Ashamed of the Steelers

Image Courtesy of Image Shack

I have to say that I am officially ashamed and disgusted by my hometown team.  For a team that takes pride in being known as a Pittsburgh team, they don’t seem to be above sucking revenue from a cash poor city.  Several years ago, the Steelers threatened to move if they did not get concessions on their old stadium lease and lots of help building a new one.  The city, already in financial trouble, was in an uproar over any additional taxes for the new stadium; however, with the states help, the Steelers were given the keys to the financial kingdom and the taxpayers had to suck it up.  This includes people living outside Allegheny county because of the state’s part in the plan.  Now, given all the financial woes of the country, state, and city, the Steeler’s have the balls to sue the city for not holding up their end of the deal for the installation of 3000 more seats.

Basically, the contract that was negotiated left the lion share of the costs of additional seating in the taxpayers hands.  Seating, I remind you, whose revenue goes to the team and; hence, the owners.  The team owners are telling the Pittsburgh people that their woes amount to a hill of beans when it comes to putting more money in their clutches.  This was not the style of ownership I remember Art Rooney for, but maybe I knew him and his family less than I thought.  How callous can they be?  For a business, they sure get a lot of welfare from the taxpayer when the Republican’s decry the institution of welfare.  I can care less if I ever see another game, besides, I can’t even afford the tickets anyhow.