New $1/$3 Reward, Dragon Dreams: Paths of the Wise One Ch. 2 (from my Patreon Page)

I have uploaded today’s $1/$3 reward of Chapter 2 in Dragon Dreams: Paths of the Wise One at My Patreon Page.  Patrons can download either a rich text word document or a PDF file.  If you have a Kindle, I recommend the rich text version.  The write up for this chapter is:

“Here is the second installment of the Dragon Dreams Series.  Our protagonist has encountered the great blue dragon and been drawn into the dream world where it exists.  Now all thoughts of another life come only fleetingly in his dreams in this realm.  Luckily, he manages to find a companion on his journey to discover the truth of this reality, a Siamese cat.  Together they begin a search for a Wise One mentioned in a journal.  What will they find when they locate him?” 

It’s official

Today my blog officially doubled the number of views over the record setting number of 2016 with four and a have months left to go.  Your continued support gives me hope in my endeavors and hopefully sparks ideas for you as well.  Please, if you like what I share, add my posts to your facebook, twitter, or other type of social media.  I need as much exposure as I can get to help my Patreon page come to life, giving me some much needed financial support to continue creating content.

Update: Termanicz (from my Patreon page)

Here is an update to the Termanicz project showing the work I have done on the mandibles and the antennae without the covering line drawing.  Interesting fact, what I took for scratch lines on the mandibles are actually hairs.  I am so looking forward to finishing the neck area so that I can go back and add the hairs the hang between the mandibles.  For only $3 dollars a month or $36 a year, you can get digital copies of the finished project along with other paintings current and future at My Patreon Page.  In addition, each month you will also receive one of my short stories.  Basically, a lot of great science fiction and fantasy content for a small yearly cost.  Please help me bring my particular brand of creativity to a larger audience.

Reward Update: Dragon Dreams (from my Patreon page)

This is the first of several posts for My Patreon Page and my blog, some will be for both while others are just for my blog.  I have decided to give my patrons an accelerated reward with respect to the serialization of my Dragon Dreams short stories.  Because there are a total of 10 chapters, I will be releasing two chapters a month to speed along the story and hopefully better engage my readers.  So for the next five months $1 patrons will receive two chapters of the core stories making up my “Mystics and Misfits” collection.  This is a collection I hope to some day publish and would be honored to have the input of any fans to help polish the inadequacies of this writer.

When I do finally publish I intend to share my gratitude by listing all my patrons somewhere in the book.  In addition, as we near completion, I will start sharing more aspects of the novel I mentioned when I posted a free copy of the story “The Fall of Blessing and Prosperity” posted here History in the Making.  All I ask is $1 a month or $12 a year to support my writing and my dreams.  In exchange you will get great stories and a chance to discuss and influence them.  Right now, for your first dollar you will get eight stories and one chapter.

Dream Big – New $1 Reward (from my Patreon page)

I just finished uploading PDF and Rich Text versions of “Dragon Dreams:  Paths of the Wise One – Chapter 1”, which is this month’s reward for my $1 patrons.  Here is the write up:


“This month’s story marks the beginning of a serialization of the largest single part of my short story collection “Mystics and Misfit” with chapter one of Dragon Dreams.  Dragon Dreams is a series of connected short stories telling the life changing journey of Jason Conners, a young man who had no idea what he wanted out of life.  However, that changes with a series of vivid dreams that haunt him from youth until death.  Are your dreams a reflection of who you are or who you could be?  Join Jason as he crosses from his dreams into the dreams of Dragons and find out what is on the other side.” 

Enter the Creator (from my Patreon page)

When you read my post here or on my blog, you are entering my world.  Just like the matrix, you are having my reality pulled over your eyes but not to enslave you.  I am doing so to share what it is to see the world as I do.  I have this irrational need to communicate with the world what I see, feel, and think.  I need to tell my story.  However, I do not express my world through simple biographical endeavors.  I express it through what I like, what I have learned, and what I believe.  Whether it is showing you how everything in our world is connected (you, me, the plant, the stone, the silicon chip) through paintings like “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” or “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”, or how painful aging is through a story like “Sensu Learns a Lesson”.

My creations are the world I see.  I can sense you out there, I can’t tell you how this ends, but I can tell you how it begins.  The creator is all around you, take the red pill.

What Dreams are Made of (from my Patreon page)

Once again we are nearing another end of a month and it is time to step aside from my painting to tell you of the next story.  I have been hem-hawing about starting the next months story because it is more personal than others and contains actual elements of dreams I have had.  Also, every time I have felt I put this story to bed, a reread reveals something that needs fixed.  Hopefully with the help of my patrons, I can make this a story worthy of them.

To begin with, this will only be the first chapter of a series of connected short stories collectively titled “Dragon Dreams”.  Each short story has a subtitle, the first one being “Paths of the Wise One”.  The later tales are “Currents of the World” and “Embers in the Sky”.  Each title of the tale is tied into scenes from or act as metaphors for the story they contain but all deal with multiple levels of dreams.  The stories are very complex since you pass through multiple realities.

The first reality is our world (no defined time frame) followed closely by dreams in our world, which lead to a transfer point between our reality and the “Dragon Dreams”.  The “Dragon Dreams” are where the real fun begins because each is completely different from the last.  Our protagonist Jason Connors finds himself drawn into dreams so realistic that he loses himself there.  However, something or someone is directing those dreams and they always appear as a giant blue dragon, attacking the naive Jason in richly diverse settings.  Jason’s dreams occur on so many levels that he finds it hard to separate one from the other.  What does the terrifying entity want?  Why did it chose him as prey?  Learn these and many other details in the serialized version of “Dragon Dreams” starting with chapter 1 in “Paths of the Wise One”.

P.S. There will be 10 chapters total.