Another Agenda Laden Meme that Does not Look to the Real Truth

Trump Meme for clarification


Here is yet again an example of a poorly thought out meme created by angry and scared people.  This one comes from the opposite side of the spectrum as those I posted earlier:  Sadness of the blind and Stupid agenda laden memes.   This one was created by liberals to scare people away from the current republican front-runner Donald Trump.  One of the central tenets of this meme is that he has not allocated all the six million dollars that he raised for the benefit of the veterans programs he named as beneficiaries.  Out of curiosity, I decided to research the validity of this claim.

In my search, I came up with information that almost half of the money was paid out within a month of gaining the funds and that allocation was on going.  While, yes, there seem to be some irregularities, very few such programs are good about getting the contributed funds to the people who need them quickly.  Some of the press coverage was, I felt, a little too accusatory without solid proof.  Also, given some comments to this meme I read , President Clinton and Senator Clinton have had similar issues with fundraising for charity.  Basically, I feel people were too quick in pointing fingers.  More time should be allowed for proof of the allocation of funds.

That being said, my opinion is that followers of either Donald Trump of Senator Clinton should be very distrustful of their candidates.  Both have had very checkered pasts when dealing with donated funds and tax evasions.  Donald Trump in particular has not proven to be the financial wizard he claims to be given multiple bankruptcies at the cost of the tax payers.  In addition, he has shown a willingness to lend the strength of his name brand and support to any project that will give him money, whether the project has sound or legal footing.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has been willing to go with the flow in order to maintain her career.   Only denying the choices she made when they were politically damaging to her.  Also, she, along with her husband, has a long track record of questionable business dealings.  Also, her husband and her have had issues telling the truth about certain important issues, along with coasting on President Clinton’s track record, which is not as shiny as I thought it was.

In the end; however, my thoughts on this meme are as follows.  One, do I believe that Trump is insincere about helping veterans?  Yes.  He has shown little concern for them until it became politically helpful to do so and given that he has said disparaging comments about veterans in the past, I am not convinced.  Though, that does not excuse the poor craftsmanship of this meme.  Two, by being overly confrontational, the creator has opened the way for unfavorable comparisons to the candidate they favor.   Third, Trump’s claims of concern for veterans falls flat on my ears since he promises to put soldiers in harm’s way on day one of his presidency when he did everything in his youth to avoid the same fate.

Finally, neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are worthy of the Presidency.  Both candidates have proven that they are far more willing to take the easy road in challenging situations because of convenience.  They are more concerned with their images than what is good for the country.  Just look at Senator Clinton’s track record during the Bush Presidency and Trump’s business dealings.  These will show you what to expect from them as President.  Bones.

Starship Terra Another Thought


This one goes out to all you scientist, engineers, and business people who are so fond of conquering nature.  When you plow over forests and damn rivers to bring us power and shopping malls, manicured estates and glistening steel towers, non-stick frying pans and germ free houses, you need to remember one important fact.  Remember this fact when you see the annoyances nature throws at you as something to be beaten or destroyed.  We are nature.  We are made from the materials we ingest from the world.  Our bodies respond to the stimuli abundant in nature, in fact, that is how we became what we are.  We also have reactions to the things you do that we do not have the wisdom to foresee.  So do not be in a rush to throw technology at defeating an aspect of nature that bothers you or feel you can profit from.  Because by defeating or destroying nature, you destroy us.  For those Christians who believe God put us above nature and; thus, you should be allowed to do what you want, the philosophy still holds.  God made us from the dust and water of the earth.  You are still connected to and part of the nature you scoff.  Bones.

Confessions of an Obsessive Thinker.


Mystics and Misfits Cover Final

Guess what, I spend a lot of time thinking.  You might have noticed this from the content of my blog; I’m being sarcastic of course.  Anyway, I have always been a self-contained person from childhood on and my job does not help the situation with hours of solo driving.  So it is no surprise that my writing contains very little dialogue and lots of written thoughts.

The reason I bring this up is that I am currently fixing the second anchor story in my book, which is a story written some time ago that deals with multiple dream levels.  I was happy at the time with the final edit I had reached.  However, in between the time I finished this story and began re-working it for the collection, I found someone interested enough in my writing to discuss the stories.  One point she made time and time again was the lack of dialogue in my stories.  It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, just that there was too much exposition and not enough interaction.

Lately, I have been looking at large paragraphs of informational dumps in the story and trying to think of ways to get this information across in conversations.  My thoughts, initially, were that it could not be done without sounding wooden.  Describing world building or life history in dialogue could easily come off as preachy, stiff, self-centered, boring, or aloof, at least the way I usually do it.  Right now, though, I believe I am finding a decent mix of dialogue and descriptive writing to get my background information across.  Yes, I think it is better than it was, proof that you can get a deep thinker to come out of his head to talk to you.  I just wanted to pass on some of the challenges I have been facing in my writing endeavors.  Enjoy.

Here is the mini-me of what is truly happening on a national scale.


