Minor Disturbance in the Force

Hello me beauties, I just wanted to let you know that I quit my Twitter account. My account was nothing to shout about anyhow so no big loss to the metaverse as a whole, but a recent incident occurred that sucked any joy out of it for me. I was locked out for calling a murderer white trash. Yes I know it is somewhat racist but in my mind very mild given how I felt about the person in question and the people behind that person. I also felt it was more strongly motivated toward my comment than would happen in the other direction.

Given all we are learning of Facebook and its placement of profit over morals I decided it was finally time to leave twitter. I can say in most cases, I was never all that motivated to have a presence in social media anyway. For the most part I did it to help promote my art and writing. Neither have been very successful so far, Twitter the least. Anyway, I just wanted to pass this on. Again, not earth shaking but I did want to share my feelings. Whether I remain on Facebook remains to be seen. I have thought about leaving many times as well.

P.S. Have you ever stopped to think about how much reach companies like Apple, Facebook, twitter, etc. have such that every spell checker program is constantly ready to correctly place their names for you? Of course, when we get facebook’s new name, they will need updated. Yes, I intentionally did not capitalize the last reference, which has a big red line under it. Take that Zuckerberg.

Good, Better, … Good, Better … Read the Bottom Line of the Chart

Hellloooooooooo beautiful ones. It has been a hell of a day at about fourteen hours when I had hoped for only twelve. I honestly thought about putting off this post but I am now kinda keyed up so, you know. Anyway, as you can see I finally got one wing cleaned up to the level I want for the final image. There is more work to be done on it but you can see the difference. I added a small copy of the reference image to make working on the eyes easier. Not mush more to say except that I like being able to see through the wing like reality. Cheers for now and please comment, I really don’t bite. Bitch a lot yes, bite no.

I Got a Lot Here, Who’s Up for Seconds

Hello my favorite followers. I know I have lots of unfinished projects on my hands but you also know my mind never stops working. Lately, thoughts of my second short story collection have been begging for attention.

You understand how hard it is when they look at you with those sad story eyes. Anyway, I have several good ideas for pushing through “Mist and Memories ” and have thought about expanding a story I did on augmented reality. One thought I wrestled with; however, was whether I would write any sequels to written stories

So far, the only sequels I have created were for the “Dragon Dreams” stories and “Lepidoptera”. In Lepidoptera’s case, I pulled the sequels into the version included in “Mystics and Misfits”. Now I am considering writing a sequel to one of my favorite stories in my first collection.

While I realize that I have a ridiculous number of irons in the fire, my human friendly alien Sensu has been clamoring for attention. When I had finished the original story, I could see the possibilities for sequels but didn’t want to deal with it and wasn’t sure where it would go. Of course that never bothered Sensu. So now I am seriously considering a sequel.

I am definitely warming to the idea of connectivity from the first collection to the second. I have read collections by authors that have done this, Tad Williams and Brandon Sanderson come to mind. I hope you are as excited about the prospect as I am.

Good Review but I find Myself Perplexed

Well amazing followers that elusive fifth review has come in and it isn’t from the free book give away at librarything.com. It is an actual Amazon review for 4 out of 5 stars. I will explain my perplexity over the review after letting you read it.

Ann McKemy4.0 out of 5 stars A sci-fi and fantasy tale with an “Aesop’s Fables” sort of vibe !Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2021This was a well written book and that is why the I gave it a four star review. I liked how the author used sci-fi and fantasy to create an “Aesop’s Fables” sort of vibe and point it towards the unsavory aspects of mankind. I also enjoyed many of the small stories that made up a seemingly larger narrative. However, about that larger narrative… I got really lost trying to connect the individual short stories to the main dragon story. I’m not really sure if it was the intent of the author to have them connect. There didn’t seem to be anything tying the plots together other than interspersed stories about Jason and the dragon placed in between other stories. For myself, I need an author to really spell something like that out. Perhaps others will feel differently when they read the book..

As I have seen from the other reviews, I get pretty high marks for the writing and the stories but get dinged for the connectivity of the whole. This has not been the first time I ran into this. My neighbor who has encouraged me in my writing and enjoys the stories said the very same thing, which, to tell you the truth, floored me. The short stories in “Mystics and Misfits” except for the three “Dragon Dream” stories are completely separate tales. The only real connection they share is coming from my bizarre imagination, hence the title of the collection.

Maybe I need to add a sub-title like “The collected short stories of Robert Garbin”. I honestly never thought this would be a problem. I am a voracious reader of short fiction that have had traits similar to mine and others that were a collection of stories in a specific universe. I kinda took a middle road by using the three “Dragon Dream” stories as anchors to the wider collection. Maybe I do need to be more specific but I thought the stories to be sufficiently varied enough to avoid confusion. Maybe I am just too used to the variety of formats present in science fiction and fantasy collections to have a slight blind spot. Anyway, I am actually happy for the good review, my overall rating is over four stars and compares surprisingly well to ratings of books I have read on librarything.com, but I still get confused by this specific complaint. Please give my book a try, for $0.99 you can’t go wrong even if you question my sanity.

