Sunlight Glimmering Beneath the Waves


I have made a lot of progress, bringing this painting near its end.  Eventually I will merge most of the layers so that I can center the image better but that can wait.  I like how the various major areas that I have worked on separately are now starting to blend into a cohesive whole.

Swirling Shimmers of Colorful Seadragon


Well, I have made lots of progress.  I am starting to connect the larger areas with more detail and smother color transitions.  As you can see, the front two spine extensions have been heavily worked on.  I was surprised when I took a closer look at the second one on my reference photo that I saw hints of the light blue from the stripes there.  So many subtle color changes to try to achieve.  I really needed this.

Making Waves


I have made a lot of progress working along the neck that I am happy with.  I decided to put here against a darker background so you can see how well the colors pop.  Also, you can better see the first spine fins along the top neck better this way.  Once things are done, I will make it permanent.

Breath of a Living Seadragon


Making good progress working down from the head down to her body.  I really enjoyed coloring the headdress spine.  The multiple colors of this image are a treat to me and I will be especially happy if I can achieve the metallic blue stripe of the neck and belly.  So much fun!

Spectacular Speckled Seadragon


She is really starting to take shape now as you can see, looking good without needing the sketch to define areas.  If you have noticed, I have skipped over two other works in progress, the Nautilus Shell and the Sea Urchin.  I get like this at times when I am run down.  Sometimes, I need a project with a little more life in it.  I love aspects of the other projects but they were too bland color wise with the urchin being monochrome and the shell a simple color scheme.  So I decided to begin Sarah and as you can see, I am glad I did.

Sarah Swimming Swimmingly



Try saying that fast.  Anyway, here is the progress I have made and you can see that I changed the background color.  It took a few tries to find a color dark enough to set off here colors while being light enough to see the lines of the drawing for the fins.

Pray Like You Mean It

Just remember everyone, the only thing Republicans can offer as a solution for all the gun violence in America is thoughts and prayers. So, if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, face the gunman and pray the death away. Pray it away like you would your gay neighbor. You could also see if thinking about stopping the bullet works. Let me know how that turns out.


In case you think I believe the Democrats are any better, their solution is to put on a good show then run away and hide.  I haven’t forgotten their little sit in on the Senate floor that ended as soon as the donor, I mean the NRA, er I mean… you get the picture, got mad.  This is why our country is a mess and we have soooooo many mass murders.  Both sides are in the back pocket of all the big money special interests that care more about profit than your life.