Sin and Sinners on the Barbie


Well, here is the final version.  Lots of flame, smoke, and sparks added along with a little extra height so that I can move the Succubus design higher on the combined image.  I really enjoyed working on the fire elements and I am happy with the results I achieved.  Look for this painting on my deviantart page.

Burning Up the Charts


But a lot of work into the flame and smoke effects to drive the ideas home.  Also added a lot more skulls to the pile in the distance.  Here and there I think of one more word for the skulls (results of the demons) and names for the demons (initiators).  I am really happy with the flames so far, best that I have done but could always be better.

Broken Hearted Thoughts

I finally understand why Bernie Sanders will never get the Democratic nomination for Presidential Candidate against Trump.  It is not that he is a bad person, a bad candidate, or not a viable opponent for Trump.  It is that his policies are not understood or embraced by democrats.  I found this out after talking with my oldest sister.

She was checking in with me because of the corona virus and of course we ended up talking about the massive short comings of Trump.  What surprised me was how vehemently she attacked Bernie Sanders too.  She said he was F**ing crazy and made her sick along with other denouncements.  Here I had thought she had learned her lesson from the mistake of Hillary Clinton.  At first I thought there may have been some lingering bullshit from the democratic tactics that painted Sander’s as anti-women, but I soon learned the truth.  It was the socialistic programs of free education and medical coverage.  Paraphrasing her words “She’d be damned if she was going to pay for someone else’s shit.”

The truth was revealed.  I had had an inkling for some time that this was part of the problem; however, I failed to see exactly how bad it was until my sister’s hate filled rantings smacked me hard in the head.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen this side of her before because she used to manager a business her ex-husband’s father owned.  In addition, she is an uncompromising worker that kills herself in everything she does whether she is fairly compensated or not.  Thus, anyone else that does not live to these standards, even with valid reasons, is basically trash.  So people collecting money without working are scum in her eyes.  She does not see beyond that to the many people helped by social programs when there is no other place to turn or that the majority uses it as a way to get their lives back.

To be fair, she has not had an easy life either.  Our family, as I later learned, was a morass of deeply flawed morals, confusing and misleading beliefs, and broken parents.  In addition, she married into a family that had a lot of dark closets and screwed her over too.  Her children suffered because of it and added to it.  She was robbed by her own son and one of his girlfriends.  So she has a very dim view of the lower class from experience, applying it to the whole.  From managing the store she had to deal with a lot of people who did not have good work ethics.  However, from listening to her stories, some of that was from the choices her ex’s family made and in my opinion not an objective sample of the whole.  I feel she unfairly blames the whole for the actions she observed.

I am not immune to her reactions but I understand something else.  Everything we do, everything we have is the result of others.  We are totally connected.  The sacrosanct individual that the republicans love to push has been a load of B.S. for centuries.  In fact, it never was.  Yes, when there were fewer humans on earth it felt like that but it wasn’t.  Earth is a chaotic system that is relatively enclosed.  What we did in the limited area of our world in ancient times worked its way around the world.  It may have taken longer and the affects may have been minor, yet they were there.

Now we come to the real reason it is important to share with one another instead of hoard it for ourselves.  What we give comes back to us and what we deny comes back too.  So when our corporations went overseas because they could exploit workers like they couldn’t in America guess what came back to us.  I find it funny how many people are complaining about how much companies are ripping off workers now.  Well, they can’t compete with companies that run sweat shops so, if you want a job at all …

Back to my sister and democrats like her.  It is so disheartening to hear them parroting words that are actually a republican mantra.  These entitlements make people lazy and are not fair for us hard working Americans.  The republicans tend to forget all the golden parachutes and government bailouts they think are their due, which are entitlements they give each other from our work.  Here is a hard fact I have learned in my five decades in this country.    80% of work is done by 20% of the workers, including management and wealthy CEO’s.  So 80% of people don’t deserve what they are paid.  There are many wealthy people who never worked a day in their lives yet they fill they deserve all they have.  These are the people we have allowed to ruin our country.  They are both republicans and democrats.  They both view Bernie Sanders’ policies as stealing from them.

