Star Light, Star Bright


Yes, I am back to the red starfish for the Sarah Seadragon project.  It may not look like much is done, but I have completely reworked the calcium bits (that is what I am calling the white bone like crusty bits), rearranging their pattern to get snugger fits.  Also, I continued the red variations of the tentacles all the way under one the bits on one tentacle.  I plan to do all five legs.  The overall effect may be hardly noticeable but I hope it adds to the over image quality.  I actually do that on a lot of images.  Finally, if you zoom in on the top left tentacle, you can see an area where I think I’ve finally worked out how to capture where stuff seems to come out between the calcium bits.  This painting is definitely becoming another Barnacles and Butterflies piece of artwork for me.  Whewwwwww.

Fighting the Sluggish Current


Had a pretty crappy weekend.  I always have high hopes of getting a lot done on the weekends to make up for doing little during the week, but it unfortunately my job takes so much out of me that I spend the whole weekend recuperating so that I can face another week.  I am back into that sucky cycle again and it saps my creativity too.  I did; however, manage to make some more progress on the background defining more rock shapes.  So it was not a complete lose, just mostly.  Sigh.  I could use some support right now.

A Nebula of Color Surrounding A Red Star…..Fish


As you can see, I have decided to use the lichen or whatever it is on the rocks under the starfish as a background for my painting.  I loved the varying colors and subtle layer demarcations.  This gives me a head start for a solo print of this painting unlike the red seahorse and Sarah Seadragon, which I feel need some kind of background for a print.  What is nice is that the layers I use make it easy to peel away the starfish from the background for inclusion in the book illustrations.



Reference image.

Blazing a Path Among the Stars

Here is a progress image for the red starfish painting.  Please enlarge the image so you can see where I am heading with the red parts of the tentacles (lower left tentacle).  Looks like a patchwork or crochet quilt to me.  This one does have the color I have been craving lately, but more importantly, it has lots of interesting texture.

Excuse Me Young Man … is Your Name Patrick?



Duh, … Wait a minute, I know the answer to that one?  Duh ………..  Anyway, while we wait on Patrick, this is the beginning of my next project, which is this really cool looking starfish.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Sunlight Glimmering Beneath the Waves


I have made a lot of progress, bringing this painting near its end.  Eventually I will merge most of the layers so that I can center the image better but that can wait.  I like how the various major areas that I have worked on separately are now starting to blend into a cohesive whole.

Swirling Shimmers of Colorful Seadragon


Well, I have made lots of progress.  I am starting to connect the larger areas with more detail and smother color transitions.  As you can see, the front two spine extensions have been heavily worked on.  I was surprised when I took a closer look at the second one on my reference photo that I saw hints of the light blue from the stripes there.  So many subtle color changes to try to achieve.  I really needed this.

Making Waves


I have made a lot of progress working along the neck that I am happy with.  I decided to put here against a darker background so you can see how well the colors pop.  Also, you can better see the first spine fins along the top neck better this way.  Once things are done, I will make it permanent.

Spectacular Speckled Seadragon


She is really starting to take shape now as you can see, looking good without needing the sketch to define areas.  If you have noticed, I have skipped over two other works in progress, the Nautilus Shell and the Sea Urchin.  I get like this at times when I am run down.  Sometimes, I need a project with a little more life in it.  I love aspects of the other projects but they were too bland color wise with the urchin being monochrome and the shell a simple color scheme.  So I decided to begin Sarah and as you can see, I am glad I did.

Sarah Swimming Swimmingly



Try saying that fast.  Anyway, here is the progress I have made and you can see that I changed the background color.  It took a few tries to find a color dark enough to set off here colors while being light enough to see the lines of the drawing for the fins.