My XBox 1Game Wish List

I do not have an XBox 1 yet but I know two classic games I would like to see revived for this next generation console.  the first is Powerdrome, which was simply the best futuristic racing game for the original XBox.  Even though it did not include the offensive and defensive weapons found in Wipeout for the Playstation, the racing physics were tight and the courses challenging.  You had to fight for every victory.  The track, background, and vehicle designs were beautiful given the capabilities of the older system.  I would put the game on a par with any of the Wipeouts.


The second game wish is for a Mechwarrior or a Mechassault type of game.  I have yet to find a good Mechwarrior port to a console but Mechassault gave me the most mech combat strategy of any giant robot game for the XBox.  I would love to see a true Mechwarrior combat simulator for the XBox 1 but even an updated Mechassault would be fun.  Nothing beats the thrill of pounding away at 400 tons of weapon laden steel until it blows up.  If they can make such good race simulators, such as Forza, they can create a great Mech game with all the customization of MechWarrior 2 Mercanaries.







For what it is worth, these are the games I am waiting for.  Oh, yes, I do know about Titanfall, which I hope to have someday, but I am still a fan of the classic Mechwarrior franchise.


P.S.  Why the hell have we not seen a good Mechwarrior movie yet.  A good writer could come up with something from all the Battletech materials and the special effects are more than ready to bring it to life.  The initial scene if the original Transformer movie made me think a good Mechwarrior movie was already possible.  Oh please, oh please, oh please.