The sad part is that people like my sister do not understand his policies.  They do not understand what they stand to gain from it.  This lack of understanding is the biggest failure of Bernie Sanders and the people running his campaign.  Yes, taxes are going to be higher, but not as bad as you think because the top 1% will carry the brunt of the cost for the programs.  The 1% will of course cry foul.  However, I feel this is fair since much of their wealth is created by the economic system our government maintains and the hard work, for the most part, of the 99%.  They gain more and should pay more.  That is how it works in retail.  To sell more in stores companies have to pay for more space.  Also, in my opinion the wealthy are over emphasizing their contribution to this country.  I do not deny that they came up with many of the ideas and some work very hard but they are nowhere worth 50% of the country’s wealth just like no sport star deserves 30 million dollar or more contracts.

To me that is government’s real task, balancing out the excesses so that the economy is stable and works now and in the future for our children and their children.  Unfortunately, the forces of corruption have deeply infiltrated both parties skewing our economy further and further off balance, making emergencies like the Corona virus outbreak threats to the nation’s economic security.

Finally, what so many, including my sister, do not understand is what they will gain out of Bernie’s policies.  All they see is that they will pay more taxes for someone to get a free education and free medical care.  They did not get that, why should they.  Yes, your taxes will be higher, but your medical bills will be lower and will not bankrupt you.  Yes, your taxes will be higher, but your children and their children will be able to get an education without starting out buried in debt.  Your taxes will be higher, but your doctor will be more focused because they are not thinking of the mounds of debt they had to have to be your doctor.  Their prices could be lower for the same reason.  Your taxes will be higher, but the people making all the things you like and need would make them better because they are not drowning in debt.  This is the real cause of whoa in our country, overuse of debt to create and maintain wealth.  The real enemies are the banks and the bankers.  Like they always say, follow the money.  The only way we will survive is by changing this dynamic.  Bernie’s plans are the only ones heading in the right direction.  Obama’s and Trump’s answers were to increase our debt and, just like each world war we fought kills increasing numbers of people, each economic bailout costs more in debt.  Obama’s was 700 billion with the Fed secretly spending another amount (I can’t remember the total).  Trump’s is now 2 trillion with the Federal Reserve adding another 4 trillion, which nobody really mentions.  Where does all this money come from?  Nowhere!  It doesn’t exist and if you don’t spend your part, it will do no good.  I know; however, where it comes from though and who is going to benefit the most from it.  It is coming from your children and their children and their children, etc.  It will mostly benefit the wealthy and Trump.  You are selling your progeny into slavery to the rich.  It will suck to be you at the pearly gates.


P.S.  Like the republicans, so many of these so called democrats forget or turn a blind eye to the fact that we have been a socialist country for decades now.  Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs along with unemployment just like the hated welfare programs.  Worse for the republicans, one of their hallmarks, Theodore Roosevelt, created several of them.


Ant and the Grasshopper

Here is a truth I know the bulk of America will not believe or understand. We are at a crossroads in our country and have an incredible opportunity given to us by nature through the Corona virus. Yes, I said there is a positive aspect to the virus and that it is an opportunity instead of just a threat.

Right now, the President and multiple CEO’s are showing the truth about our economy and their wealth. You won’t hear it or beleive it because you are scared and/or too brainwashed by Republican propaganda to appreciate the truth. The truth is that they are scared shitless.

They are not scared witless because the economy is tanking, which will weaken America and its citizens. No, they are terrified that their wealth will be destroyed. They could care less how many would die by curtailing the CDC’s pandemic guide lines because to them the cure is worse than the disease (i.e., their wealth being impacted is worse than the lives lost).

The opportunity I see in this situation is that the fears they are voicing are exactly what gives us strength to drive true reform in our country. I have advocated this before. By not participating in the ruinous economy the 1% have created, they will shit a brick. The underlying truth that this disaster has uncovered is that they need us, not the other way around. Without us making and buying their stuff, they do not exist. That is why Republicans spend so much time convincing you that without the rich everything will collapse.

