I Say, I Say There Boy … What Are You? I’m a Chickenhawk.

Falcon in Hand

Gooooood ………. Evening my fine feathered followers. I know I have fit my grumpy gorilla namesake quite well this week more because the ugliness in my country today brings out the worst in me. However, my angst comes out stronger when I am spending too much time working and not enough time creating. At least I have been able to put some effort into correcting that.

As you can see, I have managed to do a lot of work around the Falcon’s head for this project. The hardest part is trying to achieve all the very minor variations in the gray that make up the feathers but it is coming along. Also, I began the rewrite on one of the smaller stories for the Vapor Visions anthology. It was a little 105 word story for a contest about conditioning that I have expanded to 497 words now. My hope is to finish around a thousand words. I am having lots of fun trying to create an eldritch/cthulhu vibe with the words and sentences. The story is one of several that fit beautifully into the death theme of the anthology. Hope all have a good night.

So the Self Appointed Judges of Morality Have Cowardly Struct at Women Again

The Brett Kavanaugh has whined his way to destroying the rights of women instead of tackling the true causes of abortion. Instead of looking to the hypocrits within his own party who have improper relations risking abortions, he choses to open the door to making women a slave gender.

As I said before in this post https://robertgarbin.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/to-abort-or-not-to-abort-that-is-the-question/

I don’t disagree with the ultimate goal of the anti-abortionist, what I disagree with is their methods. What I especially take exception too is a bunch of rich old men who already abuse their privileged postions making decisions for millions of women, ingnoring the facts that their gender is the largest reason for unwanted pregnancies and abortions occuring.

I further take exception to people who would force births without concern for circumstances. We all know that, while Republicans will pat themselves on the back for saving babies lives, they will also vote to defund any program that seeks to allow these children to have a better life when the mothers cannot provide and the fathers run away. They will also do absolutely nothing as more and more of these children are gunned down by sick NRA gun zealots. God bless America, kingdom of greedy minions of satan.

If you would have told me at ten that I would be so thouroughly disgusted by my countrymen when I was fifty six, I wouldn’t have been able to understand what you were saying. The ignorance of childhood was bliss. Too bad evil immoral men continue to take that away that time. May they all live to regret what they do. The blood of the innocent is on every Republican’s hands. Just to surprise you, I feel that goes for a majority of Democrats too. We have failed as a shining beacon.

Sharing My Idea

Hello amazing followers.  This is a bumper sticker I had made because of my disgust at all the mass shootings in my country.   I know it is the people that do the killing, but this ridiculous notion that the excessive gun culture we have does not contribute is a joke.  Face it people, humans as a whole are not the stable beings so many want to portray. I wish it was otherwise, but history has shown that even the best of us can go haywire and murder someone. Further, so many times we do not see it coming.

So flooding the market with products whose sole purpose is to be used for killing is reckless at best and evil at worst. As far as this bumper sticker goes, I hope others will get them and keep putting pressure on the NRA to come back to humanity. Are their guns more important then our children? If you want one, go ahead and use the statement and get one printed like I did. I used Vistaprint which was kinda expensive but I had used them before and felt comfortable. You can probably get it cheaper locally. I have no desire to profit from this and can’t afford to make them to give out free so I give you the right to print it yourself .

P. S. I would love to see this go viral and be on cars everywhere.

Holy Cow, All These Things are Dive Bombing Me

Proof of Concept Dragonfly Painting

Hello wonderful followers. So here is the first attempt at a layered 3D print of the Dragonfly image. It is not bad but also not all I was hoping for either. First off, the overlay film used has a slight dark tint to it which accumulates as you stack the layers obscuring some of the deeper layers. In addition, the printing process leaves its mark on the sheets, marring the overall effect. As for the image itself, I made some mistakes and bad choices on some of the layers that I will have to do better on the next image. It is very hard to keep track of which layer you are one, let again which layer something should be painted on. One bright spot is that I knew the bottom layer of the body would be too transparent so I purchased a white and a silver paint pens to cover the back side. I chose the silver and the effect it had on the eyes was perfect. They have a great shininess like a real dragonfly. I am already looking into how I might get these layers printed directly onto thin sheets of plexiglass instead.

Falcon in Hand Progress

On another front, I finally have the contact case added to the image. I had to go to MSPaint to get the design started but soon copied that into the painting and did finishing work in gimp. There is still a little more to do there but at least all the parts are in place now. From there it is only a matter of detailing the Falcon. I will be glad to have this one finished and added to the story to share with you guys.

Winging My Way Home

Well good morning from Pennsylvania my fine feathered followers. As you can see, I am back to work on the short story image for “A Word in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush”. I have added the crossword element from the story and done a lot of work on the claws.

