Muwahahahah (from my Patreon page)


Time to twirl our evil mustache while laughing evilly!  As you can see, I have done some more facile shading and added the antennae back in.  Funny story, forgot to save after I exported the file to Jpeg with the previous antennae, so I had to do them again.  Not too much trouble, but you can see I added their shadow onto the face as well as highlighted them now.  There is a little more depth to the features too.  I am so beginning to think that I want to come up with a background but it has to be cool.  Also, thinking about setting up the print to have side by side versions, one as the alien and the other revealing that it is actually a robot disguised as an alien.  Maybe show a city element whole and then post war demolished.  What do you guys think?

New $3 Reward – Termanicz Coloring pages (from my Patreon page)


Here is the write up for the reward at My Patreon Page:


“Here are the coloring pages I promised you.  Unfortunately I was unable to save them as just the drawing on a transparent background.  You will have to follow the steps I detailed in my Cheetah tutorial for removing the white background or print them out and physically color them.  

I had exported the Gimp 2.8 file to Jpeg from one I made with a transparent background but when I opened up the file, it was white.  Removing the white in Gimp is not that hard and should be similar in other programs.  As I mentioned in the Cheetah tutorial, I don’t actually color or paint on the drawing so that I always have a reference to compare to.  I create a transparent layer either above or below the drawing layer to paint on. 

If anyone wants to share their colored version, either leave a comment with the image or comment to me and we will arrange to get it placed.  Enjoy. 

Also, as an experiment, after 30 days this will become open to all, but please consider supporting me so that I can continue sharing content with you.”

This Week’s $3 Reward (from my Patreon page)

I think this week’s reward will be cleaned up Jpeg versions on transparent backgrounds of all the Termanicz drawings I have done.  That way my Patrons can use them in the graphic program they use as basically coloring book pages.  I will post any colored versions that people want me to.

Update: Termanicz (from my Patreon page)

Here is an update to the Termanicz project showing the work I have done on the mandibles and the antennae without the covering line drawing.  Interesting fact, what I took for scratch lines on the mandibles are actually hairs.  I am so looking forward to finishing the neck area so that I can go back and add the hairs the hang between the mandibles.  For only $3 dollars a month or $36 a year, you can get digital copies of the finished project along with other paintings current and future at My Patreon Page.  In addition, each month you will also receive one of my short stories.  Basically, a lot of great science fiction and fantasy content for a small yearly cost.  Please help me bring my particular brand of creativity to a larger audience.

I’llll Bite Baaack! (from my Patreon page)

Getting very close to a final version.  I decided that I should draw and paint the alien first then go back and break parts off to reveal the exoskeleton.  The biggest aspect I wanted to achieve here was a much more intricate bug exterior.  I also made some attempt at a splotchy exterior color scheme.  Which one do you like better?