Hey guys and gals I need your help. I am thinking of redoing my Sundiver painting and having trouble getting my head around the visuals. Can anyone help me see what it would be like at the sun’s surface at about 75,000 feet or maybe higher to work for the image. Would it be just a fiery blur without much for distinguishable features making the image boring? I will add the current image when I get home tonight.


Here is the original painting I want to remake.



Unfortunately, I don’t feel this represents the feeling I was going for and I need help visualizing what it would be like falling into the sun.  How far would you have to be to still see any of the blackness of space around you, or would it basically be washed out beyond a certain  point?  Consider the distance of our highest skydive to earth, would we be swallowed up by the suns atmosphere by this point?  what would that look like?