The crossword piece was actually hard and easy at the same time. The hard part was setting up the lines for the boxes and the letters. At first I was going to try using gimp to make lines and then use the text function to put the letters in. Unfortunately, I find doing such things in gimp more challenging than they should be, eventually giving up that idea. Even using the grid function for guidance was not as helpful as I wanted because it uses very small squares I could not manage to change. In the end I just drew it. The easy part was changing it to look like it was laying down. When I drew it, it was in an x/y plane parallel to the screen, but using the 3D transformation I was able to create the lying down illusion easily, even the depth perspective.

I still have work on the falcon but getting the feet done is another big step toward completion. Only one more element remains, a contact case. Contacts are central to the story so that is how I plan to represent them and will be placed on the left hand side. Hopefully I will finish this soon.

Hold Out Your Hand and Let it Alight There

Well fantabulous followers, our little buzzing friend has reach the end of the first journey. The painting is finished. The next step will be to create separate PNG files of each layer for printing onto overlays so they can be stacked together to reform the image. At the bottom right is a black smear that is actually the numbers of each layer on top of each other. I probably should put some registry marks to help keep the layers aligned but the numbering was a little more challenging than I expected. We shall see. For now, I am happy and this was a fun project.

How Many More NRA?

Hello thoughtful and concerned followers. I know that many of you don’t wish to deal with the content of this post. I don’t want to either. I am tired of seeing news of another mass murder committed by our children on our children. I am tired of hearing the same old platitudes, the same solutions that have not worked. How many more children must die before you realize doing the same thing time and time again has failed? THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS DO NOT BRING MURDERED CHILDREN BACK.

The following is the contents of a letter I sent to Mom’s Rising in response to a signature campaign after a mass murder from several years ago. In here you see my thoughts on how we need to change the how we are confronting this issue. We need to show the proponents of these continued useless policies that the blood is on their hands. Enough is enough. Patriots need to put the children of this country ahead of their childish need for any gun they want. Patriotism is about the willingness to sacrifice for the whole, not the the whole sacrificing for you. Here is the content of the letter.

Do you want to know the biggest reason why we are making little to no headway toward more rational gun laws?  We are using rational methods to deal with the irrational nature of humankind.

There is this prevailing idea that humans, for the most part, are rational, which comes mostly from the left where they tend to be more so.  However, human history should more than remind even the staunchest advocate of this view that we are no where near such a state.

So what do we do?  Well, first off stop fighting them directly.  The harder you hit them with facts and figures, the more entrenched they become.  One of the most irrational acts humans partake in is the act of self-delusion.  People who fear reality, change, and responsibility will almost always run and hide behind an image of the world they prefer.  They will delude themselves into believing their individual choices have no effect on the world, while screaming loudly to maintain a terrible system they are comfortable with.

Second, learn to deal with the short term focus of American society.  There is just so much going on, so much information impacting us every day that we are becoming more and more selective about what we allow in and how much terrible news we can tolerate.  In addition, most of the thinking and planning in our country is done by months and years instead of decades and centuries.  How much can we get and how quickly?

Lastly, embrace a simple straight forward approach to changing people’s minds.  Don’t spend months collecting data to collate and present in a well thought out campaign.  I am not saying you should forget or not be mindful of such information; just don’t make it the focus of a campaign.

Again, what do we do?  Here is my suggestion.  One fact I have learned is that after each mass shooting incident there is a hew and cry from both sides of the issue, but one side always succeeds in muddling and quelling the chaos long enough for human nature to kick in, the human nature of being overwhelmed by sad news and seeking to run away from it by tuning it out.  This has been the case for decades.  All the right has to do is wait out the storm until the ad campaigns from the left cause people to tune out.

What do you do?  Understand human nature and take the long view.  Instead of waiting for the next event and shoving it in the right’s face, create a campaign that runs 24/7, 365 days a year, for decades until change occurs.

What do I mean?  Don’t, don’t, don’t let them forget all the tragedies.  Put them into their faces daily.  The ad campaign should be simple.  Show ads with surviving members holding pictures of their lost loved ones.  Try not to coach the emotions, just let the stark pain show through.  Also, try not to have anything said.  Only place the date of the tragedy and the name of the person lost, maybe not even music.  Run them constantly on every channel you can and make as many as you can.  Remember, these need to play 24/7, 365 days a year for decades.  Finally, at the end have a simple tag line “How many more NRA?”

Create a campaign like this and you will get my support.  Work with everyone involved in this fight to bring all your resources to bear on this campaign.  Never let them run away again until they do something.

When confronted by gun blind people shouting you down, just ask how many more? How many murders will it take for you to realise your policies fail? We have followed your policies for decades, have the murder rates inproved? Has any gun owner stopped any mass shooting? When is enough is enough? When will you face this ridiculous fear you are attacking me over?