Hazmat Team Needed


Please make sure to wear your hazmat suit when viewing this image since Atomic Joe is really starting to put out the rads.  Viewing may cause loss of hair, burns, and vomiting, take care to not touch the physical image.  Making progress and trying new ideas, including moving layers forwards and back.  I want to give a soft red glow to the back like I have seen in pictures of atomic blasts but have not been happy with the results so far.  Fourteen painted layers so far and I cannot combine any yet because their placement is set according to depth they represent.

Watch that Pressure Boys

Joe is moving along nicely even with several changes in course.  Some sections are rougher than others since I just added them tonight.  Still, heading in the right direction.  Way more layers than any of my paintings to date.

Steam for the Turbine

Well, I have been putting some time into Atomic Joe and I am seeing progress in that I can turn off the drawing without the painting just looking like a fuzzy image in a telescope.  I have moved the design to a larger canvas so I can create more of a background.  Watch for more updates and further explanations.

Dangerous Days and Those Who Embrace Them

Starting to set up a new project. So far I have made a few test drawings trying to work out the idea but only one part set. The idea came to me after watching a documentary about the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

I wanted to depict my emotions concerning man’s continued hubris. We continually exploit dangerous tools knowing full well we lack the wisdom and ability to leash our darker side to make their use safe. Hell, look who America elected President to see how unwise they are.

All you have to do is look at the oil and banking industries to see how greed far outstrips wisdom. My idea to show the folly of us running nuclear power plants is to create a demon of atomic mistakes. So plan on meeting Atomic Joe in the near future.