New $3 Reward – Let Your Inner Artist Out (from my Patreon page)

Here it is.  As you can see from the two images, I had do do a lot of work to get the tiger picture into shape for being a coloring page.  I hope my patrons enjoy this.  One of my fondest Christmas memories was right after Star Wars came out and my mother got me several Star Wars coloring posters and let me have them early.  If you ever wanted to keep me quiet and manageable going into Christmas, just give me something to color or build.  Anyway, here is the write up for the new reward at my Patreon page.


“Finally done, this has been a test of my concentration to get this drawing cleaned up to something you could use as a coloring page.  I would recommend having the image printed larger so you can work the detail areas better.  Included is a copy of just the tiger part of Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability as a coloring guide.  Enjoy!”


Put Your Word Where Your Mouth is!

Here is a little over six month review of the changes made to this blog since I began reflecting content from my Patreon page here:

Blog Followers are up from 114 to 166, a 31% increase

Blog Views are up from 344 to 527, a 34.7% increase

Blog Visitors are up from 260 to 346, a 24.8% increase

Blog Likes are up from 149 to 277, a 46.2% increase

The take away is that the seven month numbers are substantially up against the entire year of 2016, which happened to be the best year ever for this blog.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, because I have to ask you a favor.  When I started changing this blog it was in support of the launch of my Patreon page that I hoped would become a vehicle for achieving a measure of artistic success and hopefully supplement the income from my day job.  As part of this attempt to have an artistic life, I gave myself a year from the beginning of 2017 to make it an  ongoing venture.  Over six months have gone by and while the blog is enjoying success, my Patreon site is not.  There are going to be some things I will look at shortly to make the page more attractive, maybe even switch to a per project model.  Your feedback would be most helpful; however, your support would be better.  If not financially, then by word of mouth, because the more people who visit this blog, the more chances I have of gaining patrons.

Please, if you like what I am doing, tell your friends who like science fiction/fantasy art and writing to visit this blog.  Send them a link.  I come from a long history of retail work and one thing I know is that out of the people who shop, only a small percentage actually buy, so the more you get to shop the better your chance of a sale.  With enough shoppers you can make a living.  I need to make a living.  Please help me get more shoppers.  Promote my site on your blog, tell your friends, become a patron,or even give me advice.

If the situation does not improve, I will have to switch gears and look for a second job to get my financial situation under control.  I will probably find little time to work on projects or post to the blog, which is something I enjoy.  So send me your starving science fiction fans.


I will leave you with a content breakdown so far from my Patreon page Robert Garbin’s Patreon page:

7 Short Stories

18 image files

Painting Projects Completed 2 with one nearing completion and another far along

Two Art Projects in Preparation

Poem in the works

Horror Story started


Planetary Painting (from my Patreon page)

Saturn painting Detail

As part of my “It’s All Connected” series, I have had to paint several planets in our solar system.  For every one I have turned to NASA for actual reference images.  I tend to search for images from the Hubble telescope and planetary probes anyway, just for the beauty of the stars, so using them to create artwork is just an extension of that love.

The image I used to paint Saturn in “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” came from the Cassini probe in the system.  Seeing close up images of such an interesting planet really makes my mind step beyond our tiny world into the cosmic void.  I always loved watching science shows about such probes, especially the jerky films made from collections of photos in time.  The painting I did feels like a sudden flicker will move the moons along in their path, wouldn’t that be fun.

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability

Quiet Strength - Silent Vulnerability Details by Robert Garbin
Yes, it is finally done and posted to my Patreon page for my $5 a month patrons.  I made this detail page to post here and on my deviantart page.  I was pleased with the results and plan to look into making some prints.