Big Things from Small Things Grow

Here are two more pencil studies for the Sapling God project.  The first one is a God, hah, Awful mess of an attempt at forced perspective that delivered none of what I wanted and looks like something I would have done when I was twelve.  The second one is much closer to what I want but there are several tweaks I can do to bring it to the level I want.

Rampaging Forest God Crossing

Here is a different direction for the Sapling God concept that I like more than the last one.  The thing that is challenging for me and something I need to learn is that I want to convey a feeling of immense size.  So I need to depict this scene from a low vantage point and use viewpoints scaling.  I want the viewer to feel like this thing is ancient and powerful, really about ready to squash their insignificant selves.

“Be wary one and all of the Sapling God in his hall”.