Teaching this Old Dog Some New Tricks (from my Patreon page)

Color pencil drawing was at one time a medium I had high hopes for adding color to my artwork.  Unfortunately, I had no prior training in their use and the results I got were not as good as I had hoped.  So I moved on.  As you know, I have worked in oil painting and more recently digital.  However, even with the increasingly better results I am achieving with digital painting, thanks to some handy Youtube videos, I still miss working with physical materials.

Well, given that there were videos on working with Gimp 2.8, I thought “hey, there might be some on color pencil techniques” and guess what, there are.  So I watched some the other night and I am going to give them a try.  I first have to buy some new tools that I was unaware of, then I will start practicing.  Maybe soon I will be able to share with you another form of artwork.  Moral:  In this day and age, don’t be afraid to learn something new.  There are resources out there that were not even thought of years ago.