It is Easier to Create than to Comprehend

The Means Justify the Ends

There is no Team in Bonus

In the vain of these adages that I stood on their head, I bring you a new one.  Many times throughout my life I have heard that “it is easier to destroy than it is to create”, usually in reference to something beautiful or worthwhile being destroyed.  Well, it hit me today about the issue of the wrongful use people put well meaning technology toward.  For every technology that is designed to better mankind, someone takes it and perverts into something bad.  Computers made to assist and connect us become tools to take away or control us, same with cellphones.  In addition, there are all the unintended consequences of our rapidly changing technology.  Harmful effects that are not realized until long after the product is in use (i.e. asbestos) and the overwhelming amount of waste material pumped into our environment.  So I feel that a corollary adage should be added as follows:

It is easier to destroy than create, also, it is easier to create than to comprehend.

Of which the main idea is that in our greedy grasp for better and better technology, we can become quite blind to all the unforeseen effects of the technology we create.  Being short lived creatures, we tend to focus on the here and now and let our progeny deal with the consequences.  Just look at all the ways Wall Street used computers to hide the damage they did back in 2008.  How much easier did computers make it to push along the toxic debt?  In addition, Wall Street currently condones a two level information system, which to me smacks of insider trading.  I have heard there are companies who are allowed to trade with systems that get and analyze stock information before the public gets it.  It is only say, milliseconds faster, but with computers, companies can buy and sell stocks at a profit before the general public can and this is still legal because the government can’t keep up with the technology.

All of these are results of the creation of computers.  I’ll guarantee that the first computer designer never thought about computer viruses, fraud, or cyber warfare.  How could they have comprehended all the divergent paths associated with computer technology.  Bones.

300 Pound Angry Black Man in the Room

I just had a disturbingly sad ah ha moment this evening.  I remember when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, news shows like Fox News talked about the angry black man they were terrified was now running the country.  More to the truth was the frightened, angry white men from across the country who banded together to oppose everything Obama proposed no matter who it hurt.  As long as their views and agenda came first.

However, the deeper truth is that I would much rather have the angry black man compared to the angry white man.  Look at history, angry white men were behind “The Trail of Tears”, Klu Klux Clan, and the Holocaust.  Angry white men created the atomic bomb and chemical warfare.  Angry and scared white men almost started World War III over Cuba.  Angry white men were behind both recorded World Wars and were behind most of the design and production of WMDs.  I know that black men can be as violent as any man; however, you see less world affecting results than that of the white man.  Bones.

America the Ponsi Scheme


Watch this video on how our banking system works and you will be better able to understand why I believe our system is as doomed to failure as Communism was.  I have been aware of and spoken out against, in this blog, the overuse of debt to finance the prosperity our parents and grandparents knew, but this video shows the underlying and undermining truth.  Basically, a group of wealthy industrialists created a banking system that allowed them to print more money than they could back, making the money, in essence, worthless.  They then told all of us that the money was good so that they could buy real assets with it.  Now they own all the assets and when the system finally collapses under its own weight, they will have the valuables and we will have worthless paper.  If you don’t believe me, research the Bolivian Peso and Monetary system, which I did for a friend who had what he thought might be worth something.

After that research, look at the credit card industry and how they continue to give credit to people who have shown they will not or cannot pay it back, forcing the costs onto the rest of us.  Good credit, bad credit, no credit, don’t worry as long as the big wigs running the banks can get their money out before it folds.  Reminds me of the Wall Street and Bank CEO’s who cashed in and jumped ship before the shit hit the fan in 2008.   This is what the Republicans fight to maintain no matter what moral obligations they profess to be upholding.  For more proof, research the causes of the Great Depression, the S&L bailout, and the meltdown in 2008 and you will see a recurring pattern.  Banks over extending credit to questionable people, taking heavy long-term risks in favor of short-term profits then dumping the costs onto the middle class through fees or bailouts.  Just look at the history of our economy from the Great Depression on

How Far Have We Really Come

J. Michael Straczynski posted this on his twitter page as being appropriate for the recent election season and after listening to about 15 minutes of it, I agreed.  The sad part is that I see little change in today’s rhetoric over what Mr. Serling talks about.  Look at how disrespected President Obama has been.  I think Republicans want to dismantle Obamacare not because it is bad for the country, but because it was created by a black man.

Simple Test for Republican Voters

Okay, you got your way.  Now it’s time to take your unstable representatives and senators out for a test drive to see how much they bullshitted you by saying they actually support the things you are demanding.  Force them to get rid of Obamacare first thing, see if they will actually do it.  Repealing Obamacare, which actually seems to be working, has been one of the hallmark Republican agendas since its inception.  Well now they can do it if they have enough votes to override the President’s veto.  Do they have the Balls?  Are they willing to piss off millions of Americans or will they look for some way to save face while letting Obamacare remain?  If you are as radical as you have shown yourselves to be, this should be unacceptable.  With the current level of fanaticism within the Republican party or base, the only two choices are all or nothing, go for it.  If you or they do not repeal Obamacare, then you are nothing but the hypocrites I have always known you to be.  Prove me wrong, if not, admit that the rest of us might have some valid ideas and stop bitching.