We fear losing our government to terrorists, Mexicans, or welfare queens.  The truth; however, is that we have already lost it.  Every time we buy an Iphone, big screen TV, or pro-team outfit we are feeding the beast sitting on our government.  When our government says they attacked a country to protect American Interests this is what they mean.  Our government is a slot machine for the wealthy and we are the power keeping it on.  The only way to change this is to live simpler.  Yeah, I know, it sucks but the alternative is slavery to the 1%.  They will not be there to pick us up when we can’t afford to pay our bills, because they already changed the bankruptcy laws so we can’t get out.  However, they still can and this is how they did it.

Go ahead, believe in everything Fox National News tells you, turn a blind eye to this video, enjoy dying from asbestos because they sure won’t help you even though you voted for them.


Hell, trust Trump’s plan for your kids future, just remember to get a good lawyer.  Oh yes, he can afford better.  Let me know how that goes.  We have effectively sold ourselves and our country to the 1%, which would make this country an Oligarchy.  This is a government that is only one step removed from a Monarchy, you know that thing we fought a revolutionary and two world wars over.  At what point do we open our eyes and realize that for the sake of anger, fear, and hate we sold our children into slavery.  What must our Founding Fathers think of us?  Bones

Progress Report

I just finished making changes to the first of three anchor stories for my collection of short stories.  It is part of three connected short stories about becoming an artist on a much on a much grander scale and there is a pun in there somewhere.  The collection is now up to 30,999 words or 55 pages including an introduction I wrote for the anthology.

Who Says Fantasy Writing has no Bearing on the Real World?



I recently started rereading the Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust, which is a fun fantasy world full of elves, humans, criminal organizations, sorcery, witchcraft, and corruption.  I just finished the seventh book in the series “Orca”, written in 1996, and was stunned by the realization that it was almost a blow for blow account of how we got into the financial crisis of 2008.  Of course everything was fictional but the basic premise was that Vlad needed the help of an old hedge wizard to cure a boy who was mentally damaged while saving him.  The wizard told Vlad she would help only if he found away to keep her from being evicted from her home.  So Vlad sets out to find the cause of the eviction with the help of Kiera, a thief with a deeper past then he knows.

What they uncover is an attempt by corrupt bank owners to milk money from homeowners to make up for vast sums of money they lost by being caught up in bad loans to a swindler.  The swindler was a wealthy client on paper that actually had no sound assets but he was able time and time again to get multiple banks to support his schemes.  As the banks became more and more tied to his schemes they became increasingly vulnerable to collapse if he would fail.  They then began bribing government officials to hide or ignore the problem.  The situation was so bad that if it came out how many high-profile banks were indebted to this man the empire would cease to function; thus a cover up was created when the swindler was murdered and the banks quietly closed and began foreclosing on everyone whether they had the right to or not.

A lot of the mechanisms of banking that were at the heart of the 2008 meltdown were in full evidence in the story plot including the use of the word “confidence” that is used a lot in describing the effect of diminishing belief in the sustainability of our economy.  If you can remember, the news of the time used a lot of phrases like a “loss of confidence in our banking system has led to dramatic drops in the stock market”.  Basically it means that when we stop looking at all the glitter put on our economy to make it look good, we actually see that it is a turd and get afraid of putting our money into it and the economy collapses.  The funny thing about that is that it is not the everyday people whom start this chain of events because they are too busy trying to survive.  It is actually the people who put all the glitter on the pile of shit they have been shoveling that start to get scared.

What is in it for me?

I have a boss who is a die-hard believer that businesses have the right to do what they have to stay profitable and that they have no responsibility to their employees, basically a republican.  He believes in right to work.  At the same time he does not understand why employees do not show loyalty to their companies.  Ex.:

Our company is trying to land a major account by using the employees we currently have until we get the account and can hire on.   When we land this account, there will be major changes to who and where people work.  Basically, it is a lot of extra work and frustration for those at the bottom of the work force without any additional compensation.  One of the part-time workers is refusing to help out with the program and he cannot understand her attitude.  One, she is a part-time worker (that is all she wants), two, she is an older lady, and three, the way they handled the training was very confusing and frustrating (poorly handled).  He feels she should be helping because getting this account will boost job security (in his opinion).  However, the truth is that even if she were all sunshine and roses, her job would not be more secure.  If we land the account, the routing will be changed to only be available for full-time workers handling a much heavier work load.  In other words she would have to be willing to go full-time or lose her job.  So in the end what benefit is there for her to cooperate?  If she does, she looses her job, if she doesn’t, she looses her job.  Meanwhile, she would have stressed and worn herself out for nothing.  What does she gain?  She gets no profit from the extra work.


He has stated many times that businesses have absolutely no obligation to their employees, only to make money.  They can let you go at any time even if you give it your all.  What I cannot understand is why he feels people should be loyal to their companies.  If I view myself as a business, I should do whatever it takes to make my life profitable.  If that means not taking as good care of the company I work for to save myself for the life I want or going somewhere else if the money is better, then that is just as right.  This is profitable for me.