Hell is two steps behind me.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I have been going through the truama of a life crisis.  I started my new job two weeks ago and the first week left me a basket case, wishing I could just throw my hands up and go to the psych ward.  With the help of my family I am starting to come back from the edge but I need to keep at it.  As things clear up, I hope to get back to blogging and artwork. Please be patient.


Moving on

I am doing this from my cellphone so it will be brief.  Now that I have the color page for “Quiet Strength” done, I am back to work on the Termanicz project.  I wiped out the last background I set up because it was only a beginning/place holder.  I planned on trying to improve it by making the bug city more organic looking.  No real idea how that could be done but it was on my mind.

After drawing some stuff I was only mildly happy with, I decided to hit the net.  I looked up ant colonies and ant hills.  Meh.  Then I took a look a ant hill castings.  I had seen these before and my first reation was that this is cruel, pouring molten metal down on them.  I still wonder about the cruelity but the results are interesting and have given me ideas that I think will work.  So I hope to have something to post soon.

Starting to Take Shape (from my Patreon page)

Well, I am just so getting into the alien design that I had to start working on it.  Here is the under painting I have done so far.  I think there will be two versions of this, one as the alien and another as the damaged terminator version.

Free E-Book from Tor

I just wanted to pass along a great free E-book that Tor.com is offering. In preparation for Brandon Sanderson’s third book in the Stormlight Archives series, Tor is giving away e-copies of The Way of Kings today and tomorrow.  I have been looking forward to reading this series but wanted to wait until he had more books written, but I couldn’t pass up a free copy.  I hope you won’t either.