Lost Opportunities

I have mentioned before that my life has been full of struggle, especially when it comes to art. My family has not been supportive for the most part. My mother actively diswayed my growth in art by telling me it should be nothing more than a hobby. My father finds it easier to be awesome by anybody else’s art than anything I do.

What I find sad about my mother; however, is that she could have been an artist. I have a memory of a color pencil drawing she did of a nude female. It was good. Of course, being a young boy, I was interested in the image for more than artistic reasons. Looking back though, I remember that it was good, better than any person I had or have done.

The saddest part was that I never saw her draw anything else. She dabbled in all kinds of crafts but never more artwork. Given our family, I am not surprised, but I wonder how much that cost her inside. For me, their is no quitting.


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish …

You know how the story goes; however, I am pretty sure I do not have a blue seahorse in the works.  Here is a progress update on the second seahorse I am painting for the major project I am working on.  I am having lots of fun with these paintings and hope you are enjoying them too.  This shows more work on the snout an end of the tail, two ends of the spectrum eh!

New Projects in the Works

I just scanned in the finished seahorse drawing that I plan to start painting soon for a larger project, while the spider has been in my files for some time.  The spider is in a basic state and is intended to be mechanical, which is what slowed me down because, as I have said before, I am not good at mechanical drawings.  The idea for the spider came from an older drawing I did of human piloted spider walkers (scouts) under fire using thrusters to make short leaps out of danger.  My desire is to update the idea using what I have learned with digital painting.  I am posting it now because I have some new ideas about the project and hope to get back to work on it.

Dangerous Days and Those Who Embrace Them

Starting to set up a new project. So far I have made a few test drawings trying to work out the idea but only one part set. The idea came to me after watching a documentary about the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

I wanted to depict my emotions concerning man’s continued hubris. We continually exploit dangerous tools knowing full well we lack the wisdom and ability to leash our darker side to make their use safe. Hell, look who America elected President to see how unwise they are.

All you have to do is look at the oil and banking industries to see how greed far outstrips wisdom. My idea to show the folly of us running nuclear power plants is to create a demon of atomic mistakes. So plan on meeting Atomic Joe in the near future.


An axiom I live by is that technology will never help us create Utopia. So many people think technology will solve all the problems of the world. It won’t. Not because technology is bad, but that it is only an extension of ourselves.

We create it, we apply it, and we limit it. The good and evil within any of us will only be enhanced by technology. Even with the best of intentions, humanity as a whole will manage to corrupt technology. In truth, a lot of technology in the U.S. is already corrupted because it is financed by the military. Their goals almost always involve harm to others or the protection of those that will cause harm.

My view comes from decades of watching history and reality play out. Take a look at how computers have been used a different now 3D printing.