Blog Review 2017

Well it is 8:30 PM EST on December 31, 2017.  I think I can safely put a close on this blog for 2017 and give you a review of the improvement in the sites statistics.

2016                         2017

Views                               344                          1120     3.25 times last years views

Visitors                           260                          753        2.89 times last years visitors

Likes                               132                           513        3.89 times last years likes

Comments                     92                            38          Not as out spoken though.


All in all, a very good year thanks to you.  I apologize for the drop off of content do to the new job, which may take some time to settle into, but I hope to return stronger.  Until then, please feel free to leave me comments on what you liked best and least so I can improve my interaction with such great people.  Happy New Year.  Bones.

My 2017 Reading List

Here is the final round-up of the books I have read this year.   I think I may have missed a few and my reading habit of late is next to nothing or else I would have more to report.  Luckily, many do have reviews on my Librarything page.


The Iron Tactician                               Alastair Reynolds                               Free Arc

Caliban’s War                                     James S. A. Corey                               New

Shadows of Self                                 Brandon Sanderson                            New

Nemesis                                               Louise Cooper                                     New

Dragon’s Bane                                    Barbara Hambley                                Reread

Dragon’s Shadow                               Barbara Hambley                                Reread

Knight of the Demon Queen              Barbara Hambley                                Reread

Dragon Star                                         Barbara Hambley                                Reread

The Bands of Mourning                      Brandon Sanderson                            New

Abaddon’s Gate                                 James S. A. Corey                               New

At the Speed of Light                         Simon Morden                                    Free Arc

The Immortals War                             Leah Cutter                                         Free Arc

The Way of Kings                               Brandon Sanderson                            Free E-book from

2 DEE                                                 Robin Wyatt Dunn                             Free Arc

Cibola Burn                                         James S. A. Corey                               New

Haunted Futures                                 Salome Jones                                       Free Arc

Compostela (Tesseracts 20)                Spider Robinson                                 Free Arc

The Heart of What Was Lost              Tad Williams                                       New

As You Wish                                      Carry Elwes                                        New

The Bone Hunters                               Steven Erikson                                    New

Bad Rock Beat Down                                    Michael Prelee                         Free Arc

Tooth and Talon                                  Alex Hernandez                                  Free Arc-Current Read

Positivity From an Unexpected Source (from my Patreon page)

Most of my adult life I have been considered to be a negative person.  If you look at a lot of my earlier posts you may find it easy to go along with this point of view; even I have believed it.  However, if you take time to read enough of the short stories I have posted on my Patreon page, you will find a surprising reality.  Many of my stories have up beat endings.

Some spoilers ahead, “Dragon Dreams”, while full of battle and strife, is essentially a dream come true for Jason Conners.  He becomes a creature that can turn his creativity into a reality through dreams.  What writer/artist would not love that.  The story “Cast the First Stone” deals with the end of Nazi Germany in a very brutal and graphic way with the death of Hitler, yet it holds out hope for us all with the potential for redemption.

My artwork almost always focuses of the beauty of life.  “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” deals with the potential man has to destroy the majestic tiger.  However, the image is very beautiful and vibrant and the symbolism used expresses my love for space, the stars, the planets, and big cats.  “Rodeo” deals with suicide and Hell, but the story that accompanies this painting ultimately is about hope and salvation.  So while even I sometimes believe that I am a negative person, my stories and artwork paint a different picture.

Things to Come

Happy holidays, which ever one you celebrate.  I am busy getting organized so that I may get back to blogging more often.  There is so much running around in my head and things that I had planned to share with you but; unfortunately, life has gotten in my way recently.  I hope to spend time tomorrow making a post about my reading for the year, kinda of a milestone check for me and an idea page for you.  So watch for the next post.  I also hope to do an end of year review of my site stats, which have been phenomenal thanks to you.  See you soon.

