Who’s Got Your Goat

Next Project

Helloooo wonderful followers. Tonight was a good night for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I am still beat and hurt like hell, but I was able to get the dishes done, wash my clothes, and pack my lunch that I did not get done over the weekend.

In addition, as you can see, I managed to get enough drawing done on my halloween project that I felt I could post. I still need to clean it up a bit before I scan it in for painting but I am happy with it for now. Don’t expect this to look anything like a real sheep when I am done. This is destined for a dark place.

A God for All Seasons

Hello wonderful followers.  It has been a while because it is crazy time at Walmart.  The company I work for is tied into a lot of areas in the stores, so when all those areas have new modulars and major floor plan changes at the same time ( favorite habit of Walmart is to do entire depts in a week) we are usually promised to help. This year they are doing a major change in electronics meaning all the phone, music, movies, tv’s, and etc. have moves and modular changes.

The computers are a pain because you have to mess with all these brackets design with only one focus, theft deterent. If that means they are challenging to remove and set, oh well. Now add to that Frito Lay/chip aisle resets left from a week ago and now bread aisle resets.

I am also picking up the pieces from a less than helpful part timer that left me a lot of unfinished tasks in a store and I am beat. I start this week covering a bread reset in an another reps. store. Anyway, it can go without saying that I have not been getting much creative work done.

I did; however, start a drawing for a halloween mood I had a while back, which may turn into something more when I get the time. It is a sketch of a bighorn sheep ram that I want to do in a Dark God kinda style with glowing eyes and all. Hopefully, I will be able to post something soon.

Meeting Women is Hard

Hello wonderful followers. I am a little tired from crazy work, which should let up a little finally. However, I have managed to add a little bit to Mist and Memories bringing the word count to over 3,100 words. I am happy with that level for just the beginning of the Strange Inquisitor part of the story. Jack has just met the cargo chief and is smitten with her. Of course his over sized travel luggage could quickly put a damper on things. It is not much progress, but right now, I am happy for anything. Later.