This past year has been a challenge and growing experience for me. I launched my Patreon page late in 2015 and, while it has not taken off, it has helped me to significantly increase traffic to this blog. During this time I struggled to maintain my various accounts as I worked at an increasingly hostile job. A job I was recently let go from.

However, I did not allow the uncertainty of my new status to keep me from trying to achieve my goal of making an income from my creativity. As a result in addition to my Patreon page, I created a kickstarter campaign to bring prints of my work to a larger audience. This alone has been a learning experience with me discovering how to set up ads on Facebook to try to draw in traffic to my campaign.  

I also reached out to someone with a successful campaign for tips. Unfortunately, their advice was to drop the campaign for now. I did use ideas gleaned from their project to enhance what I was offering, but even if the campaign fails, I feel that I have gained knowledge that will help for the next effort.

Over the last four weeks of being off, I have taken time to focus on unfinished projects, while I waited for paperwork to clear for my new job. With one painting done I plan to get two more partial projects finished before moving into new ones. Hopefully, I will have some exciting stuff for you soon. If you can, please support my efforts anyway you can. 


Kickstarter Project Improvements

Quiet Strength Kickstarter Project

I have made major improvements to the look and reward structure of my Kickstarter project.  Please stop by and take a look, I really could use your support.

New $5 Reward Tier for My Kickstarter Project

Quiet Strength Kickstarter Project


I have added a new reward tier to my Kickstarter project.  For a $5 pledge, I will send out jpeg files detailing the progression from drawing to finished painting.  You can see where I started and the choices I made to reach the final image, which is great for someone that likes to see how things are done.

Updates to my Kickstarter Project

Quiet Strength Kickstarter Project

I have been busy working on the Termanicz project but I am also spending time adding information to the Kickstarter project to show the value.  I have included a close up of the tiger to show off the eyes that can be seen in the print and also an image of the actual print and documentation for the $30 reward.  This is a great value for $30 because the image size is 10.5″ by 25″ with a 1″ border making the distinctive eyes of the tiger clearly visible without increasing the cost of the print by tripling the size.  Finally,  I have included an image of the painting I would like to print next “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness”.  Please consider supporting this project.  For only $30 you could get yourself an iconic image that will catch the eyes of anyone that sees it.  Better yet, get several as gifts and help me continue bringing great content to this sight and please pass on this post.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the shipping and handling are already included in the $30 reward level.

Enter the Creator (from my Patreon page)

When you read my post here or on my blog, you are entering my world.  Just like the matrix, you are having my reality pulled over your eyes but not to enslave you.  I am doing so to share what it is to see the world as I do.  I have this irrational need to communicate with the world what I see, feel, and think.  I need to tell my story.  However, I do not express my world through simple biographical endeavors.  I express it through what I like, what I have learned, and what I believe.  Whether it is showing you how everything in our world is connected (you, me, the plant, the stone, the silicon chip) through paintings like “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” or “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”, or how painful aging is through a story like “Sensu Learns a Lesson”.

My creations are the world I see.  I can sense you out there, I can’t tell you how this ends, but I can tell you how it begins.  The creator is all around you, take the red pill.

One Surprise as Promised (from my Patreon page)

As promised here is the surprise.  With some money I got for my birthday, I decided to invest in myself by getting several prints made at the size they should be done.  Not only did I reprint “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” at double the file size, I also printed “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” and “Mystics and Misfits” cover without text at double size.  In addition, I tried out different papers.  The new Quiet print was done with premium gloss compared to the old print, which was fine art bright white.  One thing I noted about the gloss print was that humidity affected it more, causing it to hump up.

Mystics and Universal were done on semi-matte.  I like both the fine art bright white and the semi-matte the best.  The matte gives the images just that little bit of pop with the shine, while the fine art make them look more like watercolor paintings.   I admit that I need to make an adjustment on Mystics because the green fog you see on screen at Mystics and Misfits Cover no Typography did not translate as well to the print.  Also, I think having the title will look better because I left a lot of dead space for that reason.

All in all; however, I am insanely pleased at how well these turned out.  You can now see the detail in the tiger’s eye to tell that it is in fact Jupiter and Mars.  I was shocked at how large the Mystic cover turned out to be at double size.  I knew the numbers, but until you actually see your creation in a physical form, you just do not comprehend it.  If you decide to get a print of Mystics at this size, I will direct your attention to the detail of the aliens shirt where I managed to create a really cool pattern.  Also, plan on a later ship because I will ask for a proof on my changes to see how they improve the print before I order it for you.

Finally, here is a breakdown of the prices I will charge for these prints at double size (if you want a double size fine art bright white, I will have to look into it):

Double Size Prints

Mystics and Mysfits Cover No Typography, 1 ” border, Semi-matte – $35 plus shipping and handling

Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness, 1″ border, Semi-matte – $25.75 plus shipping and handling

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Premium Gloss – $23.50 plus shipping and handling

Note: If you want a double sized Quiet on semi-matte or fine art bright white, the prices with change somewhat.  Also, I think it might be better to have a 2″ border because I was always told, when framing, that there should be a lot of border between the frame and image.  I have found that to work but the print price may go up a bit.  Contact me for more accurate pricing.

Original Size

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Fine Art Bright White – $17.50 plus shipping and handling

Question for Those that Follow this Blog

As you know, from following this blog, I am trying to start making money off of my creative output, both written and painted.  The whole tenor of this blog has changed from thoughts on life, history, and politics to discussions on the mechanics of art and writing.  One of the things I recently did was to create a Patreon page to gain financial support through sharing exclusive content with patrons of my site.  One of the other ways I planned to turn my creativity into a business was to create prints of my work for sale.

To that end, I would like to ask a question.  Would you be willing to pay up front for a print of my work?  The reason I ask is that I would not be able to sell a print to you now without getting the money first to pay for the process.  My thoughts are that I could talk to a printing company, get quotes and a test print of certain images (to make sure the quality is there) then post a price based on a reasonable profit margin.  I would also personally sign each print beyond the signature I have in the painting.  However, I would have to get the money for the print and shipping beforehand since I do not have the cash to make a bunch of prints and sell them.  I basically would order the print as the money came in to pay for it.

At this point, you can buy some prints of my work at my deviantart page but the sizes are limited and I don’t feel they do the work justice.  I am hoping that if the test prints turn out well then I can make the prints in larger sizes to properly show off the detail.  So, if there is enough interest, I will start checking into the possibilities.  The works I am thinking about can all be seen as large size images, except for Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability which can only be seen as part of my finished in 2016 recap, at my devianart page.  The images to consider are:

Mystics and Misfits cover with no typography

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability

Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness

Denouncer cover with no typography

As I create more works, I will expand the list, but these are the ones I feel are worth printing and have no legal issues attached to them. Princess for Ever After; unfortunately, would require asking Disney for the right to sell it and the same for Juliette and Josephus needing legal rights to sell.  If there is enough interest, I will consider checking into the rights.  For now, the ball is all yours.  Let me know what you think.