I am the Creator

No, I don’t really have a God complex.  I just had an interesting idea rattling around my head for a while and thought I would try to share it with you.  The kernel of the idea came from escape pod 278:  Written on the Wind, which is a podcast of the story by David D. Levine.  In the story, a group of aliens maneuvering for power learn an astounding truth about their universe.  It was created by humans at the moment of the destruction of their own universe.

Through my years of storing bits of information, I have cobbled together interesting bits of information on religion, science, technology, and etc. that sometimes come together in surprising ways.  Somewhere along the way, I recall hearing a psychological study, which revealed that humans may be hard wired to believe in god.  Not necessarily that we were made by God to believe in God, but that our mental makeup contains a strong disposition toward a belief in a superior being.  I have also encountered the idea that at the moment of death, the human body can release chemicals into our brains that can give a sense of euphoria and/or hyper-accelerate our brain into visuals beyond our normal perception.  Science Fiction and, more lately, Science have expressed the idea of multiple and parallel dimensions, as well as, universes.  Somewhere along the way I have heard the idea that each grain of sand, or atom, may be another universe.  Basically, every particle in our universe contains universes within them and that our universe may be an atom of some greater beings body.

The thought I have had draws upon all of these ideas.  What if, at the moment of death, your mind is altered to such an extent that you become the focal point of dimensions beyond the normal four we are aware of everyday?  What if the alteration actually was a method for the creation of another universe?  In other words, when you die, your mind achieves a new state and breaches other dimensions in such a way as to create a new universe.

The interesting part about this idea is in the extrapolation of possibilities contained within the preposition.  First, the universe created may be viewed as a heaven of sorts for the person dying, since it would have been created by them.  Second, because the new universe was created by the dying person, could they not be considered the God of that universe?  Listen to the podcast of “Written on the Wind” for the subtly of the idea I am suggesting.  In the story, the humans who created the universe left a message for their creations in the background radiation noise.  Also, Babylon 5 suggested that the beings of our universe were parts the universe broke off in order to study itself.  What if the person creating the universe does not become manifest in it, but instead forms the underlying structure and parameters of the new universe?  We could end up with a situation where the inhabitants of the new universe are predisposed to believing in a creator.  In addition, this gives a possible explanation for an indeterminable God.

In the end, I wrote this post as an exploration of confluent thoughts and not as a working theory.  I like to throw up ideas that come to mind to get my readers to open their minds and consider the possibilities.  To me, this idea could be the basis for an intriguing story, one that I am not prepared to follow up on, but it is now out there for the world.   Enjoy.