What Dreams are Made of (from my Patreon page)

Once again we are nearing another end of a month and it is time to step aside from my painting to tell you of the next story.  I have been hem-hawing about starting the next months story because it is more personal than others and contains actual elements of dreams I have had.  Also, every time I have felt I put this story to bed, a reread reveals something that needs fixed.  Hopefully with the help of my patrons, I can make this a story worthy of them.

To begin with, this will only be the first chapter of a series of connected short stories collectively titled “Dragon Dreams”.  Each short story has a subtitle, the first one being “Paths of the Wise One”.  The later tales are “Currents of the World” and “Embers in the Sky”.  Each title of the tale is tied into scenes from or act as metaphors for the story they contain but all deal with multiple levels of dreams.  The stories are very complex since you pass through multiple realities.

The first reality is our world (no defined time frame) followed closely by dreams in our world, which lead to a transfer point between our reality and the “Dragon Dreams”.  The “Dragon Dreams” are where the real fun begins because each is completely different from the last.  Our protagonist Jason Connors finds himself drawn into dreams so realistic that he loses himself there.  However, something or someone is directing those dreams and they always appear as a giant blue dragon, attacking the naive Jason in richly diverse settings.  Jason’s dreams occur on so many levels that he finds it hard to separate one from the other.  What does the terrifying entity want?  Why did it chose him as prey?  Learn these and many other details in the serialized version of “Dragon Dreams” starting with chapter 1 in “Paths of the Wise One”.

P.S. There will be 10 chapters total.


Books Here, Get Your Books Here

I have seen people list the books they have read through out the year in an end of the year write up so I decided to join in.  Here is what I have read so far since the beginning of the year.  I have posted reviews of most of them on my librarything.com page that you can find a link to on the left side of this page.  You will need to scroll a little.  The last book listed is the one I am working on and I will say so far that it is not making sense yet.  I am still hoping for an aha moment that will make everything clear.  Check my librarything page to find out.  So, without further ado,:

2017 Read Books

The Iron Tactician                            Alastair Reynolds                             Free Arc from Librarything.com

Caliban’s War                                    James S. A. Corey                            New

Shadows of Self                                 Brandon Sanderson                        New

Nemesis                                              Louise Cooper                                   New

Dragon’s Bane                                   Barbara Hambley                             Reread

Dragon’s Shadow                              Barbara Hambley                             Reread

Knight of the Demon Queen           Barbara Hambley                             Reread

Dragon Star                                        Barbara Hambley                             Reread

The Bands of Mourning                   Brandon Sanderson                        New

Abaddon’s Gate                                 James S. A. Corey                            New

At the Speed of Light                       Simon Morden                                  Free Arc from Librarything.com

The Immortals War                         Leah Cutter                                        Free Arc from Librarything.com

The Way of Kings                             Brandon Sanderson                        Free E-book from Tor.com

2 DEE                                                 Robin Wyatt Dunn                           Free Arc from Librarything.com



Hello, who am I? Why do you blame me? (new $1 reward from my Patreon Page)

Here is the latest entry on Robert Garbin’s Patreon page


“These are some of the mysteries facing the protagonist of this month’s story “Stubborn”.  That and the world of misery he is wandering through.  Do you know who he is?  Can you make it through this torturous world with him and can you continue even it there is no hope of redemption?


“The man paused at the edge of the plain, watching as the ground devoured the wailing waters of responsibility before his eyes, leaving his heart laden with the guilt that he felt honor bound to carry. Soon the land before him was as parched and barren as the mountains he now left behind. A hot, dry wind blew through the dead, brown grasses of the plain, dredging feelings of remorse from the solitary figure that moved silently onward. He knew no other way. Madness returned as he conversed with no one.

Where did I go wrong?

Long ago, cried the land.

What have I done to deserve this torment?

Everything, rasped the grasses.

Who was to blame?

You moaned the wind.

Did I cause this desolation?

Yes, echoed the earth.”

Will stubbornness be your strength or your downfall?  Come with me on this journey and find out.


Also, don’t forget to grab your free copy of “The Fall of Blessing and Prosperity”.


“How do I tell a tragedy? 

Do I start at the beginning or the end?

Should I show how events affected me or how they affected the world? 

Must I tell you why they occurred or why no one tried to stop them? 

I do not know.”

$5 Reward (from my Patreon page)

I added another image file:

“I realized I hadn’t added a jpeg file of Barnacles and Butterflies so, problem solved.  This was the first image I used as my banner for this site.”


Also, I am working to improve the look of the page so you will have a better sense of what I am about.  I am thinking a redoing my video and making a better write up because the original stuff is bland.  Hey, at 51, I am still a work in progress.  Check into Robert Garbin’s Patreon page to see what’s going on and don’t forget to pick up your fee copy of “The Fall of Blessing and Prosperity”.

Boo (from my Patreon page)

I am not a horror story  or movie aficionado.  They never turned me on especially the movies, since for the most part they telegraph their gotcha moments way to much.  In addition, many seem to equate gore and violence with terror.  For me terror is much deeper than that.  One of the few books I have read that managed to creep me out a bit was “Mythago Woods” by Robert Holdstock and only at the beginning.  It had to do with the separation of the protagonist from any kind of help when strange things are happening, the loss control over your fate.  Having no way of seeking help when you are faced with something outside your abilities is unnerving.

Think of it this way; pretend you are on vacation with your beloved mate far from civilization and they are attacked by a wild cat at night.  You have no weapon, no medical supplies or training, and no way to signal for help.  You have to fight off the cat then find a way to save your loved one by getting them to help, all while the big cat stalks you.  Worse yet, it is just you and a single-minded big cat miles from help.  That is what gets me; however, conveying that on paper is difficult because a lot of the feeling rides on tension.  The tension of the protagonist’s fear.  The adrenaline surge that you have to create within your audience.

So far, this is an area of writing I have not tried tackling.  Mainly because I don’t feel I have the ability to convey the emotion as I have with other areas.  If you read my stories you will find a lot of sadness, some hope, humor, and thinking but only mild horror.  I do have an idea bouncing around my head that I might share with you when I manage to tinker with it.  I will use you as guinea pigs for my scary learning.  Buahhhhhh, ha, ha.

Food for Thought

Just something for you avid readers out there.  Since joining Librarything in 2008 I have won 36 books in their early bird reviewer program.  Most have been e books but there were some physical copies and even two audio books (unabridged versions).  So, if your money is tight but you have to have a book to read like I do, this is a way to fill in the gaps with, for the most part, some quality reading.  Every month has a new batch of books to choose from.  Oh, by the way, two of the physical books were the last two books in the “Last Chronicals of Thomas Covenant” by Stephen R. Donaldson and  one audio book was “The Prince of Fools” by Mark Lawrence.  Not bad.

New $5 Reward added to my Patreon Page

This week’s $5 reward is a copy of the digital painting I did after finishing “Leviathan Wakes” by James S. A. Correy. The painting depicts the climatic scene of the asteroid Eros breaking apart and falling into the planet Venus where it will be a source of dread for stories to come. The ending was so epic that I had to bring it to life, which pushed me to learn more about Gimp 2.8 and tricks to achieve better images. I had a lot of fun coming up with this image because the book was so great. I highly recommend the series.