Shield Time

As part of my new job I am now spending a significant amount of time driving or as it is referred to in the business “Shield Time”.  My day consists of up to three hours of driving alone each day.  That is why I upgraded my phone to strait talk wireless from AT&T so I could have unlimited data and more ram for music and pod casts.  One of the best perks is that I can now run Pandora on my drives.  Tonight I switched back to one of my go to stations for epic movie score style instrumental music “Two Steps from Hell”.  Two Steps from Hell is a band that creates driving tracks that would fit well into a lot of epic movies and the tracks that are pulled into this station include soundtracks to video games (Assassin’s Creed, Skyrim, Mass Effect) and movies/television (Game of Thrones).

One track this evening created a set of images and a story I want to share to show how powerful this music is and what you could be reading if you joined my patreon account.



by Robert Garbin


Intense heat radiated from the earth causing shimmering waves of air and gouts of escaping steam from underground water sources.  Quakes shook dust and loose gravel into the sky in large quantities.  Animals ran recklessly from place to place searching for some safe haven to little avail.  The entire planet was involved.

A small striped lizard stopped  nervously upon a hot rock, switching from one clawed pair of feet to the other in an attempt to avoid burning up.  A massive quake dislodged the tiny reptile from his perch.  Before it could recover, a large crack opened in the ground swallowing the terrified creature, which was then shot miles into the air by intense updrafts of burning air, smoke, and debris.  Walls of disintegrated earth rose for miles in all directions.

From space, the once lush planet turned into a ball of ash and soot with spikes reaching out past the upper atmosphere.  It expanded rapidly from the size of a small inner planet to that of the behemoth gas giants circling the star from the depths of the system.  With a final convulsion, the surface of the planet disintegrated, blown away from the hot core of fire at its center.  The flaming core pulsed as if it was alive.

Slowly the flames expanded like wings unfurling, a head appeared, while long tendrils dropped from the bottom.  With a silent roar at the universe the Phoenix awoke from its billion year rebirth and stretched flaming wings across the solar system before launching out into the gaps between stars.  Speeding away, the Phoenix left behind a trail of debris that was beginning to spread itself in a disc around the parent star.

$1 Reward Dragon Dreams: Embers in the Sky Chapter 10 (from my Patreon page)

Here is what I wrote:


“Well, it is finally here.  Will Jason Conner’s journey come to a satisfy conclusion or will he succumb to the force that has driven him from the real world to multiple dreams?  Is this series fantasy or science fiction or some unbelievable amalgamation of both?  Are there truths to be found in dreams?  Yes, but you will only find out if you subscribe to my Patreon page

I have to tell you that I just finished watching Stranger Things 2 on Netflixs and loved it.  It gives me a lot of hope for my writing since it is so popular and yet is just as challenging to follow the multiple levels of existence as my Dragon Dreams series.  They have the real world, the upside down world, and the place Eleven/Jane makes contact with that world as well as distant places of our own.  Dragon Dreams is a close relation.  There is the real world, which includes the normal dreams of Jason Conner, then you have the place in between like Eleven’s, and finally the dreams the Dragon imposes on Jason.  

Another movie with similarities would be the Matrix with the real world and the machine world with both connected by the Matrix.  So, if you like such shows, Dragon Dreams is for you.  In fact, every story that will make up Mystics and Misfits is for you.  Come on dive into my mind.”

New $1 Reward Dragon Dreams: Embers in the Sky Ch. 9 (from my Patreon page)

We are nearing the end of the Dragon Dreams saga.  Please support my patreon page (Rob Garbin’s Patreon Page) to read the entire saga for just $1 a month.  Here is the write up for chapter 9.


“Jason has to battle through an unknown planet to reach an enemy more cunning than he expected, but not everything adds up.  Meanwhile, he is still haunted by dreams of a different life.  Can he discover the truth behind his dreams and the reason his unseen opponent is playing games with him?  Only one more chapter until everything is revealed and all assumptions will be burned to ashes like embers in the sky.”