Free Advertising

You got to hand it to the NRA.  They are getting a lot free advertising from the news media everyday.  All across the nation, men (interesting that it is always men that go on these sprees) are shooting up theaters, army bases, and work places.  I read an article the other day about some good ole ex-military boys who started a militia and planned to take over a military base.  Too bad they had to kill their buddy and his girl friend before they could really go for the big stuff.  Imagine the publicity then.  At this rate, the NRA shouldn’t even need to collect dues.  When will this madness end?  Oh yeah, as Sharon Angle directed, the second civil war when people rise up and use their second amendment remedies.

Where’s the Priority?

I have two interesting thoughts for you today.

1.  Putting all the other rhetoric aside from the current campaign for Presidency, there is one area of the Republican platform that I want to focus on, which pertains to the entire party.  The stated goal of the Republican party at the beginning of President Obama’s term in office was to make him a one term president.  This, of course, is the goal of any opposing party; however, given the condition our country was in, I find that this one track focus did not help the middle class.

I guess I find it hard to believe in the fact that all other considerations took second place to this one goal and the fact that people support this agenda.  When people were losing their jobs, benefits, and homes and congress blocked every form of help, who in their right mind supported the Republicans.  While the rich were recovering nicely and the middle class were still out of work, who in their right minds were supporting the Republicans.  How patriotic is it to receive donations from the 1% while blocking every form of help for the 99% in order to stall the economy to blame Obama and defeat him in the next election.  How blind do you have to be to not see that you are damaging yourself and others by supporting politicians who are only looking to get more power?  While I understand that Democrats are not angels, at least they have not totally abandoned us.

2.  How can people support the Catholic church after years of scandals and lies?  The Catholic Church tells its member what they are to believe because this is what God says yet they follow a set of internal rules that reflect the teachings of satan.  What does it take for people to say enough.  How can anyone continue to support anti-gay and anti-abortion rhetoric from leaders who turn a blind eye to child molestation and gay sex-rings?  How can you demand that others bring children into this world and faith knowing that they may be molested or unwelcome?  The teachings of Christ were of love and compassion, while the Catholic Church is about obedience and earthly power.  I am not defending gays and abortion, what I am saying is that God is the ultimate judge of the sinner.  It is not man’s place to make these decisions.  Trust unto the lord with all thine heart, and leaneth not unto thine own understanding (as close as I can remember to the bible verse).

Second Amendment Remedies

Well, Sharon Angle should be proud of herself.  It seems that a lot of people lately are taking advantage of her advice for solving their problems.  You like to play the joker but feel that it is not real enough, use the remedy.  Issue with a coworker, take the remedy.   Hell, that guy with the annoying cough who is just driving you crazy, thank God the NRA made it easy to carry around your remedy.  Why use the remedy only for political change?  What an ice breaker it could be at your next party.  Tired of waiting in line.  You know what to do.  This unbalanced madness that is the NRA and the new norm of the republican party won’t stop until everyone is carrying a bazooka to work and firefights are just part of a bad monday.  Of course, this would all change if one of these idiots ended up being the victim, or would it, since their buddies could care less as long as the money flows.

Nuclear Economy

Our current American Economy is analogous to a nuclear power plant.  Nuclear power is one way to produce large amounts of energy in the short-term with very dangerous long-term consequences.  While the fuel in a nuclear reactor produces a lot of energy for the amount of material used, the fuel rods are spent when only 5% of the energy has been harnessed.  After that, the remaining fuel has to placed in some kind of storage where it will be dangerous to life for more than 220,000 years.  I seriously question the cost/benefit ratio of this transaction.

Unfortunately, our economy has been built up to its current state by similar short/long-term cost/benefit ideologies.  To create the rapid growth that we have seen in our economy since WW II, we had to drastically increase consumption of products and services on a regular basis.  The solution was debt.  By sacrificing the future of our children through ever-increasing personal, corporate, and governmental debt, we have created an economic juggernaut.  However, like nuclear fuel, there is a penalty.  One, as debt loads increase, they become less efficient since people become wary of loaning into a sinking ship (law of diminishing returns).  Second, as we learned in 2008, large amounts of debt are toxic to an economy.  Finally, similar to spent nuclear fuel, we really aren’t dealing with the long-term hazards of debt.  As a nation, we continue to seek short-term band-aids to cover the enormous ditch of toxic debt we have accumulated from our current economic model.  The half-life of this debt may kill our children and civilization in the long run.  When will we understand that the way we use debt needs to change.  Lines have to be drawn that can’t be crossed and we have to learn to sacrifice some of our wants for the good of our country and our children, you know, patriotism.


