Old Blog Edited

I have finally managed to place a copy of my Old Blog on this site.  It is edited up to the last ten or so posts before moving to WordPress.  The editing was for cosmetics and readability and not to change what I had previously said in any of my post.  Mostly, the old website use to mangle the posts I saved and sometimes I made really stupid typos along with confusing sentences.  Even in this version I’ll bet there are a few good typos.  I believe you can download the file if you want; however, I ask that you follow the creative commons rights.  That is, copy it and share it as much as you want, but don’t change it or charge for it.  Final note, in editing, I decided to reverse the order and start from the oldest file going to the newest, which I thought more logical for reading.  Enjoy.


P.S.  I forgot to mention that the link is on the left at the bottom and the file is 113+ pages.

One, we will all be One

In the end, no matter how hard we try to deny it, we are one people.  Muslim, Christian, Jew.  Democratic, Socialist, Communists.  Rich, Middle Class, Poor.  On and on.  In every demographic there is always a small group that manipulates a larger susecptible group for their own purposes.  Most often they harm not only the group they are targeting but also the group they are manipulating.  Many start out with good intentions yet do damage in the long run.  Evil methods always result in harm to humanity as a whole.  We are one by our own damning human nature.

In a Good Place

I am currently working on a tattoo design for my nephew.  I made the design a year or two ago but did not have the means to properly transfer the image to the canvas to do the painting for him to reference and so it sat just colored in with markers.  Meanwhile, I have been watching the progression from traditional to computer created artwork and am amazed by what is being achieved.  However, I held back because I personally felt that because the computer was doing some of the work, it was cheating.  I know, stuck in the stone age.  Still, I do have some qualms, but I have decided to do the tattoo digitally.  I am having fun playing with things and trying to create like I did with paint.  When I get finished, I may post it to my deviantart page.  In another venue, my first short story, Vengeance, has finally been published in the anthology Tales of the Sword by Red Skies Press.  I will warn that the editing is a little shabby in some of the stories but still readable.  One of  the standouts so far was the story Elijah’s Fear by fellow writer Nila White.  Please consider giving the collection a look on Amazon.com.

The Next Big Banking Mess

I am placing my bet on Reverse Mortgages since they are targeted at the elderly.  The idea is that they get money for the equity in their house.  There are no monthly payments, which is odd since it is a motgage.  From what I have been able to tell, the person taking out the reverse mortgage doesn’t pay anything, that is a mess left to the family once the person passes away.  In other words, the family gets saddled with the mortgage or forfits the house.  My bet is that the banks pile on interest and fees and account it as assets like they did with the credit default swaps that seemed fine until the housing market collapsed.  In less than four years, we have built another problem using the exact same reasoning as the last.  Check back with me in a few years.  If anyone can show me that Reverse Mortgages are not just another unregulated paper scheme, please give it a go.

Prenuptial and You

I have another question for my Catholic friends, does the Catholic church condone and/or allow marriages where prenuptial agreements have been signed?  If they do, then they are being very hypocritical about their stance on marriage, since a prenuptial is no more than one or both partners hedging their bet that the marriage won’t last.  They are saying that they don’t trust the institution of marriage as the solemn obligation between two loving people, which the Catholic Church demands of its followers.  So how can they allow prenuptial agreements to be sanctioned within the church, if they do?


P.S.  Actually, this goes for any church that has strict policies concerning the sanctity of marriage.