Really tired this morning but here it is finished.  I may add some sea grass but the seahorse is done.


Cresting the Wave


Getting close to finishing this one.  I have made a lot of progress along the back into the head area, from there it is a matter of tweaking areas that I feel do not connect together well enough.  I am already thinking about such things as book page size and how to attack building up the coral background for the scenes.  This painting along with many others will be available on my deviantart page for those who would like one.

Blasted Barnacles!


I haven’t been able to spend much time on this lately, but I have been able to make some progress that I am happy with.  Although this seahorse does not have the crusting that the green one had, it still has challenges in recreating the subtle tone changes throughout the gaps between the ridged sections.

The Nautilus Coil


Well, I have managed to make a small amount of progress on the second seahorse.  I have almost completed the tail and recently began playing with the lower body, most notably bringing more orange color in and connecting the fin spines to the body.  I like how they look in the real image, so I am trying to reproduce that.  When I finish this guy, I am going to come back with a better with a better background even though the seahorse itself will be cut and pasted into the project it was made for.

Swimming in Circles

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Work was crazy the last two weeks and my computer has been fighting me making Gimp unusable for a week with my pen pad getting bogged down.  This seems to happen periodically, frustrating the hell out of me.  Anyway, I have been working my way up the tale and am happy with how the tip looks further back now as it should be.  Took some time off the tail to work on shaping and improving the fin, again I am happy with the results.  I had a heck of a time thinning out a haze layer behind the spikes enough so that you get a subtle hint of the webbing in between instead of a cartoon fin.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish …

You know how the story goes; however, I am pretty sure I do not have a blue seahorse in the works.  Here is a progress update on the second seahorse I am painting for the major project I am working on.  I am having lots of fun with these paintings and hope you are enjoying them too.  This shows more work on the snout an end of the tail, two ends of the spectrum eh!