Bladerunner 2049

Oh, yeah, I finally watched it.  As you may know, I am a huge fan of the original movie, which made the thought of seeing the new one a mixed bag of hope and fear.  At least in this instance, for me if not the general populace, I am very happy with the results.  It is grander than the original and yet keeps a gentle but firm grip upon the original, more human than human.

I had such fears for the quality of this film that I ended up not seeing it in the theater.  Part of the issue was that when I saw Bladerunner  when it came out, I did not get it.  I was way too young to appreciate the subtleties of such a dark dystopian future, especially when I was expecting Star Wars.  Well, I grew up and now treasure the film like I think I will treasure the sequel in years to come.  I loved the fact that the writers explored an idea I had postulated a while back about the original movie.  I mentioned that Deckard’s testing of Rachael at Tyrell Corporation might have been as much about him as it was about her.  So much to process, I have been on a high since watching it.  let me know what you think.