I Might be Jaded but …

Hello me lovelies, just a quick update before bedtime. I have finished retracing the wings for the dragonfly painting but have to go back and clean them up. However, to move the project along, I have started work on the beautiful green and blue body. It will me made of three different layers in the end along with one more for the legs to make a total of five layers when you include the wings. I will be very interested to see how these print out on transparencies and the finished project in resin.

Your 50 Ton Battlemech Just Squashed My Dog

Morning followers from early fall in Pennsylvania USA. I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of the Mechwarrior games ever since I played Mechwarrior 2. However, I haven’t actually played that many to completion.

I played MW2 to the finish of both clan episodes and a good way into MW: Mercenaries. Unfortunately, I did not finish Mercenaries because my computer of the time stopped being able to handle the graphics load. Later on MW4: Mercanaries I got to a tough mission and stopped for a while. When I tried again, my controller setup, which was a struggle to make was gone, so I quit. Trying to set computers up to play games right was why I quit playing the high end games.

Later on I played both Mechassult games for the Xbox systems. I finished the first and technically the second one, but after defeating the last boss, I died before the ending was played. Given how hard it was to beat, I never tried to win the game fully. However, I will say that I loved these games too.

The reason for this post is to express some ideas and dreams I have for the Mechwarrior/Battletech franchises. First off. I would think a Battletech/Mechwarrior movie would be great if handled properly. The special effects of today would make this possible. I was off the mind this could have been done back when the first Transformer movie came out. Could you imagine a war type movie like “Tora, Tora, Tora”, “Midway”, or “Twelve O’clock High” would be like. Not just the machinery but also the strategies and politics.

Second, I wish for a new Mechassault game for the series X and Xbox One. Yes, I have asked for this before, but I still want it. It was the closest a consule came to a mechwarrior game and I did not have to drive myself nuts trying to get it playable like computer games. Also, the mech take downs we so satisfying. Yes, the power ups were not gameplay accurate, niether were the take downs, but pounding a mech until it fell over and went critical was a lot of fun. Come on guys, I need my fix.

Finally, my last wish is for something far beyond the ordinary for any mechwarrior game. My wish is to have a Mechwarrior MMO created, something more then just squad battles. I want to see a true creation of the Battletech/Mechwarrior universe were you can join any of the political factions to rise through the ranks to control worlds and empires. You could become a mercenary and run your own crew. Something on the order of Eve online and/or Elite dangerous. I want to see factions have massive planet wide battles with hundreds of mechs. Also, make room for the aerospace aspects of the universe. Allow for raids, scouting, and defenses.

Basically, I want a fully fleshed out Battletech game containing grand strategies, intense battles, and player/world building, maybe event play as well. I was thinking, What if the developers allowed a year or two for players to build themselves up into positions of power in the inner sphere and then bring in the clans. Wouldn’t it be cool if the developers and games testers played as the clan. Think of it, the best from the creators taking on the best from the player. It would be cool if people were assigned to patrols and missions defensive and offensive like the real world when all the sudden planetary alarms go of, incoming drop ships. Email alerts go out and the high ranking players have to scramble to get intel to make strategies and send other players out. Lower players could try things themselves while hearing updates.

What I really want to see though is all out war. With major battles like Eve online. Hundreds of mechs going toe to toe. Imagine flanking maneuvers and holding actions, retreats and sneak attacks. Basically, everything Battletech/Mechwarrior has to offer. What do you think?

Buzzzzz … Buzzzzz

Hello fabulous followers. As you can see I have started working on the dragonfly image now that I know I can get it properly broken down into layers with proper transparency. Also, with work being real heavy, I find it hard to stay focused and tend to jump around when something slows down like the Banished God image did. I just need a break and some time doing something a bit easier. Right now I am essentially tracing what I did with pencil. However, with the computer, I will be able to substantially reduce the thickness of the inner wing lines to better reflect the image of the real dragonfly. I couldn’t leave this image unworked on because it kept nagging on me.

Similarly, my short story “Mist and Memories” has been on my back ever since I started reading JMS’s book on writing and it sparked some ideas. God, way too many monkeys climbing around here. I hope there isn’t a poop fight because I am too tired to clean up. Anyway, my worlds are still turning but sometimes I need to pick them up off the floor. By the way, I may seem like a grouchy old fart from time to time (legitimate mental image by the way) but I do love you guys for keeping me going when things are tough.

P.S. Don’t forget to support me by either buying a Kindle copy of my book “Mystic and Misfits” from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08F6SRSY3?pf_rd_r=6A7WB71MEX2NT3KYC51X&pf_rd_p=8fe9b1d0-f378-4356-8bb8-cada7525eadd&pd_rd_r=635a483f-d78e-4326-9f3a-4bc3a21434cc&pd_rd_w=dG0sr&pd_rd_wg=A2Xrr&ref_=pd_gw_unk) or pledging on my Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/robertgarbin) where you can also get prints of my artwork.