A God Fell to Earth, Punching a Hole Through the sky as It Fell


This is how tenacious some of these ideas are for me.  The imagery of my 25 words or less post stuck in my mind so much that I had to attempt to begin bringing the story to life, what I saw, the motions, the power.  This is very rough and my very first attempt that I can remember of trying to set up a comic page.  As I said before, my idea is for a short one off comic basically visualizing the images that ran through my head as I worked on that singular sentence.  This page is basic in layout and intentionally vertical because I want to iterate the idea of the being falling straight down, no horizontal motion.  Future pages may have more unique layouts.   How I am going to achieve the washes for the colors, I don’t know.  This is all uncharted territory for me.  I may even revive my patreon page to gain funding to bring this and other dreams to reality.  I hope some of you are interested enough to join me on this journey.  So many ideas and not enough time.


Here is a post I made to one of my favorite sffworld.com threads:

The clouds blasted outward from the bright yellow center where the massive being plummeted straight down to the earth. October 8, 2019 4 pm humanity awakened.

I actually created this from some stunning vistas I was seeing today and ideas percolating inside my brainpot.  I actually have an idea of expanding this into a one shot visual comic book like another one I have been thinking on.  I may have more details on these ideas later but the titles would be Rebirth and Awakening.  Let me know what you think.

Fighting the Sluggish Current


Had a pretty crappy weekend.  I always have high hopes of getting a lot done on the weekends to make up for doing little during the week, but it unfortunately my job takes so much out of me that I spend the whole weekend recuperating so that I can face another week.  I am back into that sucky cycle again and it saps my creativity too.  I did; however, manage to make some more progress on the background defining more rock shapes.  So it was not a complete lose, just mostly.  Sigh.  I could use some support right now.

A Nebula of Color Surrounding A Red Star…..Fish


As you can see, I have decided to use the lichen or whatever it is on the rocks under the starfish as a background for my painting.  I loved the varying colors and subtle layer demarcations.  This gives me a head start for a solo print of this painting unlike the red seahorse and Sarah Seadragon, which I feel need some kind of background for a print.  What is nice is that the layers I use make it easy to peel away the starfish from the background for inclusion in the book illustrations.



Reference image.

Blazing a Path Among the Stars

Here is a progress image for the red starfish painting.  Please enlarge the image so you can see where I am heading with the red parts of the tentacles (lower left tentacle).  Looks like a patchwork or crochet quilt to me.  This one does have the color I have been craving lately, but more importantly, it has lots of interesting texture.

Excuse Me Young Man … is Your Name Patrick?



Duh, … Wait a minute, I know the answer to that one?  Duh ………..  Anyway, while we wait on Patrick, this is the beginning of my next project, which is this really cool looking starfish.  Stay tuned for further updates.

At the Finish it is Sarah Seadragon by a Very Long Nose


Here she is, the new it girl, Sarah Seadragon.  Isn’t she lovely in here shimmering jewel encrusted evening dress, ahem … well, this is the end of another painting in my project for my sister.  I hope you have enjoyed watching the development of this painting as much as I did.  I really did need a splash of colors to get me going.