Come for the Sunsets, Stay for the Chimera

Yes my pretties, I have not forgot about my art card collection, just couldn’t spare me a finger from the struggle to survive to actually post any more. I felt really bad for the “hang in their” kitten who well, didn’t but this video had to go out. I hope you enjoy it regardless of the focus issue my phone was having. Darrell K Sweet has been a controversial artist for me. Sometimes his work really catches my eyes and other times it doesn’t work for me at all. His later work on the Wheel of Times series started out okay but as the series aged and so did he, the work became very formulaic. However, his work on the Xanth, Thomas Covenant, and Lord of The Rings Novels were some of my favorites. I even did a color pencil version of The Wounded Land cover from the Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever for my father. It was my best complete color pencil work. Also, I dearly loved his covers for the Lord of the Rings. So sit back and enjoy.

Oh Dear Me, Did I Burn You

Oh my deliciously, deviant, dearies, I had planned to develop this one a bit more before I posted it but I have a lot on my plate right now so I decided to include it as is. What is it you say? Well, it is one of my better dragon sketches. Dragons are a favorite of mine and yet I have not been able to create one to satisfy my idea of one. I get so very frustrated seeing all these amazing dragons and not being able to come up with one of my own. I have tried many methods to no avail. Well at least this one is off to a good start.

You Got a Little Drool There Buddy

Well here he is my amazing followers, the mad god. I was driving home the other day and saw a similar formation of clouds around the sun minus the sky drool. This does not capture it as well as I would like but it is not bad. I think the wider field of view in reality added something. I really wish I could have gotten a good picture of it to go from. Combining color pencil work with pencil has been on my mind for a while and this is my first attempt.

Oh no, I doodled in My Bed Last Night

Aloha, my crazy wonderful followers, just a quick update. Last night even though I was tired and fighting it, I did manage to push myself to do some drawing. There was something I saw recently that stuck in my head and wanted a drawing of so I did. This one is a little different and I think you will like it. Hopefully I will be able to post it tonight.

Oh, the Importance of a Good Glass of Iced Tea

Hello wonderful persons. This post may get a little maudlin, which happens from time to time, but I feel it is important to give context to the post title. To put it plainly, my health has not been good for some time. I suffer from a lot of pain that my job only aggravates. I have basically just bulled through it until now.

Unfortunately, sometime in February or March, something started to change. I began losing a lot of weight, through no efforts of my own, to the tune of forty pounds in a few months, making pants retention an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I am super glad the weight has been coming off but I worry. At the same time, even though I take medicine for it and eat by far less sugar than ten years ago, my sugar is up around the high two hundred to three hundred range. My work situation leaves me little time to deal with it and my finances don’t help.

For now, I muddle through. However, one of the side effects of high sugar is thirst. I don’t me thirst like hey I didn’t drink anything for half the day I could really use something cold. I mean thirst like I have to have a drinkable fluid near me at all times. I make sure I have something near when I go to bed at night. I estimate that I must go through several gallons of fluid each day, which of course means lots of bathroom time, yay. Also tend to sweat a lot, which was a whole other problem before I made some changes.

This brings us back for the main reason for this post. We have been working six days a week for the past month and a half and I have been really worn out when I get home. Basically, I did nothing. My dishes piled up and worse of all my iced tea picture remained dirty. Two weeks passed that way with me barely managing to clean my close for work. Well, today I got the dishes done and made a picture of tea.

Until now, I had been drinking way more soda than I should but on the other side, I found myself drinking (and enjoying) a lot of plain cold water. I am not usually a fan a water as a drink even though I realize the benefits. Anyway, back to the first drink of fresh home brewed tea in two weeks, oh the joy.

But I am even more excited about tomorrows drink because, over the years, I have learned a secret about brewed tea. While it is good to drink tea freshly brewed, it is way better to drink a glass of tea that has had a least a day in an ice cold refrigerator. I like mine where you are on the edge of a brain freeze. You see, like a good wine or bourbon, tea needs to age, just less so than the former. So this is the moral of this post.

Now, on another note, here is a second iteration of the Dream Thief image. The dream ghost is less where I want and I just put a place holder where the person would be but I really like where the design of the creature is going. I have ideas I could use in making the lighter patches digitally. The harder problem for me is in laying out the entire image. I have mostly just left the backgrounds blank black areas but I want to try something more with this one. We will see.

By the way, if you are thinking I am totally stupid, don’t worry. I sweeten my tea with Splenda and drink diet Coke mostly. It just hasn’t helped.

Watch Your Dreams go Up in Smoke Without Cheech and Chong

Oh my pretties, she hungers so. Do not look into her four eyes or a snack you will become and one less follower will I have. Such a pity. I have tried to curb her appetites but, well, monsters you know. This is another iteration of the dream creature I saw. I was trying for something more like the one that reminds me of a triceratops on the page of multiple images. I am happier with this version.

Now for a very rough first attempt at another dream image. Here I want to depict a dark gaseous creature swooping down quickly upon an unsuspecting human and violently tearing out their dreams. I do not mean the dreams they have when they sleep but the hopes and aspirations they have for their future. I will be calling this one dream thief or something similar. The look I want is of a winged humanoid creature made of mist and shadow. The wings should look like a robe wrapping the creature. The real trick though is that I want the back and lower parts to look like they are still falling to the ground. The creatures upper parts have to look like they are screaming upwards with its prize. I am thinking the dream part of the human will be a glowing blue speckled thing that highlights some of the dark mist of the creature. This one will probably become a painting.

Your Rewards may Fly to New Heights

This page of images actually predates the page I posted yesterday. I just wanted to place that image out there, after struggling with my printer and scanner, to get your attention for my plans on Patreon.

As any reader of this blog is aware, I have been trying to find ways to turn my artistic talents into a sustainable income. I currently have a Patreon page ( where the rewards are prints of my work at various levels. Unfortunately, the perks I have offered based on my financial ability to produce said perks has not enticed any supporters. So, I have decided to throw more into the pot.

Based on some of the things I have enjoyed from the artist card collections I have and my own deep love for pencil drawing, I have decided to make, as part of the rewards for supporting me on Patreon, original concept drawings like you see here and on yesterday’s post a part of the rewards at different levels. Basically, I will sign every original drawing I do in search of the idea for an image or painting, separate them into individual pieces, and ship them out to my supporters throughout the year.

So, if you are like me and find excitement in not only the finished paintings but also the drawing that lead to the finished images, then this is for you. You will get to see versions I abandoned for one reason or another and the places where I erased and restarted in my search for the design. You will see the hard strokes for emphasis and the soft blends to merge areas. You will also have a piece of paper that I handled personally. You can feel what I feel when I put pencil and eraser to paper. If you are lucky, I may even send you one that gets colored for tests.

I will be updating my Patreon page soon to incorporate this added content reward. Also, since it is much needed practice anyhow, I plan to start doing more doodling and drawing. Some may never go further than that, while others are destined to become full fledged projects. Join me on this journey and get your personal piece of authentic artwork from me.