Teasing the Month of March (from my Patreon page)

It is time to tease you with next month’s story.  This is a change from what I had planned to place for March but I thought it would be nice to give you guys a hopeful story.

The Sindain have been at war with the Hadar for a thousand years.  Without the warnings sent to them by their God and the Woods of Calling, the Sindain race would have ceased existence for the Woods of Calling returned the youths that entered as warriors and craftsmen to battle the Hadar.  Unfortunately, as the warriors emerged from the woods, artists, singers, and musicians disappeared from Sindain society.  After a thousand years of war, the Sindain were losing hope.

Maia and her brother Diocles will soon take their initiation into adult society by entering the Woods of Calling to receive Sky Father’s directions for the need of the Sindain.  Both are nervous and hopeful for change in the peoples fortunes.  The two siblings are closely bonded and spend much time in the Shrine of Memory where the ancient works of art have been kept for the Sindain to remember better times.

The changes these siblings undergo will ripple through the tribe, changing everything.  Be sure to subscribe to my Patreon page for $1 a moth so that you can read “Lepidoptera” next month.

Being in Between (from my Patreon page)

Many of my story ideas come from being a person constantly in between two worlds, never fitting into either.  One of the reasons for the title of the collection these stories hail from is that, although most of my life I have been a misfit, I have come to see myself as a mystic.  I have found that many of the ideas I held fast to where indeed correct, more so than a large portion of society.

Another aspect of being in between is that you see that both sides are right and they are both wrong.  Rarely; however, will either side listen to you on the subject because to them you are a misfit.  Mystic/Misfit, Tomato/Tamato.  The stories that are generated tend to be battles against inner demons and identity shaping.  My characters fight to define themselves outside of the strictures placed upon them.  They struggle to free themselves from the conventions of normal.

They feel weak but eventually turn out to be quite strong.  Where others might give up, they find a core of strength and stubbornness that sees them through whether human, alien, or something else.  Come with me and read between the lines of the choices most people would make.

Lights, Camera, Action… (from my Patreon page)

Yes, when I write my stories, I actually visualize them as a movie.  I work on scenes like a movie director by thinking whether I am viewing the action coming up from the ground or down from the sky.  Where is the light coming from and how strong?  Do the characters enter from the right, moving to the left or vice versa?  What important bits of dialogue and background do I need to set up the scene and how far do I need to go to exit same?

I first analyze what I want to achieve in a given stretch of story, whether sentence, paragraph, or chapter, to see the plot point I am trying to get across.  Then I begin mixing elements like time of day, interior or exterior, and characters involved.  Another step involves a definition of the type of scene.  Will I need an action scene to portray the struggle between opposing brute forces or a clever dialogue driven scene to depict cunning battles of intelligence?   Am I just bridging scenes to bring a sense of depth to the story or am I building to a major plot point?  Better yet, am I camouflaging an important plot point with a piece of misdirection?

I have to think about the outfits the characters are wearing.  Clothes do make the character you know.  Is this a business scene or a rough outdoor hike, cold or hot, and daytime or night?  Will their be a change in outfits?  What do the outfits say about the characters?  How long will I ramble on about these things?

All of this plays through my head.  Why?  Because I have watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books and I have had many surprises in both.  However, the most fun I have is when I realize that what I mistook for poor writing by an author may actually have been a clever way to bring me into the world as the character is living it.  I do not mean a fully realized character giving you information about the world they know to put you into the story.  I mean a character as confused about the world as you are by the author’s writing style.  Only as you read further and the character learns the ropes do you begin to see what the world is about.  Sometimes the lingering feeling of confusion, even after finishing the story, was placed there to make you feel like a person thrown out of their depth.  “Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille” by Stephen Brust is a good example of this kind of story.  Someday I hope to pull these kind of things off.

Eyes (from my Patreon page)

As I have mentioned before I have a thing for eyes.  The force of personality that can be seen in the human eye is amazing to watch from the reactions of the colored iris to the shape and motion of the eyelids.  The play of the mind as it searches the world for information is most apparent in the eyes.

And then there are the inhuman eyes of the fantasy or science fiction character.  My favorites are lambent eyes in a darkened visage.  Glowing motes of color devoid of the attributes of men leaving you unable to guess the thoughts raging behind them.  They could be sinister or wise, friendly or ominous, unholy or saintly just by virtue of the writer’s or artist’s desires.

I don’t think I will ever run out of inspiration when it comes to depicting eyes.  What a wonderful piece of knowledge to carry into the future.

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have come to this blog to see what I do.  Thanks for all the likes and making my 2016 stats better than my 2015 and reversing a trend.  We are off to a great start with viewership and visitors already topping the great numbers I had in December.  I am trying to make this and my Patreon site ( Rob Garbin’s Patreon Page ) a place to go for interesting fiction and artwork.  Right now I am still working hard on my Carrie Fisher Tribute, which I hope you will all enjoy since it is a tough piece for me.  I haven’t been working on my writing as much as I would like but the stories are still knocking at the door and whispering some very neat ideas.  I hope to get going on that front too.

Early $1 Reward “The Devil is in the Code” (from my Patreon page)

I give you next month’s story a little early.  The Devil is in the Code is a humorous look at the Devil’s latest scheme for mankind and the resulting reprimand from the boss.  Will this deter the father of lies in the future, read and find out.

A Wish for Dragons (from my Patreon page)


Here is a little freebie today.  I needed to change my mood from being sick (physically) and sick (spiritually) of life right now.  I have a sinus infection that is working into my chest, making me a grumpy guy then there is the darker turn this country is taking.  Suffice it to say, I am run down.

So I give you a dragon.  Not one of my better efforts since it was done in watercolor, which I am not good at.  However, I get the urge now and then to try it again.  Yes, I do know that it looks like a horse’s face.  I am always trying to use different references when making dragons because I am still trying to create a good one.  I look at all the dragons my favorite artists have done and sigh.

This particular drawing was done in search of a representation of the main dragon manipulating the protagonist in the trilogy of short stories titled “Dragon Dreams”.  This series of stories will be the most challenging of the collection since they take place on multiple dream levels, our dreams, the dreams made by the dragon, and a dream state between the two.  I hope some day to create a dragon worthy of representing these stories; until then enjoy this one.