Happy New Year

I just wanted to say thank you to all those that are following my blog and have commented this year.  I am not one of the best people at socializing because I spend a lot of time thinking about the world and its history.  In recent years I have become fascinated by WWI and the handling of the aftermath that lead directly to WWII.  I see a lot of failures to learn on all sides, as well as, mistake my own country is failing to learn from.  I find it hard to express these thoughts in conversation because most of the people I know don’t spend much time thinking about such things.  In addition, as you can see from many of my posts, there are a lot of fine points to try to make in what usually turns into a heated debate.  This is why I share my thoughts here with you.  I can think through them better and deal with questions easier in this, believe it or not, slower medium, typing evens the playing field.

Where we will go together in the next year, I do not know, but hopefully it will be interesting.  As for my New Years resolution, I have decided to put all my short stories together into a collection to sell as an E book by the end of the year.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


War and Peace and a Lot of Other Rubbish

The title of this post is in homage to some men I never knew before but am glad to have learned about now.  Wipers Times is a movie about soldiers in WWI coping with the reality of modern trench warfare through the printing of a satirical newspaper.  Captain Fred Roberts and his men find a workable printing press among the ruins of Ypres and decide to create a newspaper to lift the morale of the men in the trenches.  Their dark humor expresses vividly the confusion felt by troops seeing no reason for the mind numbing loss of life caused by the war.  Along side Beneath Hill 60, I find it to be a worthwhile movie for anyone who wants to know more about what war means.  I also recommend Our World War, which is a collection of dramatizations based upon WWI war diaries.  For WWII, I recommend The War a documentary directed by Ken Burns and The Pacific a HBO miniseries.  For modern warfare, I suggest Blackhawk Down.

I personally think these movies should be made mandatory for every American citizen to watch before they are allowed to vote, so that they can understand the true costs of the wars they may consider advocating.  Please consider watching one, or all of these movies to remind yourself of what war costs since the only other way is to be stuck on the front lines yourself, which we have asks so many of our young people to do so that we can keep wasting gas and buying cheap junk.