Ha, ha, … you get it, … because it is a sea cr… Fin, fin, … ahem, anyway, for all intents and purposes, the green seahorse is finished.  I may still do some tweaking here and there to get it closer to the reference but it is done in all the major ways.


In the Final Stretch …

Coming around the final bend it’s Seabiscuit followed closely by Fishtail.  I am in the home stretch with the green dwarf seahorse painting and I am very pleased with the lower portion of the animal.  The tone and effects are close to the picture with only small adjustments necessary.  I am really hoping to finish before the year is out.

Sleepy with the Fishes


Well, here is a little more progress on the seahorse project.  I haven’t been able to put much time in lately but I have made a lot of headway on the subtle folds and shaping around the head.  In addition, I worked out the change in color around the mouth to bring it out.  Finally, I began redoing the white crustiness layer and am fairly happy with where it is going.