Starting Things Right

Hey guys and gals, I need only 17 more views on my Deviantart site to reach 7000. Can you help start 2020 off right for me? Thanks.

Where no Model has Gone Before

I managed to put some time into the Voyager model today. Yikes, there were some seriously small parts to fold here and the model building kit I bought for this really came in handy. The hardest part so far was shaping the cylinder under the long boom. The parts that needed bent were very rigid, while everything around it was thin and fragile. Not sure if I will ever make another one of these.🤪

Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the starship Voyager. Ha, ha, anyway I managed to put some time into this model of the space probe. Does not look like I made a lot of progress but with these tiny folds and delicate structures, I can only do a little at a time. The boom I am working on in the bottom picture is ridiculously hard. The two end pieces have to be shaped into a cylinder without damaging the super thin supports. I had to stop there since I may have already broken one bit.

How do You Ignite a Star?

That is what I hope to figure out. For years now I have been trying to turn my artistic skills into a means of supporting myself, even if partially. I have tried Kickstarter and Patreon without success. My blog has shown that I can do better when I put out content; however, I have lacked the means financially to share physical content with my followers.

With the Sarah Seahorse project, I am starting to produce more content and I am considering ways of engaging you and other followers to support the project. I am thinking of better ways to reward such support that had not occurred to me previously and will be working behind the scenes to set this up. My idea is to restart my Patreon page with more appropriate rewards along with insights into my process and what inspires me. My goal is to have this ready by January of next year. If there is anything you would like to add to this process, please leave a comment.😀

Pray Like You Mean It

Just remember everyone, the only thing Republicans can offer as a solution for all the gun violence in America is thoughts and prayers. So, if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, face the gunman and pray the death away. Pray it away like you would your gay neighbor. You could also see if thinking about stopping the bullet works. Let me know how that turns out.


In case you think I believe the Democrats are any better, their solution is to put on a good show then run away and hide.  I haven’t forgotten their little sit in on the Senate floor that ended as soon as the donor, I mean the NRA, er I mean… you get the picture, got mad.  This is why our country is a mess and we have soooooo many mass murders.  Both sides are in the back pocket of all the big money special interests that care more about profit than your life.

Your Roots are Showing

The more history I watch, the more and more I understand why religions associated with Western culture have failed the world, chiefly Catholism, but also Christianity as a whole because of shared origins.

I am not talking about the worship of God or Christ per se, but the organizations/institutions that have become associated as such. Much of Catholism is covered in the blood shed by followers over the centuries, crusades, inquisitions, and wars. All activities against God’s commandments and Christ’s teaching.

Add to this a belief that their religion was not strong enough to establish their own holidays or structures, which caused them to co-op pagan holidays and change the role of women in the church. They even created religious doctrine to support industries, look deeper into the history of Lent and fish Fridays.

If you step back and look at Christian history outside of the Church narrative, you will see human choices taking precedence over divine origin. Thus, child molesting priests, gambling nuns, and cover-ups are not surprising at all. What is truly surprising is the zealotry of the church membership in defending what, in any other setting, would be indefensible. One other place you see such zealotry is inside of cults. I think this is something the world needs to look at and face.

Finally, don’t fall into the belief that I am singling out only Western embraced religions. I only talk about them more because of fimilarity. My guess is that every human religion is rife with such human fingerprints and need to be viewed as such. Unfortunately, too many people find it easier to let others direct their beliefs; questioning is hard.