Searching for an Answer to a Feeling (from my Patreon page)

Believe it or not, I am still thinking about the little poem I wrote a few days ago.  The idea struck a resonance within me that has yet to quiet. That is the way it is for me as a writer and an artist, some idea flutters to the surface of my thoughts looking all fragile and weak, yet for the life of me I cannot rid my mind of it.  There was a feeling I wanted to capture with that poem and when I turn away I still see magic in the corner of my eye.

The feeling I want to cup in my hands comes from looking at nebulae for the painting I am working on.  Clouds of luminescent particles so vast they could engulf our entire solar system and so distant that what we see happened there millennia or much more in the past.  I want to capture that feeling of vast spans of time and space along with the mechanics of our understanding of them.  So, don’t be surprised if you see more versions in the future.  Please let me know when a chill goes up your spine.

P.S.  This week marks the beginning of another month and time for another story.  I have yet to decide on which one, but look for the new one this weekend.


Chilly Weather Ahead (from my Patreon Page)


Here is the physical painting project I mentioned planning on taking into the digital domain after some of my other projects near completion.  I still have the drawings around that I can scan in.  This painting has been sitting unfinished because I was not happy with the acrylic paints in creating the background.  I think this will be a good challenge for improving my digital skills.  The title will be uniquely me in humor.  It is called “Pardon me, have you seen a white rabbit?”.

As far as progress goes, I am becoming happier with the planet in my nebula picture and thinking about other add-ons for tweaks to the entire image.  Not much happening with the bull rider image yet; unfortunately, no ideas for dealing with the big blank area for the ground yet.  Given time, something will come to mind.

A Little Imagery Before Bed

Tides of Light

by Robert Garbin

Tides of light wash upon gravity’s shore,

Motes of matter given blessed life’s sustenance,

Tiny steps long forgotten from time before,

Dead and cold anon our ancient utterance.

Columns of gaseous kelp ungulate in seas radioactive,

Pulled round clumps of density that warp,

Night sky made grand and sublimely attractive,

Infinities oceanic symphony for heaven’s harp.

The Breath in My Lungs (from my Patreon page)

Art is the air I breath to survive.  Without it the world is dull and lifeless.  When I am tired, yet full of ideas, I get frustrated because my body denies my mind the tools to create its vision.  Lately, that is how I have been feeling.  So much art crashing upon the worn out shore of my body depositing flotsam and jetsam on my craggy coastline.

Finalized print details and I am now waiting to see the full size image.  Printer says there will be no problem doubling the size and using different paper.  When I decide I will get a quote on cost.  I really could use your support on Patreon to build up cash to purchase more proofs of the other images.  I am nearing completion of the planet project and looking forward to starting the Cheetah image.  I may also take a painting I have left unfinished for several years and bring it into the digital realm to see what I can do with it.  The painting is actually an animal scene with an arctic fox and polar bear, which should challenge my skills and show another side of my art.  Of course, there is still the bull rider project.  All said and done, there is a lot I want to work on with more always knocking.

Weather Update (from my Patreon page)


Work in Progress – Planet Speed Paint


As you can see, I have made some progress with the nebula (planet turned off).  I think it looks much better now especially the interior, which seems more like the flow of exploding material.  Also added some areas of fading luminosity.  Plans for now are to clutter the sky up with stars and other objects to settle the nebula in better.

On another front, I have gotten in contact with my printer about what was wrong with my first proof and they will make the corrections and sent me a new one.  Hopefully soon I will have my first full size print.

Waxing Poetic

Tides of light crash upon shores of gravity, bearing life to the shoals bordering the ocean of infinity.

Whoa!  Yeah, that just popped out there when I was thinking about explaining the changes I have had to do to the nebula project.  With the expanding shockwave of the stars explosion looking like water washing up on a shore, what else could I do.  Anyway, I was not happy with the way the regions in the expanding rings looked so I kept adding color and re-smudging them, hoping to make it work.  I finally think those regions are turning around.  I will be glad when I get it mostly done because I really need to step up the planet work to justify keeping it.