Bender’s Back Baby!

Here is a glimpse into how my goofy mind works.  I just watched a documentary by John DiMaggio, the voice of Bender from Futurama, called “I know that voice”, which is about the craft of voice acting from behind the scenes.  Midway through cleaning the dishes, two small sparks crackled in the back of my mind.  One, Futurama was canceled and brought back several times, meaning that they had to get John DiMaggio to reprise the voice of Bender.  The other is a scene from a favorite movie of mine, Blade Runner.  The scene is where Deckard is talking to Bryant after Gaff has brought him back to the police station.  Bryant says something like “This ones bad Deck, I need you.  I need the old Blade Runner magic.”

Now, put them together.  Have Bender talking to Matt Groening in the same scene, Matt saying “This ones bad Bender, I need you.  I need the old Bender Magic”

Bender could say “You can bite my shiny metal ass.” or other equally good lines, cool huh.  Just think if they did another season or movie and opened with this.