Painting a Princess

Carrie Fisher/ Leia Organa

Here is the reference image and the drawing I did for the tribute painting I am going to do.  You will notice that the eyes are darker in the drawing.  The reason is that the eyes are the most important part of this image for me and I changed them a lot.  I will explain their importance in the finished work.  I plan on one other element to add if I can do it; however, it is technically difficult for me so we’ll see.  Anyway, I am not completely happy with the image but I am hoping to fix some in the painting.  The painting will be challenging since I am not comfortable with digital brushes and the blending I have done so far has been brute force and covered by other things.  Big learning experience here that I hope will translate into ideas for the Gus Grissom painting.

The Sound of Other Worlds

I have a suggestion for the scientists and technicians working on the next space probe to be sent to a planet with an atmosphere or liquid body to study.  Put a microphone on the probe.  Imaging the response they would get from the public viewing images ,or better yet video if possible, when they heard the sound of the probes wheels grinding through the dust of Mars.  How visceral would the experience be if they listened to the sigh a breeze or roar of a gust of wind.  Imagine hearing the soft gurgle sent back from a probe exploring waters underneath the frozen surface of a moon.  Think of the support such recordings might bring from the public for other projects.


P.S. Maybe even send a separate small probe just for that so all the focus can be on the sound and video of exploring planets.  What a documentary those could make.  They even could see about support from media.


What is passion?  For me it means a drive that can’t be held back for any reason.  I have a passion for reading and can’t go for long periods without a book.  I get antsy when I don’t have one to read.  I need to explore new worlds, new ideas, and new Peoples.  My mind needs the challenge of fresh plots and scenes.  Even rereading an old book can prove enlightening to the changes I have under gone.  Their ideas may resonate differently the second time around.  I want to capture those feelings.  Reading is almost as important to me as breathing.  That is passion.

I am the same way about art.  I need to view it, I need to make it.  Ideas are constantly running through my head.  To look at other people’s artwork is to be inspired to create more myself.  Unfortunately, over the years, life has had a way of taking my art away from me for long periods of time.  These were low points in my life, but the world has yet to totally destroy the drive that makes me create.  I always come back.  My writing actually filled the void for a while because I enjoy creating visually descriptive scenes.  Art always comes back though and when I had some time off from work for medical reasons, I created three digital images that were a notch above where I had been before.  Now I am digging into art again.  I hope you enjoy what I am producing and support me.

Addendum to “What your support means to Me.”

I was rushed this morning but I did not want to leave without expressing what your support means to me.  However, I forgot one of the most important artistic reasons I need your support.  I want to be able to make prints of my finished works for you guys (a few for myself too).  Let’s face it, I am passionate about art and I want the world to see it.  I live for making and seeing artwork.  I have come to see the potential that digital art has for my ideas, but I still want a physical copy.  I want it on the wall so I can drink it in.  A computer screen does not do justice to some of my work.  Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability is meant to be at least 16 inches wide by 22 inches high or bigger if it works.  At that size the detail in the tiger’s eyes jumps out at you and you see Jupiter and Mars right away.

To make these prints, I need your support to get back on my feet and then have the reserves available to pay for things like proofs to make sure the picture translates from screen to canvas or paper.  I need money available to pay for orders.   That is one of the reasons I decided to start a Patreon page.  I wanted a way to get my artwork out there without people having to give large sums of money.  I actually like the idea of giving out quality art to large numbers of people who could not afford to spend thousands of dollars for a fine art print.  However, to do that, I need to take advantage of volume.  I need lots of people to pledge one or five dollars a month.  If I can get the kind of support I need, I will most likely not ask for any pledge over five dollars a month and prints might go for low profit or even at cost.  I hope you will join me in making this a reality.  Thanks.

What does your support do for Me? (from Patreon Page)

To be brutally honest, for now, it will help me to survive.  I am the epitome of a starving artist.  My only income is from my job as a sales representative and I have not had a raise since 2007, while medical, food, and taxes have all gone up.  I am also carrying thousands of dollars in medical bills for a physical problem that still has not been diagnosed.  Currently, I have stopped looking for the answer because of a lack of funds.  The problem is a matter extreme fatigue coupled with a constant set of aches.  For now, I am just gritting my teeth, so every word of encouragement about my art and writing is doubly appreciated.

What I hope to do with your support as it grows and continues is to improve my creative abilities.  For writing, I would like to be able to hire an editor to go over my collection with a fine tooth comb to clean up any lingering typos or logic errors.  This would be a good chance to see how they work and evaluate them for use on the two novels I have sitting in my head.  One, I have sections worked on and an overall plan, but no set structure yet.  The other is just an inkling of taking the short story I will be posting next week and expanding it into a novel.  Some basic ideas are taking shape.

For my artwork, there would be lots of practice and exploring.  Your support would help me to eventually buy a computer drawing/painting system where I could work directly on the screen like paper, a professional system.  The encouragement you give through your financial support would also tell me that you like what I do, which is an indispensable asset for an artist.

I just want you to understand that your support is needed and heartily welcomed.  I am taking my art and writing more seriously to earn what you share with me; I hope to bring you more fantastic creations through the years to come.  Thank you so much.

Face the Truth

Wow, it has been some time since I have drawn a person.  I started working on a face today for the first time in several years and the truth is that I still am not good.  I am not ready to give up yet, besides, if you don’t practice, you don’t improve.  For now though, faces are hit or miss for me and even when down well, there is always some flaw in the image.  However, I like challenging myself so onward.

Next Project (Patreon Post)

Well, I made a small start into the next painting.  I decided to do the one with Gus Grissom from the Mercury and Apollo space programs, using the image of the recovered Liberty Bell 7 capsule.  I plan to work up some of the parts then pull them all together on to one canvas.  The idea is to have an image of the capsule as it was found on the bottom of the ocean.  The ocean will fade as you go up until it turns into the night sky with the moon in it.  Inside the transition point, I plan to place an image of Gus  Grissom.  I am currently working on the drawings to be scanned in.


P.S.  This one has been on my list for a long time and is technically challenging for me.  If this one turns out well, I have another NASA inspired painting I want to do.

What the Hell? (from Patreon page)

That is what my mother used to think when I came back with my photos.  I used to go around a lot taking pictures of sunsets, clouds, and trees for reference.  Although, I have not actually used them much, I still enjoyed being out side watching the sunsets.  What she would complain about was the fact that several pictures would be taken at odd angles instead of vertically or horizontally.  She  said that was stupid.  I, on the other hand, thought doing so brought some action/motion to the pictures.  I learned this from Frank Frazetta.  His painting “Fire Demon” depicts a demon standing with a distinct left lean and a swath of orange and red cutting diagonally across the scene with the same cant.  In the middle of the color swath there is a naked woman on the same axis as if falling into a chasm of fire.  For me, the strong angle of the image breaths motion and action into the artwork.  So on occasion you will see pieces I have done this way.  In fact, I am itching to do another.