Your Politics are What You Eat

This post was brought about by three separate influences.  The most recent was the final few minutes of Tosh.0 on comedy central last night.  I normally don’t watch the show but I was waiting for the Colbert report to come on and caught web videos of young people pledging to give something up that they love until abortions end.  The second was the political nonsense surrounding Chick-fil-a’s founder’s opinion of Gay marriage.  While I agree that he has the right to his opinion and supporters of gay marriage have to respect that.  They also have a right to boycott the franchise as his supporters have the right to make themselves fat supporting him.  I just found the whole business of millions of people going out to support what to my mind are un-christian ideals, disgusting.  The final  influence was the founder of Poppa John’s pizza trying to cash in on the same fanaticism of the right by going on Fox news damning Obamacare.  You can tell this was just a play to get millions of people to by his pizzas and make tons of money.

Now the meat of the post is very simple.  I have decided to make two pledges of my own supporting my opinions.  The first, I pledge to not eat at Chick-Fil-A until the Catholic Church treats pedafile priest as the criminals they are and takes responsibility for their former actions.  Second, I pledge to not eat at Poppa John’s pizza until Superpacs are no longer a part of our political landscape.   I encourage anyone reading this post to show their support by joining me and writing a comment saying so.


I just finished reading Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard book, which has me thinking about family.  Unfortunately, for me, this is not a very good area.  Even before my mother died, our family was not much more than a taunt string vibrating noisily when we got together and constantly threatening to snap.  Now that one of the damaged moorings is gone, the remains are fracturing apart because to little of the glue of love was used.  As for me, the only solution I had to the jangling noise of our family was to keep everyone at a distance.  It hurt a lot less than actually caring but now I am learning the costs, loneliness, regret, and an inability to connect with people.

I know this will sound like bellyaching, but it does show how I got here and the kind of walls I had to build to survive.  Recently, I watched the movie “Moneyball” staring Brad Pitt.  There is a seen where his character, a divorced father, is taking his turn with his daughter and is looking at guitars to get her.  They decide to try one out and she plays a tune while she hums along.  Apparently it is a song that she wrote and she is embarrassed to sing it aloud.  The father convinces her to sing with the tune and when she is done, he is dumbstruck with what she has done.  The point to all this is, as my older sister will attest, that such a reaction has always been beyond both my parents.  My mother alternately praised and dissected everything we did.  My father was more like the mother in Despicable Me.  What hurt the most was how he could praise other people’s accomplishments yet be lukewarm to anything his kids did, even to this day.  If any of you have been to my deviantart page, you have seen that I am at least a decent artist; however, not once have I seen the reaction Brad Pitt gave in “Moneyball” from my father.  On the other hand, when he talks about Bob Ross, it is with tones of awe. 

While there are numerous other issues in our family, this is one that really hurts.  It has caused a lot of bitterness.  I guess I just needed to get it off my chest to somebody since my family is in such a fractured state and do not interact well.  Call it the rantings of a lonely old king sitting in his brokedown palace (nod to Stephen Brust).

Reality of Realty

I am currently learning the hard lessons of owning realty.  I have been living in my dad’s house with the intent of fixing it up for my own while my dad lives with his fiance.  Unfortunately, the house has been let go a bit and needs TLC for which I need a loan to afford to make the repairs.  However, banks have finally desided to be a little more cautious when giving them out so I am in a crash course to make the leaky cellar look better so I can get the loan to make it, well, better.  Of course, as I go along, I am seeing more and more that needs done.  I just have to keep plugging.

Obama/Romney Care

I seem to be full of questions this morning.  For those that are opposed to Obamacare on the basis that the government cannot force you to have insurance, how can any government then be allowed to force you to have car insurance?  While I understand the reasons and agree with them, by your standards, you should not tolerate such invasive government policies.  How can you allow one and not the other?