In Awe of Skyrim

Last night I decided to download the soundtrack to the popular video game Skyrim.  I have played and defeated the game and enjoyed the music, which I have since heard on my Pandora “Halo 3” station.  I was reminded of many of the themes I had enjoyed hearing in the background as I fought dragons, giants, and ancient ghosts.  As I was downloading the music, I thought about all that goes into some of my favorite games like Halo, Mass Effect, and Skyrim where you get to become the hero in the great adventures I have read in books or seen in movies.  Today, games are marked with as much or more production quality as any great movie.  Years ago, I purchased the extended versions of “The Lord of the Rings” and have not only watched the movies several times, but also the hours of behind the scenes materials, which is what brought to mind the making of Skyrim.

Not only do they create all the artwork, story, and music that movies do, but they also have to create the game play that gave, in my case, months of entertainment.  I just felt the need to express my appreciation and awe at the feat of artistic accomplishment that the creators of Skyrim produced.  Being a longtime fan of SFF, I would rank Skyrim in the halls of other favorites such as Star Wars; Lord of the Rings; Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn; Bladerunner, Babylon 5, and the Sillmarillion.  For anyone interested, I downloaded the soundtrack for Skyrim from Amazon for $8.99 and got 53 tracks for over 2 hours of music by Jeremy Soule.