My Bones are Dry

Here is a little writing treat for you guys.  Somewhere along the passing of the past week I got this image of bones in my head and here is what came out.

My Bones are Dry

by Robert Garbin

My bones are dry.  Time hollows them beyond memory of flesh.  They groan with the sound of their splintering, while wind whistles through their brittle façades.  Flakes flow away like accumulated dust disturbed by distant forces.  Dissolution awaits my coming.  My bones are dry.

As with anything I write, this may get tweaked yet, but the idea is there.

Greetings from the Abyss

Well hello there.  Yes, I know it has been a while, but this is how I blog.  Lately, I just have not been able to muster any desire to post my thoughts that I think is mainly caused by the lack of interest from you, the reader.  I not blaming anyone, but so much of my life is filled with a lack of interest of response from others on the things that matter to me.  I learned long ago that I dance to a different beat, which leads to loneliness because what I exude never comes back home.  As a result, I tend to push people away as well as the tendency they already have.  Couple that with the fact that what I love is not what I am doing.  So basically, I have been burned out on live and did not feel like talking.  However, I have things going on in my head that I wanted to talk about anyway.

First off, I wanted to placed a shout out about an anthology I participate in at Sffworld. com.  Nila White ran a contest for forum members to enter stories for an anthology she was going to publish electronically.  As of this time, the anthology is available at and soon Amazon.  It will be free at Smashwords but I believe Amazon is requiring them to sell for 99 cents.  While neither of my stories made it, I did have three illustrations for the book.  Most notable for you the reader is the fact that several known writers added stories along with the winners of the contest.  They are Hugh Howey, Michael J. Sullivan, and Tristis Ward.  The Anthology is called The End, Visions of the Apocalypse.

Second, I do have an idea knocking about my head for a post that is important to me, but I just have not had the strength or desire to build it into a readable form.  The idea is a companion piece to the post I made called “The Myth of the Job Creator” where I debunked the idea of the rich as effective job creators.  The post, should I ever write it will be called “The myth of the Individual” and will be a debunking of the Republican’s favorite cry of the individual as paramount (usually when speaking of the 1%) and the “I “culture we live in that we pretend is morally correct, which is leading this country to its doom.

Third, while I have not been writing here, I have been working on artwork.  I am currently working on three computer painted pieces of artwork.  One is for my nephew, one is for a friend, and one is for me.  Currently, I am working on the one for me because it is actually working well.  I am still new to this method and have no teacher so I am learning as I go.

Finally, I have been tweaking stories and have some ready to send out, but I just have been struggling to push myself to do so.  Hopefully soon I will get some out and get back to working on others, most notably Lepidoptera, which I have a progress bar here on the left.  Also, I may place one of my contest entries here, not as a “can you believe they did not pick this” revenge post, but because it is a framework of my views on the apocalypse.  The story is handled the way I think and act, which is one reason why it did not make it in the anthology.  It tended to be very cerebral and readers could not connect with the character (sounds familiar).  Anyway, watch for it and I hope we can get a discussion going.