This is why Trump and as all his cronies are pushing to get you back to work. The Hell with your grandparents and babies, their Wallstreet wealth is at stake. If we were smart, we would refuse to go back. Make them put money back into the system they have abused for decades. It would be tough because I guarantee they would threaten to fire you. All the “we care about you and your families” stuff would evaporate in a second. As I said in my previous post, if all the rich gave of their wealth until it hurt, we would not have to borrow non-existent money from our children and grandchildren.

As proof of their views, look at the bonuses they are sharing with the workers who continue to keep things going. I know because I am one. The bonus for risking your grandparents is around $300 to 350. In other words, the life of a person is only $350 at best. If you have more than one grandparent, their value goes down considerably. Also, you have to work the entire period to get that.

So, there you go. We have a chance to get money out of politics, change the way wealth is shared, and make a more stable economy that can weather turbulent times. However, my guess is that we will blow it again like we did with occupy Wallstreet. Your fear, ignorance, hate, and in some cases greed will be more important. Have fun.


Stimulating Stimulus

Here are a series of thoughts I posted on facebook about what is going on in America.  I wrap them all up in a summary at the end.


In 2008 it was our Patriotic duty to bail out the banks from their poor decisions. We even had to pay them bonuses for doing it. Where are they now?

Bezos, Koch, and all the other 1% told us through their mouth pieces Trump and McConnell that it was our Patriotic duty to give them more tax cuts driving up the national debt. Where is their Patriotism now when people can’t work? Where is it when healthcare workers can’t get tested for Corona Virus?

Oh yeah, I am not forgetting all the over paid actors, actresses, producers, etc. who have made their wealth off us adoring fans. Time to put back into us.

Also, all the ridiculously over paid athletes. You need to show your “Patriot”ism and be there for your fans. Give till it hurts like a sack.

Finally, if you are doing your Patriotic duty in this time of our country’s need, thank you. However, if it is spending a day here and there donating time instead of your financial resources, then shame on you.

I don’t see what the problem with the stimulus package is. They plan means testing for us so why not the big corporations too. Besides it is all fake money anyhow and will do more harm then good in the future.

Wrapping it all up, if all the people that made all the money from the 99% were actual Patriots, they would toss everything into the system they have been milking from for years and there would be no need for a stimulus package.  A stimulus package by the way, which comes from nowhere because the money does not actually exist.  Well, in a way it does.  It is the prosperity we are stealing from our children, grand children, great grandchildren etc.  That is what we did in 2008 and like WWII killed more people than WWI, each survival package keeps getting bigger.  So much for caring about your children.  Okay, Republicans, don’t allow abortion, but starve future generations to death so you don’t have to sacrifice today.

Hello from your resident Mystic and Misfit!

WIP Digital Painting


WIP Digital Painting


Because I have been really wiped out lately from work and health, not the corona virus, I have decided to share what I have been working on lately.  These two paintings, yes they are separate paintings even though the second one will be used as the background of the first, are meant to upset, shock, and anger people.  If you look closely at the demons and the skulls, you will see things written there.  I have placed these words and names there for a reason and they are core to the central theme of the main image “Truth and Illusion”.

The woman in the image, while being beautiful, represents the glitter thrown into our eyes to hide the ugliness that really is in plain site all along.  However, because some things do always slip between the cracks, you must remove the illusion to see all of the players in the devil’s game.  So, when finished, both images will be meant as a paired purchase and will say so.  At this point a lot has been completed, but there is a lot more to do yet and the painting will have even more sharp thoughts to convey.  Please help support the creation of these, as well as other, paintings by joining my Patreon page.  I know the times are uncertain and scary so I do understand if you can not, but if you do, I am very thankful for the help.  Either way, please like this post, ask questions, and participate in this post to show your support.  Thanks.

Armageddon and You

Woke up to the news today that Saudi Arabian Oil production was attacked and seriously damaged.  To me, this is all part and parcel to the poor political choices of many countries in recent decades, most notably the United States.  The cold hard truth is that WWIII won’t be started by the working class, it will be started by the ultra rich in their blind, uncaring quest for profit and personal wealth.

The tensions currently plaguing the world are the direct result of the Ultra Rich, a disproportionate number of old white men, abusing their power and the poor/working class to further enrich themselves.  President trump is only the most recent actor.  However, his willful deceptions, obvious greed, and woeful ignorance along with his amoral character may be the straw that breaks Peace’s back.  The fact that G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney never faced a war crimes tribunal for the things they did in office shows the depths to which the moral rightness of the American people has fallen to.

