war as will all those that blindly followed you.