Bet You Did Not Catch That One

Good stormy evening from Pennsylvania, USA easter egg loving followers. I just remembered an egg I laid in my first collection of short stories “Mystics and Misfits” in the Dragon Dream trilogy. In the three connected stories the lead character, Jason, ages from the beginning of each story to come out older at the end. Basically, each story starts out with him at one age in our world going into a dream that connects him to the dragon realm. When he emerges from the dragon realm he is older than when he went in. The next story then ages him some more as he enters the dragon realm only to see him emerge again at an even older stage of life. The final story finds him deep into a satisfying career as a fantasy artist until he unravels the mystery of the dragon dreams and looks back upon his deceased body. I really don’t play up the idea in the prose but the idea is there when you look at the stories closer. I used it as a subtle nod to the changes in his life as he experienced the dragon dreams. I don’t believe I had any further thought on the matter, such as the specific dreams lasting for years until the next one took over, but more as a fun little unexpected quirk in a series of stories already filled with unexpected quirks. I hope this little insight to my collection will bring additional pleasure to those who have had a chance to read it.

Home Improvement

Good morning fabulous followers. Just a quick note, I have finished rewriting the middle part of Corpse Eater as I mentioned earlier. The story has gone from 4712 words to 5047. A mark I am happier with but more importantly, the story is much better. I was able to make the transition from the beginning to the end much smoother and added one line that truly brings the story full circle.

State of the Corpse

Hello, amazing ones. I thought I would like to talk to you about where this blog and my thoughts are today. First off, my 82 year old father is not doing well and is hospitalized with a broken leg and arm. In addition he has bouts of dementia and has to be restrained because he will not leave his IV’s and catheter alone. So, I am stressed and spending a lot of time idly.

That is how I was able to finish the story Corpse Eater as quickly as I did. I have shared it with some friends and my neighbor. My neighbor’s feedback has me thinking of tweaking the story a bit. The ending was a little more abrupt then I would have liked but the connections were off topic so I let it go. I may re-think it a bit.

I have also had lots of time to work on designs for the illustrations of the book, which I have posted here. I am having fun with those even though mechanical objects are not a strong point of mine.

What I wanted to talk about is a noticable drop in viewership on this blog after announcing that I planned to try publishing the story Corpse Eater as a separate book, as well as, in the collection Vapor Visions. This was a major change from the idea I had, and championed, of finding a way to share this story with you early and cheaply.

I still hope to do that with other stories; however, Corpse Eater has had a life of its own since its very beginning. One thing to understand is that I have been looking for a way out of the types of jobs I have had available to me and into a creative life. Until now, I have been impatient and a bit jaded with the process. In addition, I lacked faith in my first batch of stories. Not that they were bad but that a publlisher would want to meddle with them a lot. So I chose self publishing.

With Corpse Eater on the other hand, I feel this is a much more universal story with more appeal. This is quite new to me. Most of my stories are very loner character oriented pieces or ideas with dressing. Corpse Eater grew into so much more, making me feel I could reach a larger audience than possible with self publishing. To date I have not sold a book on line.

The root problem with self publishing is that you have to do the advertising to get noticed. This blog has been my only form of advertising because I cannot afford more. In this situation, I would hate to see Corpse Eater end up the same. I feel that strongly about it. So, again, I am sorry for choosing a different path for Corpse Eater, but I feel this could be a path that leads closer to where I want.

As I said in my first few post on this story, Corpse Eater has had a life of its own. From the very title, which literally popped into my head to the choice of characters and an arc that built itself. Now it is telling me that it can be published. So I hope you can forgive me and wish me luck on this journey. Please share this blog.

Finally, in case I am just being paranoid and this is just a lull, ignore this babble and carry on with your day. LOL.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Hello wonderful followers on a rough day for me. Facing my fathers struggle with aging is not easy but it has allowed me more time than usual to work on designs. Here are two more for the maintenance robot in my Corpse Eater story. I decided to try a side view to better understand the mechanics to improve the frontal view of the robot.

I feel like it has had a good effect. If I did not say so before, I am basing the design off of Japanese Snow Monkeys. There faces and nimble hands seemed a perfect fit. Well, that is all for now with the stress here.

Not Gonna Win Westminister with This One

Hello there wonderful followers, still on down time so I am pushing ahead with Corpse Eater designs.  Here is another shot at the Corpse eater itself. I like the body look but not so much the head.  There is a previous head I liked better.  Also, need to position legs better.

Next, another attempt at the maintenance robot.  Shaded this one in trying to get a better feel for the shape of things.  I decided to play with some design choices too. Hope you enjoy this process.

They May be into Monkey Business but They Can Be Helpful too.

Good afternoon amazing ones. Here are the early some early designs for the maintenance robots in the “Corpse Eater” story. They are based off of Japanese Snow Monkeys. I struggle adjusting from one view to another but There is room to tweak things yet. I am doing something I am not used to, making multiple versions of the same image. Most of my stuff is one shot and the ones that don’t work are just discarded. For this; however, I need to try various angles so I can build better illustrations for the book. These aren’t bad but I hope to do better.

Light Fell from the Sky at Her Passing

It is done. Fine followers, Corpse Eater is finished and what a poignant ending it is, coming full circle in the end. 3481, now known as Thomas, has said goodbye to Tessa, the precocious young woman who dared to attack him. She leaves her children to continue the work of preparing for the end of the first part of the ships voyage. Thomas will never forget her.

Well folks, the first fully completed story is ready for the “Vapor Visions” collection. As mentioned before, I have the idea to also turn this story into an illustrated adult children’s book if I can. So the writing may be done, barring some minor editing, but the project is not over. After seeing Brandon Sanderson’s success on kickstarter, I am tempted to try that route. I have that much faith in the power of this story. However, I may also try the traditional publishing route as well. We will see. Anyway, thank you for sharing this journey with me. I hope to get back to finishimg Mist and Memories now.

On a Cold and Blustery Day, the Corpse Eater Will Say Goodbye

Good afternoon every fine follower.  We have reach the ending of the first part of the Corpse Eater story.  Tessa has now accepted the nature of her world and Corpse Eater’s place in it.  She is safe with her grandmother and the world is returning to normal.  The word count is 4121.  The final part I need to write should take maybe another 1000 words unless this story has anymore surprises for me.

Posting From the Hospital

Hello fabulos followers. Today has been not so smooth. My 82 year old father fell at the nursing home and broke a leg and an arm, needing surgery in the morning. Both my sisters are out of state so I will be the one watching over him.

One good thing is that I plan to do some writing since he will mostly be sleeping. He is really worn out. So far tonight I have gotten Corpse Eater up to 3200 words with 3481 and Tessa finally seeing the surface of her world. You can forgive her if she is a little overwhelmed, but 3481 will be there to help her through. Now is the time to learn some more history.

Please Fasten Your Helmet and Return All Trays …

Hello my sleepy followers or is that me? Oh well, never mind. I just wanted to pass on that Corpse Eater has reached 2900 words and Tessa and 3481 are about to go through an airlock. While they have spent a decent amount of time together, she has not fully come to terms with the Corpse Eater’s plans for her mother. There is a lot of information being thrown at her with little experience to guide her. Will the AI succeed in making her understand the situation or will he create a bitter enemy. Stay tuned.