Our American companies have been the cause of suffering across the world for decades through the exploitation of labor through sweatshops, union busting, and governmental bribery and when that comes home to roost, 9/11 was just a taste, it will be riding a nuclear missile.   We will have no one to blame but ourselves because we valued our wealth and comfort above that of anyone else.  We did not care how we got our cheap junk or what it cost someone else to make as long as we got it.  Then when the cost started becoming American jobs, we blamed them for taking the abuse, and the job, we were willing to give them for our crap products.  We locked up Mexicans whose only illegal action was to sneak across our border to escape the life we had created for them through our greed for money and drugs.

All I can say is that when the war starts, I hope you trump supporters are proud of what you have done to the world.  You lying Republicans, you White Supremacists, you Koch brothers, you Corporate Lobbyists, you Evangelical Churches, you Karl Roves, you Fox News and Rupert Murdochs, you Mike Pences and Sarah Huckabees, Sarah Palins, and on and on, will carry the blood shed in this war as will all those that blindly followed you.


U.S. Hypocrisy 101, E-Cigarettes, Guns, and Regulations

As usual, I am thoroughly disgusted by the hypocrisy of donald trump and the republican party as a whole.   Our current government plans placing a ban on e-cigarettes after a few deaths being related to their use.  Do not get me wrong, I am not trying to belittle the deaths of these people or the damage done to the surviving family members.  What I am taking exception to is the fact that after only seven deaths, the government is swiftly making a decisive unilateral decision to ban e-cigarettes, while decades and thousands of deaths related to guns and gun violence have only been met with calls for people to buy more guns.


If the vaping situation was handled the same way, there would be assholes driving around with bumper stickers saying “you can pry my vap from my cold dead hands”.  Politicians and manufacturers would be flooding your mail box with scare mail saying the government was coming for your electronic cigarettes and they need money to fight for your constitutional right to Vap.  There would be an NEA or National E-Cigarette Association to make sure you knew how to accessorize your lung killing Vap to its fullest and protect your constitutional rights.


My disgust with the so called Moral Majority and their hypocrisy just continues to grow.  Yes, common sense regulations need to be placed on the e-cigarette industry to prevent them from selling deadly products.  Come to think of it, that is why most regulations are created by the government.  Someone either caused a death through shoddy products or ripped people off with false claims.  The regulations trump is so keen to remove because they inhibit businesses were put into place because these self-same businesses either killed someone or basically stole money from people by lying to them about their product.  Remember Bernie Madoff, Kenneth Lay, and donald trump?  If you don’t like regulations protecting your life, then why ban e-cigarettes?  That will greatly impact the e-cigarette makers I hear commercials for nonstop.  I give it about a week before donny backs off under pressure from the tobacco companies. then you will see who he cares about.


So, by all means, keep killing yourselves with e-cigarettes, guns, and toxic waste.  Maybe after enough republicans disappear from the face of this earth sanity will finally prevail.

Pray Like You Mean It

Just remember everyone, the only thing Republicans can offer as a solution for all the gun violence in America is thoughts and prayers. So, if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, face the gunman and pray the death away. Pray it away like you would your gay neighbor. You could also see if thinking about stopping the bullet works. Let me know how that turns out.


In case you think I believe the Democrats are any better, their solution is to put on a good show then run away and hide.  I haven’t forgotten their little sit in on the Senate floor that ended as soon as the donor, I mean the NRA, er I mean… you get the picture, got mad.  This is why our country is a mess and we have soooooo many mass murders.  Both sides are in the back pocket of all the big money special interests that care more about profit than your life.

Worst Generation

The problems America face today are not the fault of Mexican’s taking our jobs, spoiled millennials, or Islamic terrorists. They are own fault. They are a result of the lies we have institutionalized and the delusions we have greedily embraced. Our pride and ego has blinded us to the fact that we have become the very enemy we fought against in WWII. Unlike our forefathers; however, we will not be deemed the greatest generation but, instead, the worst.