The Albatross has Landed

Well hello there little birdie and other flying followers. Yes, they are officially ready for reward. I have decided these can be yours for a donation of $2.50 or more because the printing ended up a bit more expensive than I wanted, along with the costs for the envelopes. Well, for the cost of basically everything. I have at least twenty five sets printed at this time so the first 25 out the door will also be signed by me. If you would like multiple copies, just donate at least $2.50 per copy and let me know.

To order one or more of these, send your name and mailing address to with the subject Falcon. You can make the donation at the Paypal fundraiser I created I look forward to mailing these out.

Update: I played with the photos to make them brighter, since I could not seem to take a better picture.

Look Up in the Sky, It’s a Bird, It’s a … Well yeah, it’s a Bird

Good evening my ornithological fellows. Yes, the illustration is done for “A Word in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush” and I have even printed the master story. All that is left is to make some copies and work out final costs for you. I believe I will do this as a reward for support through donations to avoid tax issues. I will work out the base cost for unsigned and another for signed. If you would like to donate above the numbers I list, your support will be most appreciated. From there we will see if I will do more. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Just Say No Once in a While

Well, I decided to just say no to my boss for a change. I did not want to give up another Saturday to work especially since it is a three day holiday weekend and work is never going to let up. I still ended up with five hours overtime with screaming foot pain.

Anyway, I have two pieces of good news to share with you. The first is something I want to share with all of you, not just those who come here for my scifi and fantasy output. To help with the doldrums of the excessive amount of driving I do, I have turned to audio books.

However, I don’t like abridged versions because the always come off as chopped, but the full versions are expensive. Well, there is a free method for getting these books. I downloaded an app called libby to my phone. This is an app that allows you to borrow digital books, including audiobooks, from your local library. I am mostly hitting my favoite genre but you have the entire collection to choose from.

Better yet, you can make use of any library in your local network. Mine has a decent amount but very few complete series, but if can get a library card for another network, I can expand my choices. So, if you enjoy full length audiobooks, I highly recommend this app. I recently listened to Bradon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, which was 48 hours long.

The second piece of news is that I am almost finished the Falcon in Hand painting. I feel that I should be able to finish this project this weekend and be ready to go next week. My crazy work life has really impacted my ability to finish this product and I will be very glad to be able to finally offer it. So, watch this blog for an update.

Holy Cow, All These Things are Dive Bombing Me

Proof of Concept Dragonfly Painting

Hello wonderful followers. So here is the first attempt at a layered 3D print of the Dragonfly image. It is not bad but also not all I was hoping for either. First off, the overlay film used has a slight dark tint to it which accumulates as you stack the layers obscuring some of the deeper layers. In addition, the printing process leaves its mark on the sheets, marring the overall effect. As for the image itself, I made some mistakes and bad choices on some of the layers that I will have to do better on the next image. It is very hard to keep track of which layer you are one, let again which layer something should be painted on. One bright spot is that I knew the bottom layer of the body would be too transparent so I purchased a white and a silver paint pens to cover the back side. I chose the silver and the effect it had on the eyes was perfect. They have a great shininess like a real dragonfly. I am already looking into how I might get these layers printed directly onto thin sheets of plexiglass instead.

Falcon in Hand Progress

On another front, I finally have the contact case added to the image. I had to go to MSPaint to get the design started but soon copied that into the painting and did finishing work in gimp. There is still a little more to do there but at least all the parts are in place now. From there it is only a matter of detailing the Falcon. I will be glad to have this one finished and added to the story to share with you guys.

Sniff … They Grow Up so Quickly

Well frolicking followers here is a quick update on story mascot. This has been the first time in a few days that I was able to work on this beauty and I went straight for the eyes. They are the most fun to do and can really change the look if you get them right. I am a lot happier with their appearance now that I softened the darker areas behind them, adding some texture around the face as well. The stare is really starting to kick in. I can’t wait to be able to insert this into the story to make a unique offering for my fans.

Bet You Did Not Catch That One

Good stormy evening from Pennsylvania, USA easter egg loving followers. I just remembered an egg I laid in my first collection of short stories “Mystics and Misfits” in the Dragon Dream trilogy. In the three connected stories the lead character, Jason, ages from the beginning of each story to come out older at the end. Basically, each story starts out with him at one age in our world going into a dream that connects him to the dragon realm. When he emerges from the dragon realm he is older than when he went in. The next story then ages him some more as he enters the dragon realm only to see him emerge again at an even older stage of life. The final story finds him deep into a satisfying career as a fantasy artist until he unravels the mystery of the dragon dreams and looks back upon his deceased body. I really don’t play up the idea in the prose but the idea is there when you look at the stories closer. I used it as a subtle nod to the changes in his life as he experienced the dragon dreams. I don’t believe I had any further thought on the matter, such as the specific dreams lasting for years until the next one took over, but more as a fun little unexpected quirk in a series of stories already filled with unexpected quirks. I hope this little insight to my collection will bring additional pleasure to those who have had a chance to read it.

Well Hello There

Good evening fantastic folks. I have decided to share with you the surprise part of the four page story I am preparing for you. The story I am preparing for you as a reward is “A Word in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush”. I believe I have talked about it before but as part of the project, I will be adding this little fellow at the end of the story. He is pretty far along but not finished and needs a few more props as well. I am creating this as a gray scale image so I can keep costs down. This little fellow is a Peregrine Falcon and plays a key roll in the story so it is only fitting that he should accompany it. My plans are to place the completed image at the end of the story and to send this off to those interested in a unique story telling format. The first twenty five to sign up will have theirs signed/numbered by me. I hope to have the project done soon so stay tuned for how to capture one of these beautiful birds for yourself.

Careful, I Have an Idea

Hello wonderful followers.  I had an idea the other day, kind of good and kind of bad.  The good is that I will have a story ready for you to purchase as a one shot like I mentioned doing with Corpse Eater.

As I said, I chose to take Corpse Eater in a different  direction and Mist and Memories still needs a lot of filler.  However, what I had not thought about is all the other stories I have that did not go in the first collection and do not fit the new one.  Turns out that I have the perfect story.  It is only four pages long, which will be great for mailing.  Only a few tweaks are needed plus a bonus, which I will hold as a surprise for those who decide to get the story.

So, very shortly I will have an idea of cost for the whole package and be ready to impliment once I get the orders.  Now for the bad side.  While this story and maybe a few others will work this way, I think stories like Mist and Memories will not.  I am anticipating $0.15 cost per page.  At four pages that will be $0.60 for the package plus maybe $0.20 for me then shipping.   In the US the shipping could probably just be a stamp so all told, less than $2.00. With a longer story, say 30 pages, you are looking at $4.50 just for the print. Not what I was hoping to do for you guys. There are some things I could do but it still would be expensive for a single story.

I will try running this story and see your response, which will let us see if you like the idea. To end on a good note, I am very happy with the bonus I am working up and that, after seeing a recent Youtube listing, the story is a very relevant one. Stay tuned and let me know what you think.