The Word – Secrets & Laws

I just watched last nights Colbert Report and was quite taken by the segment called The Word, which is where he takes a word, real, made up, or multiple and ties it to a political issue.  As you can see from the title, last nights word was Secrets and Laws.  The entire segment centered around our currently ineffective congress, the tea party, and governmental gridlock.

The situation in our legislative branch is so bad that to get senators to give their ideas about restructuring the tax code, senate leadership had to promise them the information would be held in highest security without public oversight (secret) until 2064.  In other words, citizens represented by these senators would have no way of knowing  what their elected official added to the tax code and who it benefited.  Most of this secretive activity in the senate and congress has been brought about by the tea party’s zealous opposition of liberals and democrats in general.  Republican politicians so fear the repercussions of going against this base that they have chosen to break the very essence of our democratic system and the main reason for our founding fathers to war with England.

I am talking about “Taxation without Representation”.  Oh, wait, isn’t that one of the big rallying cries of the tea party?  So in their zealous attempts to get their way (mostly opposing anything a democrat has to say) they are creating an atmosphere that will actually lead to dictatorship, monarchy, and the very thing our forefathers shed blood to free us from.  What do they follow-up this one with, tear the declaration of Independence up and give America back to England.  In the end, it is amazing to me how unpatriotic some patriotic people can be.

Hello There

I guess you have noticed that I haven’t posted in awhile.  A combination of reasons are the culprits for lack of verbosity not the least of which is a lack of readers.  Sad as it is, I don’t get to have very challenging discourse in my life so I had hoped for more discussion on my blog posts since that is how I like to sharpen and correct my ideas.  That being said, another reason for not posting much is a weary world view full of a negative image of the human condition and American attitudes.  I believe my country has become so enamored with its rose colored portrait or so jaded by our ingrained corruption that we are unable to look at the realities of our situation.  Combined this with the fact that some of my ideas for posts are so complex with numerous subtle layers to portray that I have not had the energy to face trying to put them into words.  I hope when I do try to write them some of you will drop by and help me hone the unwieldy beasts into some semblance of intelligent thought.

However, for all this sour talk, there is one more reason for my lack of interest.  I have been happily working on my house.  I took out a loan this year, unfortunately playing my part in this farce of an economic system, to do some overdo remodeling.  So far, I have had the cellar waterproofed (may need a follow-up visit though), had several rooms of flooring placed, and removed five very ratty looking trees.  I still have a lot to do yet, but I am finally making some progress.  I am nearing completion of the room nearest and dearest to my heart, the library/computer room.  For a long time, I have wanted a place to proudly display the books I have spent decades accumulating.   A few more touches and it will be a reality, including a recliner perfectly suited to falling asleep will reading a good book.  I will post some pictures once it is done and in proper order.