This cold weather has me a little flushed.

Hello me beauties, although I have been quiet lately, I haven’t been totally inactive. I had done some of the work bringing in the natural colors for this image but I wasn’t happy enough to post an image. I have been working the colors around and I am feeling better about the direction the painting is heading. It is nearing completion but there are some tweaks I want to do yet. I like how I have his or her breath changes from white to blue, considering I still need to play with it a bit, right side is closer to what I want. As an aside, I have a really cool idea for spring’s horns but I don’t know if I can pull it off. Need to do some research.

Blue Light Special Book Aisle

Hello my content voracious followers. I just wanted to share with you that I have reduced my collection of short stories “Mystics and Misfits” to $0.99 on Kindle. For those that have been with me for a while know, I tend to cover and have interest in a large number of subjects. This collection is no exception. Inside you will find stories of dragons, elves, super heroes, and aliens. There is a mix of horror, tragedy, and humor awaiting the wonderful readers out there. So please pick up a copy for yourself or a friend.

Drip from a Drip

Hello all you wonderously crazy viewers. I decided to share this random post about myself and someting I like.

I drink an insane amount of iced tea and have my own iced tea maker because of it. So, I have gotten very good a making my own iced tea. A unique recipe I like is Vanilla iced tea.

I use Red Rose tea bags in general because it has less of an acidic bite than lipton. To make my Vanilla tea then, you need 5 Red Rose tea bags and 1 bag Bigelow French Vanilla tea. This smells wonderful when it is brewing and tastes better after spending a day in the fridge. I use a cup of splenda to sweeten mine but seek out your own tastes. This usually yields 3 qts for me. I hope this makes someones day.

Welcome to My Mind … er … Dream … er, Well, Nightmare.

Hello amazing followers. I just wanted to let you know that I am still around and I also wanted to say hello to my new followers. I hope you enjoy browsing through my blog and hopefully following some of the links to my other sites.

Work and my car have been taking up my time lately so I have not been able to spend time on any projects lately. I will be glad when I can get back at them. Until then, if you could share this blog with as many others you think would enjoy this content, I would be very thankful. Word of mouth is important to help me grow this site and my artistic dreams. Help me help others find my unique view of this world.

Monkeys needed, no prior experience necessary.

Hello my lovelies. While I continue to work on the Banished God paintings, I have decided it is time to begin the drawing for the third painting in the “It’s All Connected” series and I need your help. This third installment with feature a baby gorilla staring out at you with an adorable face and planets for eyes. I haven’t settled on the planets yet but they won’t be Earth, Moon, Mars, or Jupiter.

I have done some searches for baby Gorilla pictures but have not seen any that fit the bill yet. Thus, I turn to my wonderful followers for help in finding a suitable image for the next installment in the series. If you have any pictures of baby gorillas from the zoo, trip, or web (copyright free of course) you think would fit the bill, please attach the link or image in the comments. Remember, I am looking for a baby gorilla looking at the viewer so that I can see both eyes. Hopefully in a cute but dignified pose befitting the theme of the series, which is the connections between the world, man, life, and the universe. Also, if you have a good image of the planets after Jupiter that are distinctive enough to me recognizable, feel free to add them in. Just remember they should be free to use.

Just think, the image you provide may become the basis for my next major piece of artwork and help me spread the word about our need to include the earth itself in all the decisions that we make. By the way, the working title for this piece will be “Bright Beginning – Dark Ending”. The other paintings in this series, available on my deviantart page, are “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” and “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”. I hope to hear from you soon.

I’m Dreaming of a white Armageddon.

Fabulous pragmatic lurkers, here is another update to the Fallen God: Winter project. Was having so much fun trying things I decided I could not wait to see it with the snow. While this is far from finished, I am really digging how this will look. Please zoom in and take a look at the eyes. If you would like to support this blog and my artistic efforts please consider becoming a member of my Patreon page listed in the left hand border.