It is like Someone Poured Milk into the Rice Krispies of my Mind


I shared this amazing artist’s video with several friends on Facebook but it did not stop there.  My mind exploded with ideas of ways to take my artwork and achieve the same effect, which fits well with the layer method I use in computer works.  So long time followers and newbies, I have plans rattling around my melon that will hopefully bear fruit.  This is a long term project that will require thought, experimentation, and passion.  I will have to try it on a smaller scale then see if I can push the limits with larger sizes.  So, patience and a lot of support from you guys would be much appreciated.


Say Hello to my Little Friend

This is Sarah Seadragon and she brought along her friend Sheldon Starfish.  I their isn’t actually a character called Sheldon Starfish in my sister’s story but I thought he deserved a name.  He is awfully embarrassed though since he isn’t finish dressing yet and his tentacles aren’t even but you know how kids are.  I am very glad to finally create an image for the main character of Sarah because it means the book can move ahead another step.  I know they don’t look like much yet but wait until the coloring begins.  Sheldon may be shy now but he will be very flamboyant in his red and white colors.  Stay tuned.

Reshaping a Continent and Then the World

Believe it or not, I have made a good bit of headway since my last post; however, like the ocean takes centuries to reshape a continent one wave at a time, so too a painting.  If you enlarge the image in my previous post and this one, you will see lost of subtle changes that take time and patience to achieve.  Importantly, in the lower center, I have been working to make the brown stripes look more translucent.  On the original picture they look almost like a thin wash that allows the underlying shell to come through.  In addition there was another crack to try and replicate along with the fact that there are tons of lines, like tree rings, marking the growth of the shell to add in.  I have only begun to capture all of the that.  Lots of little effects to render the entire painting.  For a while change will appear almost unnoticeable but it will be there if you look closely.  Enjoy.

Urgent Urchin Care Needed


This is the current project I am working on.  I don’t intend for this one to be as close of a rendition of the subject as the seahorses were because that would be very hard.  My goal here is to capture the feel and look, an impression basically.  I was drawn to this image by the contrast of the dark center ant the lighter spines, which reminds me of a Hostess Sno-Ball.  Also, this image is not part of the story my sister wrote but will be used as background for the story pages that will be opposite the image pages.  It will make sense when I get enough of these images to set up a page.

Print left at the Scene of the Crime


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Lots of Fish in the Ocean My Son.

This is a collection of quick sketches I am using to make background paintings for the text pages of the children’s book I am creating for my sister.  I will make separate painting files for each element on this page of which their are four, sea urchin, nautilus shell, sand dollar, and some teeth.