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When questioned about his recipe for success, my father Eddie Green said the best recipe that he has for success, is to find what you like to do and do it the best you know how.

I decided to write a biography of my father. Once I got into the process of researching this gentleman who died when I was three years old, I found that I liked doing the research. I have the patience needed for this type of project, of course, I have an interest in the subject, and as time went on the information I discovered gave me the impetus to keep searching. I was amazed at how much my father had accomplished in his lifetime that I never knew about. I began to like what I was doing. The book writing idea began back in about 1998, but the serious work began in 2010. I like it and I have…

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Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness

Universal Eyes - Infinite Sadness


Here is my latest digital drawing.  I am learning more as I do more paintings and am having lots of fun making my ideas come to life.  You may purchase prints of this or Mystics and Misfits from my Deviantart page, the link is towards the bottom on the left (sites).  I hope to hear from you.

I heard it from my brother’s cousin’s aunt’s third nephew’s girlfriend’s stylist’s bartender

Who told you God was God?

God himself or someone who claims they are speaking for God?

I feel it is very important to think about the sources used in telling us who God, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad are since we are getting all of this second-hand, in our case second-, second-, second-,…second-hand.  Look at what was happening in the Catholic Church for decades.  Priests who committed sins in the eyes of the Lord were telling people what they should do and not do.  These congregations were fed biblical interpretations by men who interpreted their misconduct as okay.  Blindly following other people’s interpretations of God, including the bible, is a sin in my mind.  Remember, all of the Gospels were written long after the deaths of the people they are attributed to and were even canonized centuries later than that.  Think about all the people who are lead astray by cults that purposefully twist the teaching of the Bible.  In the end, humans are the ones expressing God’s words, but aren’t all humans considered to have fallen from God’s grace?  Do we not all twist the words of God in some way as we twist the gossip we hear from each other?  Think about it.



Never-before-seen Tolkien poems written before The Hobbit are discovered

NEVER-before-seen poems written by J.R.R. Tolkien have been discovered inside an old school magazine.


Poems by J.R.R. Tolkien have been discovered

The Shadow Man, written a year before his first classic work The Hobbit was published, was found after staff at Our Lady’s Abingdon school, Oxfordshire looked through back issues of its magazine.The poem, which was later appeared as Shadow-bride, and was released as part of the fantasy icon’s Adventures of Tom Bombadil in 1962.

According to the independent school’s principal, Stephen Oliver, they began to look through their archives after being contacted by an American Tolkien scholar, Wayne G. Hammond who had seen that two of Tolkien’s poems were listed in The Abingdon Chronicle.

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Book Cover

Mystics and Misfits Cover Final


Here is the cover I made for the collection of short stories I plan to sell as an E book by the end of the year.   I had a lot of fun learning how to paint this with Gimp 2.8.  Luckily there are a lot of great tutorial videos on Youtube to help learn the use different functions.  The lettering turned out to be the hardest actually.

For the Train and History Buffs.

IMG_0393 IMG_0397



If you know anyone who is a railroad historical buff, I am selling these cast metal train bookends on Ebay (link below).  These were made for the 100th anniversary of the Westinghouse Air Brake Co. in 1969.  I could use some help selling these.

Ebay listing of Train Book Ends