OMG, keep the cat out of here.  Yes, the fishy looking supernova is finally done.  I will be posting it to my deviantart page if anyone wants a print.  Your support would be super.


Another Project Almost Completed


I have finally put some quality time into this painting and am nearing completion.  As you can see I have added a lot to the background and played with the intensities of the main nebula, at this point there are nine layers to track.  Some for the background stars, some for the hazes, and one just to tone down the background star haze.  I push my limits with every new project I approach.  This image has been no different, hope you like the results?

Fish Fillets Anyone?


It has been a while but here is an update to the painting “Predatory Stars in the Depths of the Universe”.  Mostly a lot of detail work along with an additional layer of gossamer haze light, including the connection to the lure star.

Will a Mr. E.T. please pick up a White Courtesy Phone


This is a picture I created way back in junior high school, which of course dates my age, but it is a unique piece of my artwork since it is the only one done in this style.  If you look closely, you will see that it was made with only vertical lines of color as per the teachers instructions.  I hope to try something new soon just to see what I can do with the technique now.

Deviantart Changes

I just wanted to pass on that since I closed my Patreon page, I am in the process of opening up my artwork on deviantart to allow for the purchase of prints again.  This is an easy way for me to get product into your hands because the website does all the printing and pays me a percentage on every sale.  So, if you would like to support my artwork and get some unique prints for yourself or a friend, follow the link on the left of this page to my deviantart page.