Bumper Stickers

My custom bumper stickers came and they turned out great.  They are mostly white and really stand out on my blue car.  I made them at Vista Print.com.  Here is what is on them:

Put Christ back in Christmas.  Donate to a Charity, don’t buy a gift.

Q: Who is John Galt?  A: A fictional character who did not have to deal with reality.

The War on Christmas is Christmas shopping.

Guns were made to kill God’s creations.

I am thinking about eventually adding more to show how I feel about our American society and one I have in mind ties in with the future post mentioned in Follow the Yellow Brick Road:

Banks that are too big to fail are to big to be!

One Corporate Nation under God

Image courtesy of Image Shack

This is the future of our corporate society

When this movie came out with its dark satirical look at a modern society where corporations ran even the police force, I would never have guessed how true it was.  Our American freedoms are being taken away from us one corporation at a time and we are cheering for more.  Consider how many corporations are now running what were once thought to be government tasks.

Corporate Prisons – More and more states are turning to private companies to run their prison systems for which we are taxed.  The problem is that for these companies to make money they need prisoners; thus, more and more low-key crimes are being given longer term jail time.  Not only are none violent offenders being unfairly imprisoned but we are paying for it.  In addition, their all the industries tied into the system from food prep to prisoner control.  All have a stake in keeping the system going whether it is producing worthwhile results or not.

Corporate/Military Industrial Complex war profiteering – Halliburton and Blackwater are shining examples of corporations profiteering off of our wars and maybe, in some cases, helping them along.  Without a war, these companies see diminishing income.  Weapons suppliers are keen for us to use their products because we will need to buy more to replace what is used.  The sad part is that our soldiers pay the costs of profit based military industries who with sacrifice their safety in the name of profit.  Halliburton sends people into war zones and hangs them out to dry when they get hurt.  Our family members get electrocuted in shoddily made showers.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, crawl out from under your rock and check the news from G.W.’s presidency.

Corporate News – My god, you have to be blind not to see this one.  God, Fox News is the poster child, but you can look as far back as the 60 Minutes coverup of the tobacco insider story, which is now a movie named “The Insider”.  I knew things were wrong back in the 80’s I think because local news shows were running sweepstakes to get you to watch their broadcast instead of others.  I couldn’t have said then what I now understand, news is another form of entertainment, which is dependent on ratings.  Solid reporting is less important than sensationalism.  Watch the movie “Broken Glass”.

Corporate Health Care – If you think giving government control over your health care is scary, take a look at what we have already.  How many of you have had to fight to get benefit payments for lifesaving procedures?  How many of you have seen you premiums go up and your coverage go down?  Guess what, the battles you are fighting arent because some doctor decided the procedure was worthless, they are because some corporate doctor caved in so that the insurance company could make more money by not covering the procedure.  If you think I am off my rocker, you haven’t been paying attention.

Corporate Politics – American Crossroads, need I say more.  Coincidently, what an appropriate name, we are at the crossroads.  Do we sell our souls just so we don’t have to face the problems we have made or do we stand up and say we are no longer going to pay for our present with the enslavement of our children’s future?  There is an entire industry making insane amounts of money for basically buying and selling political favor.   It is called lobbying and do you know who is paying for it?  Yes, absolutely right, us.  We pay for it in our taxes, our dependence on foreign oil, our outrageous health care premiums, our credit card and banking fees, on and on and on.

The truth is, this is the place that an unfettered economic system takes us.  Basic human nature will corrupt any system that is left to itself.  By giving up our responsibilities within our citizenship, we are also giving up our freedom and the freedom of our children.  If you don’t believe me, then you didn’t spend much time in history class, because it is all there.  Our forefathers were wise enough to create a system of government that had checks and balances to the power they gave to politicians.  However, recent decades have seen that security system eroded to dangerous levels and corporate money is behind a lot of it.  If we don’t seriously but checks and balances back into our economic system, we will find ourselves back in the age of company stores where families are kept in virtual slavery through debt to the company.  We will live in a world very much like the fictional story of Robocop.

Chaos on the Mountain


As this Sept. 19th 2012 episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart shows, the Republican’s have nothing but bullshit to offer.

One thing I really took away from this show was the fact that Republican’s like to say that damage control on incidents like this are a distraction from the real issues.  I view it more as a light be turned on in a room full of scurrying rats.  More so because I feel that the current Republican platform is nothing more than a distraction from the fact that taxpayers are funding 2.22 Billion of corporate welfare to companies like AT&T and Exxon while still being racked over the coals by these companies.  We as taxpayers are subsudizing the lavish salaries of these companies’ CEO because if they had to pay their own bills, the payouts would not be so lavish.  Basically, these companies are double dipping into our pockets while they harass us about paying our bills.  Damn, this CEO stuff is hard.  Think of the time they have to spend smoozing Senators and Congressman to get laws passed that go your way and to get special funding assistants.  Eating steak and lobster is hard on the jaws.

The simple fact people, is that our tax dollars are subsidizing the paychecks of many coporate CEO’s, Wall Street Bankers, and other companies and the Republicans stand for substantially more of it.