Open for Viewing (from my Devianart page)

I decided to release “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” on my devianart page for viewing.  You can still download the image at my Patreon page but you can now see what it looks like on my devianart page.  Use the following link:

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability by Robert Garbin

Enter the Creator (from my Patreon page)

When you read my post here or on my blog, you are entering my world.  Just like the matrix, you are having my reality pulled over your eyes but not to enslave you.  I am doing so to share what it is to see the world as I do.  I have this irrational need to communicate with the world what I see, feel, and think.  I need to tell my story.  However, I do not express my world through simple biographical endeavors.  I express it through what I like, what I have learned, and what I believe.  Whether it is showing you how everything in our world is connected (you, me, the plant, the stone, the silicon chip) through paintings like “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” or “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”, or how painful aging is through a story like “Sensu Learns a Lesson”.

My creations are the world I see.  I can sense you out there, I can’t tell you how this ends, but I can tell you how it begins.  The creator is all around you, take the red pill.

One Surprise as Promised (from my Patreon page)

As promised here is the surprise.  With some money I got for my birthday, I decided to invest in myself by getting several prints made at the size they should be done.  Not only did I reprint “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” at double the file size, I also printed “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” and “Mystics and Misfits” cover without text at double size.  In addition, I tried out different papers.  The new Quiet print was done with premium gloss compared to the old print, which was fine art bright white.  One thing I noted about the gloss print was that humidity affected it more, causing it to hump up.

Mystics and Universal were done on semi-matte.  I like both the fine art bright white and the semi-matte the best.  The matte gives the images just that little bit of pop with the shine, while the fine art make them look more like watercolor paintings.   I admit that I need to make an adjustment on Mystics because the green fog you see on screen at Mystics and Misfits Cover no Typography did not translate as well to the print.  Also, I think having the title will look better because I left a lot of dead space for that reason.

All in all; however, I am insanely pleased at how well these turned out.  You can now see the detail in the tiger’s eye to tell that it is in fact Jupiter and Mars.  I was shocked at how large the Mystic cover turned out to be at double size.  I knew the numbers, but until you actually see your creation in a physical form, you just do not comprehend it.  If you decide to get a print of Mystics at this size, I will direct your attention to the detail of the aliens shirt where I managed to create a really cool pattern.  Also, plan on a later ship because I will ask for a proof on my changes to see how they improve the print before I order it for you.

Finally, here is a breakdown of the prices I will charge for these prints at double size (if you want a double size fine art bright white, I will have to look into it):

Double Size Prints

Mystics and Mysfits Cover No Typography, 1 ” border, Semi-matte – $35 plus shipping and handling

Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness, 1″ border, Semi-matte – $25.75 plus shipping and handling

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Premium Gloss – $23.50 plus shipping and handling

Note: If you want a double sized Quiet on semi-matte or fine art bright white, the prices with change somewhat.  Also, I think it might be better to have a 2″ border because I was always told, when framing, that there should be a lot of border between the frame and image.  I have found that to work but the print price may go up a bit.  Contact me for more accurate pricing.

Original Size

Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability, 1″ border, Fine Art Bright White – $17.50 plus shipping and handling

Put Your Word Where Your Mouth is!

Here is a little over six month review of the changes made to this blog since I began reflecting content from my Patreon page here:

Blog Followers are up from 114 to 166, a 31% increase

Blog Views are up from 344 to 527, a 34.7% increase

Blog Visitors are up from 260 to 346, a 24.8% increase

Blog Likes are up from 149 to 277, a 46.2% increase

The take away is that the seven month numbers are substantially up against the entire year of 2016, which happened to be the best year ever for this blog.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, because I have to ask you a favor.  When I started changing this blog it was in support of the launch of my Patreon page that I hoped would become a vehicle for achieving a measure of artistic success and hopefully supplement the income from my day job.  As part of this attempt to have an artistic life, I gave myself a year from the beginning of 2017 to make it an  ongoing venture.  Over six months have gone by and while the blog is enjoying success, my Patreon site is not.  There are going to be some things I will look at shortly to make the page more attractive, maybe even switch to a per project model.  Your feedback would be most helpful; however, your support would be better.  If not financially, then by word of mouth, because the more people who visit this blog, the more chances I have of gaining patrons.

Please, if you like what I am doing, tell your friends who like science fiction/fantasy art and writing to visit this blog.  Send them a link.  I come from a long history of retail work and one thing I know is that out of the people who shop, only a small percentage actually buy, so the more you get to shop the better your chance of a sale.  With enough shoppers you can make a living.  I need to make a living.  Please help me get more shoppers.  Promote my site on your blog, tell your friends, become a patron,or even give me advice.

If the situation does not improve, I will have to switch gears and look for a second job to get my financial situation under control.  I will probably find little time to work on projects or post to the blog, which is something I enjoy.  So send me your starving science fiction fans.


I will leave you with a content breakdown so far from my Patreon page Robert Garbin’s Patreon page:

7 Short Stories

18 image files

Painting Projects Completed 2 with one nearing completion and another far along

Two Art Projects in Preparation

Poem in the works

Horror Story started


Print of Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability

Here is the print of my digital painting “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”(4.25 x 11.5 inches with 1 inch border).  I placed the marker beside it to give you a reference as to the size that I stated before I felt should be at least doubled.  Unfortunately, at the current size the eye detail is hard to see and the eyes are key to the image narrative.  I plugged the double size into Picture Salon to check prices and decided on $10 markup to get (8.5 x 23 inches with 1 inch border):

Photo Rag – $50

Ultra Smooth – $40.75

Fine Art Bright White – $29 (image above)

Premium Glossy or Premium Luster – $23.50

before adding in the shipping and handling charges.  If you are interested in a print, send me an email at with your name and address and the paper you would like.  I can’t tell you the difference at this time because I have only done the fine art bright white, which gives the print a watercolor feel.  Once I have your address I can give you a final price and set up a payment method.  As I have said before, I do not have the funds now to order the prints and send when I get the payment.  I actually need the payment now so I can order the print but I might be able to have them ship direct to you, maybe knocking down the shipping.  I will check into that.

Weather Update (from my Patreon page)


Work in Progress – Planet Speed Paint


As you can see, I have made some progress with the nebula (planet turned off).  I think it looks much better now especially the interior, which seems more like the flow of exploding material.  Also added some areas of fading luminosity.  Plans for now are to clutter the sky up with stars and other objects to settle the nebula in better.

On another front, I have gotten in contact with my printer about what was wrong with my first proof and they will make the corrections and sent me a new one.  Hopefully soon I will have my first full size print.

Proof is in the Pudding … er … Proof (from my Patreon page)


Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days but I have been dreadfully sick.  However, there is some good news today, the proofs came back from the printer and they look great.  I have to talk to them about a few thing that need adjusted such as toning down the orange a bit and find out if the black line running up the right side is from my image or their setup of the proof.  I might also ask them what they think will be the best paper and size for the image.  It does look like it will scale up nicely.  What do you guys think?  Would you buy this?